What's YOUR Heart's Vision?


YES!  We lead beautiful, transformational adventures deep in the heart of Africa which birth new visions and change the lives of the visionary travelers who join us and our fellow visionary African friends!  Get the brochure for our 2014 Safari!

So, what is a VisionForce Safari?  

  • This is NOT your typical safari.  The African wildlife and nature is absolutely breathtaking.  Seeing a few elephants and lions at the zoo is NOTHING like encountering hundreds of African elephants galloping across the open desert or hearing two lions roaring while mating outside your tent.  But the kind of safari adventure we’re inviting you to will rip your heart open and challenge everything you think you know about yourself and our world, leaving you boarding the plane home completely humbled; your heart screaming No!; your face wet with tears, your voice nearly gone from so many hours sharing visions, laughing and singing; your mind racing with visions and possibilities for your life now enriched with new friends who feel like family and your whole body buzzing—FULLY ALIVE!
  • This is NOT a tourist vacation.  Minimum stay is 18 days  (not including travel days to/from Africa) – any less and people tend to feel rushed and stressed, trying to cram things into the amount of days they have, which is not at all the kind of journey this is. Our agenda is loose, we’ll go slow and remain open to invitations, possibilities and spontaneous desires (things happen slowly in Africa and this is one of the gifts she brings, an invitation to slow down).  I realize 18+ day requirement may mean that you’d have to create some change in your current lifestyle (Americans for example only get 14 days vacation per year).  But Africa itself will ask you to go slow, take your time and open…
  • And this is NOT a Charity Mission.  While we will be of service during part of our trip, we are *not* going on this short trip under the illusion that we are going to help underprivileged people. Sure, you’ll see many people who don’t enjoy the same “riches” we do in the West, but you’ll also likely see the happiest AND wealthiest people you’ve ever encountered!  When it comes to many of the values that matter most, Africans are incredibly wealthy and have so much to offer those of us coming from the West. One of the greatest gifts we can bring is our willingness to meet others with our hearts wide open, with deep curiosity (including a curiosity about our own cultural filters) and a willingness to receive their gifts.  You will be asked for money many times, and while you’re free to give as much and as often as you like, my challenge to you will be to connect and give in ways other than handing out money.

So, what IS a VisionForce Safari?

  • Part Transformational Travel – An adventure to a majestic place which may transform you and the way you experience life forever.
  • Part Voluntouring – We’ll be going to the heart of Africa in the spirit of humble service and contribution
  • Part Adventure Learning – Forget learning about Africa or things like social entrepreneurship thru textbooks or the internet, come learn directly through experience on a grand, visionary ADVENTURE!
  • Part Vision Quest – When you come, leave your comfy life behind and be prepared to be challenged by uncomfortable situations which new visions will RISE for your life and for humanity. These visions will be born of your heart in the mountains, plains and simple schoolhouses deep in the heart of Africa.
  • Part Social Entrepreneurship Apprenticing – Ever thought of starting an enterprise that benefits society in more beautiful ways than a regular business?  Of course you have.  Well, you’ll get to meet and help several social entrepreneurs who are building sustainable enterprises which make a difference in Africa!  Get a sense of what it’s like and help them at the same time!
  • Part Vision Incubator – Many people’s dreams and visions have been heard, incubated and given life during these journeys. Proof is in the poor school kids turned entrepreneurs now in control of their futures, a new Kenyan safari company based on our concept of including deep connection to the people and the culture (proceeds fund our friend’s school!), etc., etc. Come with us, meet these people yourself, and help incubate new visions!
  • Part Festival of Visionaries
  • And, yes part Bucket List Check Off!  You know you’ve always wanted to go to Africa. Don’t just go. Go DEEP! Go BIG! Go REAL!

I call this way of adventuring, “Visionary Troubadouring.”

But whatever we call it, all of us will leave transformed from the inside out. Hearts open, visions alive and ready to co-create the more beautiful world that our hearts promise us is POSSIBLE!

To view the brochure and other details for the upcoming 2014 trip, click here.

To learn about the 2006 trip go here, and the 2010 trip go here.

After The Safari Ends

STAY IN AFRICA? If you have the time to stay longer, we invite you to do so. The cost of living simply in Africa can be quite low. You could, for example, stay an extra month in Nakuru, Kenya for as little as $500, including room and board, if you’re living simply. After our journey you will be ready to slow down a bit, and you may feel especially inspired to devote some time in service to one of the communities, schools or causes you come across on our journey. You may even become a formal volunteer, if you like.

STAY IN CONNECTION.  Our commitment to our African friends is life-long, and the web of mutual support, inspiration and empowerment only continues to grow.  We invite you to stay connected to the people you’ll meet on your journey, and if possible…

RETURN AGAIN?  Build relationships, come back with family and friends…

Earlier Safaris

In 2006 Michael Skye journeyed to Kenya as part of a program designed to take American teens to foreign countries to live with and be of service to local people from different cultures.  During his month-long stay in Kenya, Michael offered a week-long VisionForce curriculum after school to the Kenyan and American teens, engaged with the American youth in service projects and on animal safaris and more.   The journey transformed Michael’s life forever.

In 2010 Michael organized a 3-week transformational “VisionForce Safari” in Kenya and Uganda for VisionForce alumni and family. The safari included living with the locals, serving at schools, revisiting and empowering young entrepreneurs who Michael helped in 2006, time in a Massai village, a dawn balloon ride over the Massai Mara, visits and contributions to orphanages, traditional safari adventures and more.

The photos and videos below offer a snapshot of the safari adventure.   Receive the brochure for our 2014 Safari!

Keith Kavisic in the Masai Mara (VisionForce Africa 2010)

Keith, Rachael, Kamnen, Luka dancing in the Mara (VisionForce Africa 2010)

For more about Michael’s journeys to share VisionForce in Africa and other continents, check out his new Visionary Troubadour blog, podcast and book.