What's YOUR Heart's Vision?

VisionForce Manifesto

Visionary Artists, Activists, Healers, Parents, Patrons, Social Entrepreneurs and other Inspired Troublemakers!

You know who you are…

1 – You are one of the few who can’t turn your back on the opportunity you have to give your gift BIG (with all your heart) in this lifetime. You’re committed to doing something great–something born of your heart’s vision (your vision for your life, your family, your company, your community or humanity).

2 – You’re frustrated in a world that rewards conformity and tolerates mediocrity. You’re compassionate to the situations of others, yet you’re unsettled by the way conformity and mediocrity has human beings staying small.

3 – You know that what stands between you and the better world you envision is really but one thing: your own limits. And you know those limits are but an illusion. Thus, you are committed to transcending your limits to be the change you seek in the world. Deeply committed.

4 – Thus, human development is not something new to you. You eat it up. You don’t just have an intellectual fancy for human development ideas, you do the work, you take the action.

5 – Having been someone who takes action to transcend your limitations, you see how much more is possible–not just for yourself, but for the world at large. The more you see your own evolution, the more you see for all of humanity.

6 – This vision, you know, is more than a dream. People in your life may see you as an idealist, a dreamer, a rebel or maybe even a nut. But their opinions of you are based on their own fears to live from their own vision–and you know that. So you don’t give much credence to their doubts and fears.

7 – Yet it bothers you. You give so much in life, you sacrifice, you work, you commit at such a high level that you may often find yourself alone, disheartened or even in despair. For you have no comfort zone to retreat to. You can’t pretend you don’t see a greater vision. You won’t pretend. You won’t turn around and live a “normal” life.

8 – Until your dying day, you will keep standing for the vision you see–for what you know to be possible. You are a visionary–a revolutionary. The world is born by those with your courage, your will, your love. There you stand, you can do no other.

9 – You know that if more people could but see even a little more of your vision (or their own), it would change their life. It would change the world. You sense something is deeply missing from traditional self-improvement methods. You don’t want to just succeed inside the prevailing system–you want to change the system or give birth to a new one. And you know that takes an entirely different set of tools for thinking, being and communicating.

10 – Words like “change,” “revolution,” and “transformation” don’t scare you. “Bring it on,” you say. You welcome the new, the different, the complex.

11 – You likely have little company. You have few you can talk to who really relate. Or at least it sometimes feels that way.

12 – The idea of arriving at a final truth or solution annoys you or humours you. You know it’s a fallacy that the fearful cling to. To be human, you’re sure, is to be alive with the quest and the question, learning and evolving continually. The thought of pretending you have the answer repulses you.

13. So you don’t try to sell people on your worldview. You don’t have a need to change their beliefs. You are comfortable in the question, in the unknown. That is your home. It’s where you live every day.

14. You know fear. You seldom ignore your feelings. Rather, you face them. You feel them. And yet you don’t define yourself as them. You define yourself by your actions.

15. You just keep stepping out there. Sometimes you’re clumsy. Sometimes you fall. Sometimes you let people down. But that’s what it’s like in the unkown, forging your own path! Why can’t more people see that? Why can’t they see YOU? Why must they jump to conclusions and judgments upon seeing you fail? Can’t they see you fell because you dared to climb? Can’t they see that you fell again only because you got back up the last time?

16. Ah, but it’s not about whether they see you or not, or you wouldn’t be on the path you’re on. You gave up managing their image of you long ago. There’s no freedom or power in that. You know who you are, and that’s enough to move forward.

17. Still, it hurts sometimes when close friends and family don’t see who you are, and they judge you. In a world where being true to your values and vision is often called, “selfish,” it can be a difficult and lonely world for the visionary.

18. Especially, because you refuse to judge in return. It would be more comfortable to just judge those who judge you. That way you don’t have to take their criticism seriously. But criticism is the air you breathe. You want feedback so you can grow, so you can be capable of more and more love, more and more commitment, more and more courage.

19. Many may never understand how your undying commitment to your vision comes from your love of humanity and your commitment to what can be. But you won’t compromise your vision just to please the fearful. Rather, you sacrifice their approval to be true to your vision. You’ll impact their lives and their childrens lives by being true to your vision, even if they never know it.

20. You think sometimes of the day when you “arrive,” and the world finally understands why you’ve walked the path that you have. And still, deep down, you’re not climbing the mountain because you know you’ll make it to the top. You climb, because it’s worth climbing. You choose the steep mountain, the treacherous one, because there’s something worth standing for.

21. You are someone we wish to get to know. We are kindred souls. We see you. We honor you.

22. You are a Rising Visionary. Together, we can change our world. We can create a future where every human being naturally develops a healthy, free, visionary mind and a visionary heart. Where children are honored as the visionaries they have the innate potential to be. A world where human beings live at the edge of their potential as conscious creators in peace and prosperity.

23. But only if you stay out here in the unknown, in the question. Keep standing! Keep rising. Your vision reaches farther with every step, and the more you can see, the more power you have to affect change.

24. As you continue on your journey, stepping further into new realms, you need more and more power to face what there is to face, more and more power to stand for what’s worth standing for, more and more power to see a vision that calls everyone forward. That’s why we’re here. To provide tools you may find useful as you stand naked before the world, more committed to being the change than forcing the change you seek.

25. “We” is no company or organization. “We” is nothing owned or controlled. “We” is every individual who reads this page (or not), yet is out there standing for a better world, refusing to shrink to a comfortable position of “rightness” and continually choosing to stand up one more day, day after day… so that the world we envision may exist. Together WE are VisionForce.

26. We here at have something to say about your right to exist as a visionary, your innate power to guide yourself by vision and create the world around you, and your responsibility to yourself to do so. Explore your Visionary Nature and access your Visionary Power inside.

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