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News, Visionaries | 9 Comments | January 27th, 2007

In the summer of 2006, Clovis Ategeka, downloaded our Vision Force 101 program. His story begins here. Fast forward 6 months and Clovis has rented space for his Vision Cafe. Now the workshops and classes he leads can be held indoors, and his students who are learning to be visionaries and entrepreneurs can connect to a global community through the internet… But first, they need to secure internet access. Currently internet service is monopolized by two companies and is quite difficult to come by. It takes a substantial investment to secure internet access for his cafe. $3,400 will do it, and we’ll provide his cost breakdown and business plan upon request. Start helping Clovis get his cafe wired by making a contribution through this secure funding opion: ChipIn:

On behalf of Clovis and all his students, we thank you!

News, Visionaries, Visionary Mind | No Comments | December 8th, 2006

Behind the scenes over here in the world of VisionForce, we’ve been quietly planning a movement called, One Million Visionaries. The idea was born and began to grow as we watched Clovis Ategeka, a blooming young Ugandan visionary promptly set out to change the world after simply downloading our Vision Force 101 program.

Imagine, one million Clovises, or one million gandhis, stepping forward with vision and in unison as they take a stand for all of humanity! Through this campaign we envision training one million visionaries in high-level visionary leadership skills over the internet–and for free. It’s much bigger than that and we are going to share the bigger vision and plan on a private conference call next Wednesday evening at 8pm Eastern. You’re invited to listen in live! If you want to be on the call, listening in, go mark that date and time on your calendar right away. Then we’ll send you an invite with the specific call in number (if you’re on our Visionary Mind Shifts list)! Stay tuned…

News, Visionaries | 1 Comment | October 23rd, 2006

You imagine that your neighbor might be a fearless terrorist, secretly planning to destroy the world as you know it. He might be operating inside an independent terrorist cell that is virtually undetectable. He might have a plan to cause great destruction in the community you inhabit. He might have access to all the tools, ideas and resources that he needs to achieve his mission.

Now imagine this. Your neigbor might be a fearless visionary, secretly planning to create a world that really works for all of us–a world of peace and prosperity. He might be operating inside an independent visionary cell that is virtually undetectable. He might have a plan to create incredible values for your community. He might have access to all the tools, ideas and resources that he needs to achieve his mission.

Such a visionary cell has just emerged in war-torn Uganda. One fearless, young visionary has been not-so-secretly planning to create a future that really works for his countrymen and for humanity. He’s been operating autonomously, rapidly growing the number of people who are working with him, both locally in Uganda and globally through the internet. He has a plan, and he’s carrying it out. Now, VisionForce has chosen to give him access to all the tools, ideas and resources he needs to achieve his mission.

Check out our VisionForce Uganda project here.

Together, we’re busy figuring out a model that will be easily replicatable and sustainable. We intend to cultivate the spontaneous emergence of visionary cells around the globe–in China, India, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, Cuba, Africa, Brazil, Japan–everywhere there are youth who are willing to stand for humanity. Never before has the future been so solidly within the grasp of the youth!

What can you see is possible? Leave your comments, please!

Visionaries | No Comments | October 19th, 2006

The Vision Uganda project begins...

When this young man in Uganda downloaded our 200Mb Vision Force 101 program a few months ago (that’s a photo of him doing the program), I didn’t think much of it. He’d been asking me to invest in a business idea he had, and I sent him this program instead. What has happened since has shifted my entire vision for how the VisionForce work can impact the world.

Over here at, we’ve been working on how we can support Clovis in continuing to impact his country locally, by training and supporting other young visionaries. Here’s a sneak peek at the project page. It’s in development. Much more to come… soon! Soon!

News | 1 Comment | September 19th, 2006

Imagine, if all the American colonialists could have watched Patrick Henry deliver his famous speech via web cam:

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

Our red coated friends from across the pond might have high tailed it back to their ships and sailed home without a fight.

Never before in history have we had so many powerful tools at our fingertips, tools which individuals can be use to communicate, organize, unite, mobilize, etc.  Never before have we had so much access to information and education.  People worry about technology’s ability to give governments’ greater control, but what about the new power and liberty such technology delivers to the individual?  I believe it far out paces the increasingly snoopy eye of the government.

Several in the VisionForce community have begun setting in motion plans to use tools such as video blogging to share their stories, their vision and the actions they’re taking to be the change they seek, and to change the world.

Imagine… training young people from China, Africa, India and all over the world in the ways of the visionary for free–straight from a web cam!  That and more is just around the corner.  Shhhhhh….

News, Visionaries | 4 Comments | August 25th, 2006

Watch this… Oprah’s doing what something incredible… something VisionForce will be doing at some point, no matter how long it takes.  To all my Africa friends… we’re coming back!  And we’re going to BUILD!  Who wants in?  Leave your comments and ideas below.

News | 7 Comments | August 15th, 2006

Really, we don’t know our own power to change the world. It’s cliche, but the power is really within us. I plan to tour the US and select countries beginning in 2007 with several Vision Force Boot Camp graduates.

by the way, we’ve recently chosen *not* to have another boot camp in 2006 in order to create space for the evolution of VisionForce into a vehicle that can drive real change in the world, on a much grander scale. If you were planning to attend our usual fall boot camp, I apologize. We will announce the spring boot camp dates soon, so stay tuned.

We spend so much time thinking about, talking about and being involved in political campaigns and controversies… as if political force is our best shot at change. It’s not! By far, it’s not. Most of the positive change we’ve seen in the world in the last 30 years has been from vision force–our natural ability as individuals to see a vision worth pursuing and then taking a stand and making it happen. Entrepreneurs, inventors, social entrepreneurs, community leaders, parents, teachers–you, we, are the ones who’ve brought the most possible change to the world–not politicians. Hey, I’m not saying don’t be politically active, I’m just saying what if we invested much more of the time, energy and money we invest in political force and invest it instead in our own minds and spirits–our vision force?!
What if?

JOIN US! Let’s campaign for vision!
If you’d like to talk about joining forces with VisionForce in a campaign to bring vision to the world, then reply to this post. You could be a local contact in your city or take on any of a myriad of other roles. Many more details to come. This is just an initial feeler. Just planting a seed.

If you’re used to just reading the VisionForce emails or blog entries, I challenge you to make your voice heard. This game of life is more exciting on the field. Come play with us. Say whatever is on your mind. Share your ideas for how we can bring vision to the world.