What's YOUR Heart's Vision?

Jesse Bloom

As an Honor Work Facilitator, Jesse Bloom supports people to stand for their families in times of crisis by connecting to the full authority of their hearts.  Jesse is currently vailable for support one-on-one, both online and in person. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Denver, Colorado, Jesse holds small group introductions to the Honor Work via his “Honor Cafes.”

Jesse Bloom
Emeryville, California 94608

Phone: +1 510-393-0089
Email: jessebloom78 [at] gmail [dot] com



“Wow! Wow! Wow! Going into the evening I had no idea what to expect. The Honor Cafe was an extremely powerful gathering of several amazing people who were brace enough and kind enough to share part of their person journey and experience honor. I am grateful and humbled to have been a part of this evening and to have shared it. Words cannot express how highly I recommend and encourage all invitees to attend the Journey of Honor for Fathers on Sunday.” -Ariel


“Thank you so much Jesse Bloom for the two Honor Work Sessions! I found it to be a deep and enlightening process. I was surprised at what I discovered about myself. The work helped me to see myself in a compassionate light and to uncover resentments that I didn’t even know I had. Now that I know, I can bring light to it and transform.” – Erin Wallace, Owner of Transformational Healing Center and Guide with the Modern Mystery School

“The Honor Window work has been a jumpstart to re-wiring my brain. When interacting with people I am less reactive and work on the problem with them instead of trying to “fix” it or them. I am able to help others see their own answers rather than jumping in with my solutions and becoming emotionally invested in their problem. I’m able to see and hear where others are coming from now because I’m looking for it, even if it isn’t delivered in the package I think it should be. Jesse is easy to trust and his positive state of mind is infectious.” – Ben P.