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VisionForce Safari 2014

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  • Date: Tue, Jul 15, 2014 - Fri, Aug 01, 2014
  • Time: 2:00 pm
  • Location: Kenya & Uganda


Join VisionForce guides, Michael Skye and Keith Kavisic, and our growing posse of visionary adventurers, on a special expedition into the primal lands of Kenya and Uganda, where our visionary Africa friends (such as Clovis)eagerly await us and are ready to convene in transformative conversations, celebrations, service missions and journeys that transform the lives of all involved and birth new visions in our world.

This is NOT your traditional safari.  Part vision quest, part service mission, part adventure learning, this is the transformational adventure of a lifetime.  (Read more about what a VisionForce Safari is and isn’t).

We are not visiting as tourists or charity volunteers.  This is our third VisionForce journey to Africa, and we are returning home as invited guests to the open arms of our African family, who hold many gifts of heart, spirit, vision, passion, wisdom to offer us.  We’ll each bring our own unique gifts and life experience and partake in collaborations and adventures designed to support the birthing of the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.

Are you ready for a major life change?  Are you ready for a profound awakening or heart, mind and spirit?  This journey will challenge you and inspire you to expand your sense of self, to appreciate the life you already have and to undertake a deeper level commitment to your visions.

Embark with us on a journey into the unknown where you will be a vital participant in a vibrant world of social entrepreneurship, sacred activism and soul journeying.  You will be required to call upon the full courage, compassion, commitment and vision of your heart.

You will also explore a wilderness roaming of majestic lions, giraffes and elephants.  You will share meals and accommodations with the tribesmen of Masai Mara.  You will sleep at a treetops lodge in the middle of a wildlife park where hyenas, baboons and elephants provide the ambient musical entertainment through the night.

Your daily missions will include taking transport with the locals and staying the homes of your African counterparts, living as they do, learning from the daily experience.

You will journey into a Thuku family’s school of technology and visit the Thuku family farm where you will be greeted by a singing village welcoming you as angels into their hearts and home.

And so much more!  Download the full 2014 brochure with photos, itinerary and more.

We are calling you to join us.  We are calling you to stand with us as a Full-Hearted YES! to your unique opportunity to give your gifts in the world at this time.  Africa and your full aliveness is waiting.  Does your heart hear our call?

If journeying for 3-weeks or finding money for the journey seems “impossible,” then consider this is your first mission!  Inspired your people to stand with you in making this journey possible!

Read more about what a VisionForce safari is–and what it isn’t.

Download the full 2014 brochure with photos, itinerary and more.

Keith, Rachael, Kamnen, Luka dancing in the Mara (VisionForce Africa 2010)

Keith, Rachael, Kamnen, Luka dancing in the Mara (VisionForce Africa 2010)

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