What's YOUR Heart's Vision?

The Force

We Are Defenders of The Human Spirit

We are those who’s hearts will not allow us to tolerate fear-based violence and injustice in our world. We are the ones who dare to stand up for the person, who is standing alone or who cannot stand alone. We stand for others as we stand for ourselves. We are the ones who honor and protect the rise of the visionary mind and heart in the 21st Century and beyond. We are VisionForce.

We Are A Rogue Force of Visionaries

We are a decentralized, rogue force of autonomous and self-identified Visionaries who choose to access our natural human powers to 1) transcend fear, violence and seemingly all human limitation, and 2) create miraculous outcomes in the face of seeming impossibility; and who are committed to maximizing the use of the greatest capacities of the human mind and spirit, while avoiding the suppressive fear-based forces of violence, intimidation and spirit-killing shame and guilt manipulations. We are VisionForce.

We Are Visionary Allies

As you take your stand, and head into the unknown, and you stumble, fall down, step on toes and face the laughter, shame, criticism and punishment from those who don’t see you for who you really are, we are The Ones who stand with you and for you. Through skillful means and daring acts, we are Visionaries standing for Visionaries with our hearts wide open. We are VisionForce.

We Are Co-Creators of Our Future

You, we, each of us are the often-unseen force of individuals standing for and creating a better future in a way that protects, honors and nurtures human life on earth. Rising amidst the suppressive and destructive fear-based forces of domination and violence, we are the ones who rise up to live our lives congruent with visions born of our hearts. Collectively, we are VisionForce.

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