What's YOUR Heart's Vision?



In November 2001 I introduced some of my concepts about inner guidance and the core conflict of consciousness at a “summit” in Las Vegas for a controversial and forward-thinking organization.* The event called together all of the people who were passionate about what others in the community were doing to create a better world. I loved the idea of having such gatherings and a few years later would hold my own summit for those involved with my emerging body of work.

Currently VisionForce Summits occur every four years beginning in Carson City, Nevada in 2004. Summits are an opportunity for reunion of iStand alumni, learn about the latest developments to the VisionForce technology and collaborate in its development, envision the future and generally celebrate life.

We intend to hold these summits more frequently and open them up to all who’ve experienced the VisionForce work in any way (you?), as well as to their friends and family. In the mean time, I welcome you to check out what has transpired at these events in years past.

2004 – Carson City, Nevada

Most memorable for being the birth of the Honor Window.

2008 – The Big Island, Hawaii

Most memorable for the 2-days we spent with visionary elder, Jim Channon, and his crew.

2012 – Sedona, Arizona

Most memorable for the conversations about gifting VisionForce and the related “Project SuperHero.”

*You can read the bulk of the speech I gave now in a book entitled, Awakening the Wealth Warriors (wealth as an abundance of one’s values, and a warrior as one who faces everything to stands for and creates one’s values).