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Gifting: A Way of Miracles
This is Michael’s latest workshop, sometimes called a “walkshop,” as it’s a non-linear journey into the world of gifting–and often includes several long walks in nature.  Michael shares his own gifting stories which have transformed way of moving in the world, and revealed new ways of giving his gifts in life–ways which generate more connection, generosity, abundance, adventure and aliveness.

Honor Window

Honor Window Intro
Honor Window Intros are generally 1-3 hours depending on the needs of the audience.  Michael Skye delivers a simple and impassioned introduction to this powerful tool for leaders, activists, therapists and anyone seeking to transcend the barriers which keep us separate.
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To Honor A Loved One / Honor Window  (2 days)
Sacred reunion of loved ones is a beautiful gift we can give to ourselves and those we love.  This weekend workshop is delivered in the context of a sacred ceremony in which participants are invited to devote their weekend to honoring a loved one with whom they have grown apart.  In the process participants engage in the transformative work of the Honor Window.  More Info | Gallery

Honor Window Mastery (2 days)
These are two beautiful days full of insight, play and experiential training in the depth of the Honor Window work.  While participants cannot expect to attain mastery with the broad range of applications of the Honor Window, they can expect a transformational journey which mirrors the depth of their own commitment to learn and unlearn new ways of being with people and with their own felt experience.
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Honor Window for Business (Intro, 1-day, 2-day)
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Honor Window Workshops in Australia

Honor Window Worrkshops in Brazil (Gallery)