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VisionForce Safari 2014 – Meet Farah!

Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Michael's Journal, Updates, Video, Visionaries, Visionary Culture

I sat down with my new friend, Farah Mushtaq, to discuss plans for the VisionForce Safari this summer, and asked her if I could record our impromptu conversation. Listen to her speak of Africa!

I met this visionary woman by chance here in Chiang Rai, Thailand a week ago, and now she’ll be part of our adventure this summer. She started and runs a small orphanage in Nakuru and is involved in a number of other projects there as well. She’ll host us while we’re in Nakuru visiting our other friends and their school in Nakuru. Stay tuned for the “Hidden Camera” footage at the end!

Read more about our VisionForce Safaris, and download Our 2014 Brochure:

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  1. Hello Michael,
    We are old acquaintances. I used to correspond with your mother some years ago; and I shared a few letters with you. My real reasons for writing to you are two; to congratulate you on your friendship with Farah and for your positive reports on Africa.
    This is rare. You have lived in Kenya and are aware of the great social and educational class divisions. Most of all you are aware of the high religiosity of Africans and their full to overflowing Churches.
    Yet American and European missionaries and “helpers” are very central in demonstrating Africans as heathens and poor beggars.
    Your article although egoistic, was a refreshing change. You could change the World by reversing this negative picture of Africans and show the more positive sides to them. You could begin by using your Videos to show the full African Churches and the rich middle class black African homes with servants and chauffer driven cars; and the University of Nairobi with their black African students, academics and professors.
    Good luck and happiness for the future with Farah.
    Best Wishes,

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