What's YOUR Heart's Vision?


Accelerate your evolution

“The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings, who by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” – Marilyn Ferguson

Learning and evolving. They’re core  values for you already. You live a life of self-examination and courageous exploration. But it’s not just about self-mastery or enlightenment for you. You’re committed to giving your gift in the world.

You’ve already invested a lot in your self and your path, and now we’d love to invest in you by gifting you with the powerful programs below.

Here at VisionForce we know it’s your path, and we honor that. We’re not here to sell you on our values, we’re not here to change your beliefs and we’re certainly not here to tell you what path to take.

You don’t have the luxury of time. You just need simple, powerful, practical tools and programs to support you to be the change in our world.


VisionForce is an emerging human development organization providing next generation tools and training for visionaries and revolutionaries like you. The tools and trainings we offer you are straightforward, practical concepts and methods that you can use to accelerate your conscious evolution. So wherever you’re going, you can get their faster–with less speed bumps.

Let’s get started!

Visionary Mind Shifts Start here by subscribing to receive powerful visionary mind shifts in your email box on a regular basis. Each shift will open a new door to the Vision Force Matrix, gradually revealing the Visionary Mind of the Future.

Visionary Mind: Experience Your Call to Greatness VisionForce’s brand new multi-media home study program gives you a life-altering experience of the visionary mind. Use the concepts and exercises in this intensive, foundational program to actually make the shift from the Positionary Mind of the Past to the Visionary Mind of the Future.

And only if you feel you’re really “Ready”…

5 days. A world of transformation. The VisionForce Boot Camp.

In 5 days, you will experience a profound sense of autonomy and connection, while transforming your relationship to life itself. “The most powerful experience of my life” are the words most commonly used to describe the Vision Force Boot Camp. Using Vision Force’s proprietary iStand technology, participants experience their power to love on a deeper level than ever before. So deeply do people connect with their unique values that they find a new found power stand for what matters most to them in life. The result is vision that calls them to greatness. Participants leave with skills and methods for thinking, being and communicating as visionaries in life. For the person who is up to “being the change” in today’s world, an experience of a lifetime awaits.

Previously $2500 plus room, board and travel, this event is now offering through a gifting model by invitation only.