What's YOUR Heart's Vision?



My life has been a series of absolutely crazy and inspired adventures or misadventures, trusting the notions of both my visionary mind and visionary heart, both of which I believe that we all have. As I’ve adventured, I’ve created experiences and experiential tools and exercises that reveal and develop one’s proficiency with both of these beautiful guides (our visionary mind and visionary heart).

Personally, I hated school, and I didn’t bother learning anything until I walked out of college. Suddenly, I became a voracious learner and embarked on what I called a “Truth Quest,” a series of crazy, inspired adventures that I’ll have to write about someday.

Who says the best way for visionary artists, activists and entrepreneurs to learn is through books, seminars or courses? Raw experience has been my greatest teacher, and when I imagine an academy for visionaries (perhaps a VisionForce Academy), I imagine experiential learning and adventure learning.

Through VisionForce I organize transformational adventures for inspired leaders seeking the thrills, growth, spiritual renewal and new connections that can come from undertaking grand adventures with other inspired leaders. They almost always include inspired music from visionary musicians and nature and body integration and deep heart-connection, vulnerable sharing, sacred ceremony and great challenge.

Our VisionForce Africa Safaris are one of the adventures we offer, which are a way outside the box “learning adventure” for anyone desiring to connect DEEPLY with LIFE, their heart, the hearts of others (and the African people are great teachers–just being with them). Yes, we go on animal safaris, which connect you to the absolutely breath-taking miracle that nature is in a land of riveting animals and landscapes where the Maasai warrior tribe still lives. We visit our Maasai friends, Kamnen and Luca at their little village in the Maasai Mara. We came to know these two young men on our second trip, they had been benefactors of a synergistic happening of our first trip, wherein we met a man (and now a great friend of mine, Morris) out of the blue, who had a tech school for kids who couldn’t afford schooling–and he offered two scholarships to kids at the school where we were sharing the VisionForce work. The two recipients were these two young Maasai men. Well, there’s so much to share about this, you’ll have to just go check out our Safari page, and then JOIN US IN PERSON (or in another way)!

We make some special adventures available to Patrons of VisionForce. Since the work and courses of VisionForce are a gift to the world, those of us creating and giving these gifts need to eat on occasion, and our patrons make it possible for us to GIVE BIG. As a special thank you, we/I personally invite patrons to come join us/me on my various learning and giving adventures across the galaxy. BE A VISIONFORCE PATRON!