What's YOUR Heart's Vision?

Visionary Mind Program

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Amplify your freedom and power to create.

Whether you want to give your gift through art, a book, a business or compassionate activism, our newest home-study course supplies you with advanced tools and concepts to live as a visionary creator.

“The Vision Force program was like this light that was missing in order for me to see my path and give me clarity that I was totally missing in my life… it has literally changed my entire outlook and how I choose to live my life… I can’t recommend this program highly enough and have everyone experience the true gift of Michael Skye’s work.” – Julie Cochrane, Vancouver, BC

What is your visionary path?

Each of us has a unique path. That’s what makes being human so wonderful and mysterious. But often, in the complexity of everyday living, we get lost. We forget who we are, compromise our values, and lose our vision for what’s possible.

This program is an experiential inquiry into the nature of self-guidance, and an invitation to experience that natural self-guidance of our visionary hearts and minds.  This physical product comes is an 8-week program with professional quality audio CDs and workbook.  You’ll get a powerful introduction to VisionForce tools such as the Inner Conflict Diagram.

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