Michael's Journal, News, Visionary Mind | October 4th, 2006

We need your advice.

If you’ve been following VisionForce for long, you know we’re asking some pretty radical questions that are throwing all previous “common sense” out the window. One big question we asked is how can we get the most powerful tools in the hands of those most ready for it–for as close to free as possible–and now!? In other words, we don’t want money to be a barrier to change agents and visionaries around the world having access to everything we can offer them.

That has led us to start creating free on-line courses, removing the fee from our membership area (and a ton of things we’ve not revealed yet. Now, if we’re going to do so much for free, how are we going to continue to exist? Money is the blood of the VisionForce organism. We need it to not just survive, but to grow massively.

So, we’ve been thinking, “Well, we’ll train people for free in as many ways as we can, and those who want to pay for a physical product or attend a high-level live training can pay us.” So, recently we removed the discount from our new physical home study program, Visionary Mind, and listed it at the regular price of $297. And we feel good about this, because it is such an extensive, valuable program. But, we’re left with this question:

Does this create a barrier for many people? Yes. It does. In the future we’ll have other physical products that we can let go for a lot less–books, for example. But right now, we think we need to just get it in the hands of as many people as possible. How can we do that? Well, maybe lowering the price–radically–could be a way. That’s just a hypothesis, though. Lower prices don’t always translate to more sales.

One business approach to pricing would be to tally the costs and add enough for a profit. Another approach would be to charge as much as the market will bear–based on the products’ perceived value and how much we can increase that perception of value. We’re asking a different question. What does the price need to be to have you “own” VisionForce as something you eagerly share with others and something you also invest in financially with your pocket book?

If the price were a lot lower, would you buy (if you haven’t already)? What would that price have to be? Would you buy for your friends or family? For your teenage son or daughter (oh, watch out if you do this though)?

We need cash to spread VisionForce throughout the world. Will lowering the price impact *your* decisions to help us–to spread the word, to buy, etc.? And what should the price be?

Please post your comments below. Thank you.


  1. George M. Drysdale

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I joined this group because I make a stand for things that I believe are right – often to my own detriment, especially financially.
    “Profit” is certainly not a “dirty” word but profit may not necessarily be financial, profit is merely gaining a “positive” result that leads to greater things…
    Sometimes the positive only comes through the negative (an expense, time, money etc….) but needs must!
    My personal thinking on the issues raised in this debate is that payment should be left to the integrity of the “member” – some may not be able to afford much, some may be able to afford a great deal and put themselves in the respected position of Benefactor or Sponsor by supporting those with restricted and limited means but with the same desire to “rebuild” this world we live in…….

  2. victor

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Price vs Perceived risk is the key to your equation. I live in South Africa $275 is not a huge price but it’s not inconsequential. Before I buy a product any product I need ensure that risk is minimised. I’m still new to VisonForce and I’m still “feeling the water” I like what you say you stand for and I would really like to believe that you’re represent what I’m looking for. At this stage the jury is still out for me, I’ve been down the road with organisations and groups that on the surface seemed like the real thing only to be disappointed serveral $ later.
    I’m in the process of launching a new Web Product onto the market and I can identify with your statements, one needs to let people “touch and feel” the product. How does one do that?
    For the cause you’re/we’re promoting people will give value where value is due, without fancy marketing fancy-dress or subtle entrapment.
    This cause is public domain, open source charge for the effort required to deliver courses afterall people must be paid for work done when they do work. The “evangelisation” campaign however if it is based on truth will gather strength at it’s own time and place. Commercialising truth isn’t going to work, not for me anyway.

  3. Steve

    Oct 5th, 2006

    ide say $120.00 but i dont know how much it cost you to make it. You are relatively unkown so its going to be harder to sale your stuff at a high price. We dont know how you have used your own views to break through your own problems so its hard to relate to you and know if this all really works with real life people more than after a big event what are the long tearm changes? What sets you appart from tony robbins and all the other self help people I get a feeling your different but not enough to cut way back on cost of living just to find out. im not saying any of this to be cruel its just things ive onestly felt while trying to understand these tools and you. I wish you all the best I hope you are as much of a visionary as you inspire others to be. I also hope Im not getting kicked out of the beta program for saying this.

  4. Pete Kostecki

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Yes, lowering the price would help a lot. Prices should be app. $79.95 to $149.95 I look at various tapes, cd’c, videos, training, etc on the internet, but when you see a price like $395 I don’t buy.

  5. Morten

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Thanks for everything. To buy this stuff I need to know what your final aim is. I need to know facts, more than ideas. What is your definition of a human being? Or what is the true identity of a human being in you perspective? What do you think honestly religion has to do whit all this +-? I have searched for some answers in your materials – nearly responded on your forum, but so fare remained silent.
    Why not set the price to $2000 start mlm and split even. You cannot get real value for nothing. But do not make any shortcut`s it is work and more work. I am sure we can find channels to get the word out if we are ready for it, that means Heart, Head and Hand. By the way I am not ready to commit time and effort at present moment.
    Good luck and warm regards

  6. Barry Willicot

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Most things, not all, given away free are treated in the manner that “because it’s free it is worth nothing”. So to gain any form of respect what you provide must have some exchange value and because Vision Force needs to be run in a proper and ethical business fashion to survive, that exchange needs to be in monetary form.
    I do not know how many people around the planet are in contact with you and Vision Force (sorry I am only on the periphery of Vision Force and like many would like to get more involved and evolve into the sunshine but attention to mundane tasks to survive keep throwing me back into the swamp of life) but if Vision Force had an entrance fee or perhaps an annual subscription fee for “members” it might be sufficient for part of the day to day running of Vision Force. The second part of monetary income might come from those who have evolved and are now in a financially secure position and able to spread the word. Surely once those people are able to they could repay Vision Force. You have said that this is based on self honour and ethics, if that is the case would they not happily repay the costs of putting them into a state of security.
    These are just a couple of ideas that perhaps you can mull over.



  7. Wellington Chidakwa

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I live in a third world country. Accessing foreign currency is virtually impossible. In short, I would not be able to buy even if you reduced the price.

  8. Dan Smith

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I’m in the process of completing Ph.D. and have absolutely no $$$$$$$$$. This is enlightening and empowering stuff but …..


  9. Rovix Ssinjinowicz

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I like a lot of what I have seen so far in your
    promotional and auto-responder emails…as
    well as your beta-course-thingy (can’t
    remember exactly the name of it).

    However, I remain unconvinced (sorry) that
    there is something of value here for me
    personally. I don’t know if this is something
    you hear a lot, but much of the material
    strikes me as “fluff”. This is not to say that
    there is not also valuable information or
    ideas–it only means that, after several
    weeks on your mailing list and having read
    all of the material on your website…

    I STILL haven’t got a clear idea what your
    or whatever… is REALLY all about.

    This could be just my personal myopia.
    Perhaps everyone else who comes across
    your site “gets it” immediately. If this has
    been your experience, then please
    disregard this respectful, but admittedly
    somewhat critical, email. After all, if only
    1% of your potential market feels as I do,
    then it’s not worth your time to try to tailor
    an approach for them. On the other hand,
    if 30% or 50% of your market gives a
    similar response, then it probably is worth
    looking into.

    I apologize for my frankness, and I sincerely
    do not mean to offend, I am only doing my
    best to give you the most honest assessment
    I can, in the fewest words possible.

    Best of luck to you.

  10. robert

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Yes, for me the cost is a barrier
    is it possible to do a incremental course(s) that are less expensive initaly?
    Maybe a Vision Force lite?

  11. Theo. Butler

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Hey Micheal Skye and support systems,
    Afellow student, potential wealth warrior,and self leader with issues(?!). The write up above makes sense, but my observations are that we live in a basically(un)free world,and society, a multi-level life game if you will, where winning means being part of a collusion, not rocking the boat and having more wealth than the next man and being shrewed enough to not let some one else take control of your values i.e. your dreams, your goals, your accomplishments, your woman,and whatever makes the game called LIFE comfortable and acceptable. Given this not so pretty map of the world, along with a list of not so cool realities i.e. Darwin’s discoveries/insights, Nietzche’s discoveries/insights, Dostoyevsky’s discoveries/insights, Ayn Rand’s discoveries/insights and Frank Ward-Wallace’s discoveries/insights. I’d say that those of us with truly beneficent and grandiose intentions for mankind and the universe that we reside in are very out numbered by those who like things just the way they are, and will literally do anything to maintain the current game rules of existence changing only the surface appearance of things to keep us fearful one’s interested in continually giving our personal power away freely, a power that we were either told was not ours to have or that we didn’t have any to begin with. Sometimes my man I feel like the Evil Kaneval, dare devil of finance and romance, pins and needles man, pins and needles. I think you should do whatever you think best to get this powerful product of yours into circulation. We need YOU and what you represent, the WORLD as we know it, whether they know it or not needs YOU and the products that you are offering US. ALL I have to say about it all is, where is my DVD?! Theo. Ps. I didn’t have the money for the VisionaryMInd package but I desire to make speeding round kick to the face difference in my life and the World, so I got the money and I’ve started my journey…. maybe I’m crazy, I don’t know.

  12. Antonio Lopez

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Hello. My name is Tony. I am your humble-servant. My introduction is such because I do not have an original idea in my head. Knowing this fact humbles me because I am so grateful to the teachers and mentors that, have enriched me, and made me a better human. “Servant” because I have an “obligation” to serve others with what I have learned.
    With this said I will begin my respond to you with a quote from Khalil Gibran – “I am blind, and you are deaf-&-dumb. So let us hold hands and understand.” …I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know you. We are not “holding hands”. What I do know is that there exist what is known as an “Idea Virus”. Something so powerful, so unique that, [it] “spreads” like a “virus” through, word-of-mouth. Without you personally having to do nothing more that to put your powerful and unique concept “out there” for the world to see. If it really is original, it will “catch on fire, and people will come from miles away to watch it burn!” …..And people will pay WHATEVER to have it!
    Bottom line: Be motivated by a sincere knowledge that, what you are offereing can and WILL change lives for the better. Charge “whatever” (if anything) then, … Let Go And Let God.
    If [it] is genuine, the “idea virus” will take hold and miracles will happen!
    F.Y.I. I believe in the power of money as a fabulous tool to make the world a better place….Charge whatever. Just do the right thing with the revenue.
    Much success,
    Tony Lopez

  13. Larry

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve been a ‘beta tester’ from the beginning of this particular project of yours, and I’d have to say that I agree 100% with Rovix Ssinjinowicz above. There are some interesting, if not novel, ideas involved in the e-mails and discussions on the Zaadz site. However, I have to say that, honestly, a lot of what I’ve read seems to be little more than an excercise in semantics. A person such as myself can read every bit of the ‘beta’ material and find literally nothing new, striking, insightful or challenging. While I’ve found some motivational value in what I’ve read, I don’t consider myself to be motivationally challenged, so there is very little of value in it for me. I’d probably kick myself and learn from it if I had payed $297 for the course.

    Please understand that my intention is not to insult anyone’s opinion or undermine your efforts, Michael, in any way. I’m not writing to tear anyone up. You simply asked for honest opinions, and I’m happy to oblige. Some people may actually get a good return on their $297 investment – I just don’t feel I’d be one of them.

    Thanks again Michael, and best regards,

  14. Jayant karandikar

    Oct 5th, 2006

    1. Well, yes price is a barrier. I come from india, Translated to rupee the price is Rs 13750/- (of course in Lira or Yuan figure might be higher). It is the question of perception. And so I feel Price is higher.
    2. In spite of following for so long I am not able to find out the contents. Following your profile, I know ,to some extent, what the contents might be. But it is pure guess, of no use in explaining to anybody. Very few people have come accross your site or ZAADZ also. So even if they seriously need they don’t know it. I could not explain. So my friend commented that ” that is your position that you agree with Mike, but you cannot explain your stand because you don’t know contents”.. His sarcasm was too bad for me. So now I trying to reinvent the wheel…….
    3. Why is it that we can not use “Stand in Vision Academi” to set the price? As Dr Goldratt tells us ” it is the market which decides the price, what is under our control is cost”. Any thoughts on this Mike?

  15. ladee

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I’ve been following the “free” course (I’m inclined to disagree that it’s a course .. it seems more like an introduction to terminology, rather than an experiential learning experience … which, in my opinion, is coursework … but I digress … ) , and I’d challenge anyone who says that their aim is to “change the world” … with this vision:

    Train the trainers/coaches/facilitators: Gather your visionaries, train THEM to carry the work forward. As part of the trade-off for training them, they -in turn- must agree to train others … also for free (one idea, for instance: for each paid attendee, provide the coursework to one other on a scholarship basis).

    Here’s what I also know … there MUST be some kind of exchange. A truly FREE course or workshop will not be valued, nor is there likely to be any real personal growth. Therefore, setting up a kind of exchange for the courses helps to ensure longevity and vitality of the Work.

    I once worked at a retreat center that hosted outside events. Twice a year, one of the Vipassana meditation groups held a truly free 10-day silent retreat training course. At the end of the 10 days, the presenters made their pitch: “If this course has had any value to you, we ask that you make a donation – relative to the value you believe this course has for you – to sponsor a future attendee. Every year, the waiting list for the retreat grows exponentially.

    Keeping the vision ..

  16. ryan

    Oct 5th, 2006

    truth is free to all who want it, not just those who can afford it. i question anything that needs to be purchased. pya

  17. Jodie

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I’ve found that most folks value items based in the item’s cost. Be the investment monetary, emotional or physical, people seem to hold dear what costs them the most. When there is a sacrifice involved, not necessarily money, there is more of a commitment to getting/creating value. Some leftover ‘est’ learnings that still ring true to me.

  18. DavidOH

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I am very interested in getting the full benefit from your program, since I can see you’ve made some stunningly accurate and potentially powerful identifications. Unfortunately, since most people’s default guidance systems lead to poverty, it’s not be much of a surprise that many individuals who would gain greatly from what you have created can’t readily afford it (my problem precisely). It’s sort of a catch-22…The program will help me develop financial wealth, but I need money to get it. Of course giving it away for free just undermines its value to the recipients, and sends you to the poorhouse (not that I wouldn’t love to say that wasn’t the case).

    HOWEVER…If you really believe that your program will help people financially, I can offer a concrete suggestion: If implementing the program makes a significant difference in someone’s income, they will know it. So offer the program in exchange for a formal pledge to pay you a percentage of that change. I imagine you’ll have to limit the time frame (1st year would be my suggestion).

    Interestingly, the more you believe it works, the less the percentage you’ll need to charge. The more motivated the person is for change, the more willing they’ll be to make the commitment. You will only get paid by the people who benefit, but they WILL pay you; because honor & integrity are so intrinsic to your program, and to benefit they will have had to acquire those virtues.

    If your primary goal is to “spread the word”, then perhaps you can make the payment convertible into recruitment activities.

    Something to consider.

    Best Regards,

  19. tunde

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Human thoughts are very vital,a war that we need to counter with in everyday activities.our heart serve as store house that it is what we allow it to radiate it concieve.this shows thier character and attitude.as i normally tell my audience that chracter is who you are, but attitude is what you do.this means that no matter what, we are the product of our thougths.one proverb said as the man think in his heart so he is. so for us to revolutionalise our thougth, we need to be very prudent of the seed we sew in it every day.    The main process to carry this out is by being carefull of what we see every time and what we hear around us . this is because our heart is very sensitive to respond.

  20. Guinevere

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Hi Michael and staff,
    At this time I cannot afford the book or the boot camps and training, as much as I would like to.
    When my situation improves, I will certainly want to take advantage of all you offer.
    Many training programs and books cost much more than yours does.
    Since I cannot afford any at this time, I hesitate to try to set a price. I appreciate you asking everyone for input.
    Best regards,

  21. Debbie Schulte

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Michael, you are getting quite a variety of comments here, it is good to see people speaking what they honestly think, I appreciate the way most of them were very respectful.

    You do need to be able to charge for your program, you need to be able to support yourself and continue the work you are doing. I understand how you feel about wanting to make it available to as many people as possible, and believe me when I say I love FREE stuff, but it isn’t fair to expect you to give your lifes work away and still ask you to continue providing it. Your vision and guidance have changed many lives, the work you do is important.

    I think a price of $195-$199 would be an acceptable price for most people, but only if the numbers work for you, especially if you were able to break it down into smaller monthly payments of perhaps $25 a month.

    I also think doing one of those pledge series on PBS would be a good idea. Talk about a great way to spread the word!

    Keep up the good work, thanks a million!

    Debbie Schulte

  22. Helle

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Hi Michael

    I started the Power to Stand course about a week ago and it is already blowing me away. I think that once people realize how much a certain product will provide the result they are looking for, cost becomes less of a barrier. I will be working with your course and I am so grateful that it is free – I would have not taken it, if I would have had to pay for it. This fre course allows me to see what you are all about before I start investing my money in your products. When I’ve finished with it, I will see how much I’ve learned from it and that will determine whether I will buy the 297 $ program, which again will determine whether I will spend the money to do the boot camp.

    I don’t think lowering the price will be the big motivator. People will value something a lot more, if they paid more for it. All energy exchanges should be equal in value, therefore you might not want to sell your products below value. Where could you lower your costs? Could the home program not be downloadable as an ebook and MP3 files instead? Some of us, like me, would prefer that anyway.

    Thanks for creating this work and giving us a taste for free.
    Warmly, Helle

  23. leeda

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I can’t imagine that there are many people who have a smaller income than I do. I’m not a starving artist, but I am often a hungry one. I don’t even have a big vision for changing the world. But I was interested in the “Visionary” mind philosophy and I bought the package. I paid $200, I don’t know if I would have bought it for $275.. but I probably would have. But I would not have bought it any sooner for $150. I do think that the product would be more valuable to me if it came with some personal support. Sifting through all the egos in a forum to find a bit of useful information is tedious and not particularly helpful.

  24. Don Newman

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Mr. Michael Skye,
    I am on a fixed income, 100% disabled and have been since 5-2000. I have used my savings,stocks, 401k and sold every asset in order to pay the living expenses and raise my daughter. She is 17 and I definitely would want her to have the training along with me. 297 x 2 is not possible for me unless Vision Force would accept payments 25 dollars per month for example. would be affordable for those of us on a fixed income?? I am a visionary and honored to be part of this organization. Cost plus 33.3% SG&A is a usual and customary price in my former business. I hope that these ideas help in some small way. Thank you for thinking of me Mr. Skye.
    Don Newman

  25. Kreed Kleinkopf

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I think the price is ALWAYS going to be a barrier for most people. It has been for me, unfortunately. I joined in a trial membership a while back, and I didn’t feel that me wandering around on your database, un-coached was really beneficial for me. I think it could be a great value, but the “perception of value” was lacking by a long shot. So, I cancelled my membership.

    I think around $50-100 would be a huge bargain. For someone like me, it is A LOT of money! I haven’t used my “vision” to create a great amount of wealth… Yet… So any program like this, however interesting and helpful, the price tag will always prevent me from joining. I feel I’m doing well myself, but I would like to look at your program and see exactly how you can help a young visionary like myself!

  26. Carol

    Oct 5th, 2006

    I don’t know you but I believe you are truly unique. There are very few people in this world that are so giving and truly want to help others to be the best that they can be. I believe you want to make the world a better place and you want to help as many people as you can to join you. This is a very difficult thing to do because most people will not be willing to do something for nothing as you seem to do. I truly respect and love what you are trying to achieve. What you are doing is unique so people find this hard to understand and hard to believe. You will find many sceptics because most people do not come across anyone like you in their lives and people are not brought up to be open minded.
    I believe that what you produce is worth paying for and you deserve to put a price on your products. I also understand that you are not about using the masses to make yourself a fortune. You are different and I see your dilema. I wouldn’t want to see you look like something that you are not.
    I am not business minded and I don’t know what your financial position is but maybe money can be made in other ways as well. Maybe you can invest in for example the printing business that you use and then agree on recieving a % of their profits. I really don’t know. I do believe that what you produce is worth paying for but as you say and after reading the above comments you will definitely lose people.
    Best wishes.

  27. David Burkholder

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Maybe think about a product funnel where there would be:

    eMail courses introducing the Vision and giving a taste of how the work will proceed which would be free.
    Then a low-cost eBook 27-67 range with the backbone content
    Then a physical product with DVD etc.
    Then CD set add-on for playing in car etc.
    Various personal coaching/tutor options
    Finally your boot camp

    There should be enough income in that kind of scheme to allow for wide access to the fundamentals of what you want to teach with progressive enhancements as people begin to open to the work and also expand to allow more ability to appreciate to enter their worlds.

  28. Joseph Phillips

    Oct 5th, 2006

    18 months ago I was homeless and smoking crack cocaine as often as I could. I was a zombie and all I cared about was smoking dope. My sole income was hustling.

    Today I make $7.50 an hour and on Sunday I start a new position which will be paying me $9.15 an hour. (This is a Promotion in the same organization)

    I have not had any drugs or a drink for 16 months and through Vision Force (and other experiences) the necessary changes in my life have been accelerated.

    The price for the course is almost irrelevant. What ever the price, I will find a way to pay it.

    The FREE online course has been a blessing to me.

  29. jeremy

    Oct 5th, 2006

    i must say that i think just the fact that you are posting this idea to your potential customers is the most important first step in goiing about doing this. i now understand the term “beta-testers”. This makes much more since to me now. the fact that you put this out there in the open, insatead of simply setting a price and going for it, then, if it doesn’t sell, lowering the price and so on, is in my eyes the best way to go about doing this. this allows you to get feedback from your most-likely buyers. this makes good buisiness sense.

    I however, will not spend money on this course or any other course for that matter. if buisiness is what your after, then money is what you need. if a revolution is what you’re after, then you need to gather people together for a common cause. the money i give you for you to tell me that i must take a stand personally to make any real change will not help you further the cause in any manner at all. the only way for this to truly work, is to do it at cost, and no more. i know this sounds terrible, but i believe that all good ideas and systems of thought throughout all of history started out for a great cause. all the revolutions that took place before us happened for a most noble cause in the beginning, howver, once a profit became involved, they became a downward spiral. you can see this especially in the american revolution 230 years ago. since then this nation has become obssesed with profit, our country’s financial arteries becoming clogged with the sticky cholesterol of greed.

    if you are truly trying to start a spark in the flame of a revolution, i would say that you must keep profit out of the question. while profit in the name of the individual is the best thing to happen to mankind since the discovery of time, profit in the name of a cause never turns out well. honestly, i think that you can do the same with a blog on myspace, that you can do with all your products that you sell. this is not to say that what you are selling is not worth anything, this is to say that what you need is accessabilty. to get the word out, so to speak.

    thanks for the opportunity to voice my oppinion on this matter. i personally think that what you are doing here is great. i dont want to you to think that i dont believe in what this is all about, i just think that this needs to be a more grass-roots issue, rather than a corporate issue.

  30. Werner

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Based on my experience with many self-development material being offered the prices are high for many people that are trying to raise themself out of poverty or worse situations.
    The irony is most of the time “help is available but unpayable” so in the end people get frustrated. The free on-line course is good.
    More advanced parts of the course should be fee-based at the lowest treshold as possible. This will be an incentive for those in need to put more effort to help those in need. Once they get money a DONATION should be asked to help the developers.
    Or some big corporations should be approached to help finance the development and distibution of the material as a DONATION. They would be rewarded with their names appearing in the distributed material. Instant Public relations for these firms.



  31. Earl M.

    Oct 5th, 2006

    David Burkholders’ breakdown seems most thoughtful and potentially fruitful.
    I look at this as a consciousness raising exercise and a youthful peprally mentality, a striving to reach toward some kind of critical mass; I think it can use the input of age and experience to mentor and help build peoples careers. AsThey benefit from the personal coaching and achieve growth and increased net worth, then they can start to “pay it forward” The real growth for you Michael is in holding the vision together long enough to have a loyal alumnus of benefactors who become sustaining members who, through endowments and bequests and legacys, make sure that this is self perpetuating. How are you going to put that on a fast track?I hope You find people who have the means and recognize the needs, who are willing to take this kind of stand, and I hope they are reading this right now.!

  32. Rich Gott

    Oct 5th, 2006

    Right now price is a object. I was injured and out of work for 6 months due to an injury; in which I recieved no income.
    Down the road i will be back on my feet then money will be a litle eaiser to part with.
    Keep up the work, one day i will be able to afford your courses and then I too will become better for it.

  33. Pauline

    Oct 6th, 2006

    It would probably help to some extent. A lot of people can not afford to spend that much. Personally, the reason I have not bought it yet is that I am a full time student. I don’t work and don’t have any money at all. After reading your news letters, I feel that about 70% of what you say is on target. I have read a few that I don’t agree with, but even when I don’t agree with your point of view, I consider them useful. Your news letter helps me think about things outside the box. Thanx

  34. Seun 'General' Laoye

    Oct 6th, 2006

    Welldone GREAT guys behind the VisionForce/VisionaryMinds. Your efforts is being highly appreciated. The free online has been a tremendous help to me and I believe it will be to a lot of folks there. I am writing from Lagos, Nigeria, Africa. To get $ to pay for this new packege may pose a little problem here. Our economy is trying to pick up, but we hope for a better economy. If not because of this investment in ones mind shouldn’t be something you debate at all!


  35. clyde furlong

    Oct 6th, 2006

    How about doing like certain clinics & attorneys do, and use a sliding scale based upon what the individual wanting the material can afford to pay. Or perhaps use the barter system. One gets trained in exchange for training one. One more possibility could be to show trust in those that are following you, and offer the material on a payment plan that does not involve credit cards or any bank accounts. Just trust that the payments will be made as sections of the material are delivered. If at any point in the process someone stops making payments, then don’t send anymore material in advance.
    But do give them an opportunity to catch up and restart where they left off.

  36. Kenneth Stoneburg

    Oct 6th, 2006

    I wish that we coul all get over our money issues but we are trained in poverty from the moment we are born. There is enough abundance in the world to make everyone wealthy. For now, how do we get people to soak up this information while attracting the funds to get the message out there.

    I would suggest that your entire structure be mudular. That an interested person can spend $5 to get a piece of knowledge which leads to another piece. Spending $5 a week is ok for one but for another $50 is OK. It could be a self paced learning program. my2¢

  37. simone

    Oct 7th, 2006

    Michael and Associates

    I’ve read other’s comments -we do need people like you.
    People also need people like me.
    You have no idea of who I am – But, I also have the potential to make the difference somewhere – jesus, ANYWHERE.
    My visa is maxed, im broke, and in debt a lot of money.
    I can’t afford your program.
    If it was $80 tops – different story.



  38. lorenzo Pancino

    Oct 10th, 2006

    Hi, i’m from france and i’ve been following your vision for couple years and i always buy your program because it’s afordable! so 100/150 $ would be the max i’d pay but actually i know you and i know who you are and waht you try to spread and it’s a great thing! but in my country ,people are scared about new revolutionary thinking and programs, they always compared this to sect or whatever, so if you want to seduce and spread you thinking to Latin europe ( italy, france, spain etc…) here are my several advices:
    1- try to make a good translation of your work in another language than english: french, italian, spanish etc.. ( because the automatic web translation is horrible and we cannot understand anything ! so it is not trustfull. and gives you a cheap image!
    2- try to create a afiliation program and make a big world bizness by having your representant in any country controlled byr report!
    because when you talk to an european like you talk to an amercian it’s not the same, we don’t have the same culture and the same way to see the things, so if you explain a new way of seeing the world you’d better be understood!, don’t you think ?
    3-reduce your price under 100 $ so you would be able to have any kind of people even the richless..

    actually, i ‘ve been thinking of writting you since a long time to explain you my thoughts.
    because if you want a world wide revolution, just think that everybody don’t speak English ( even though it’s a pity! a agree ;-) ;
    and that’s why it’s scared people here and i can hear them saying:
    “pff stll an another great American program to become better !!”

    Hope it wil help you mickael
    long life to your vision force

  39. Michael Skye

    Oct 14th, 2006

    I just wanted to thank each of you for your time to give us well-thought-out ideas on how to solve this dilemma. It has led to some very interesting ideas on how we can bring VisionForce to the world–without money as a barrier!

    Stay tuned! And thanks again,


  40. Tom Dienya

    Oct 18th, 2006

    Thanks Michael.

    I think the prices should vary from regions to regions, countries to countries (if that is possible). This is because the dollar rates, inflation, expendable incomes, etc vary alot from regions to countries. In Kenya, for example, $300 is a whole month salary of a mid level manager in the public service or government ministry. Majority of others earn much less and thus have very low expendible income. Even if these lots require the product, they simply won’t afford it. The irony is that the people in these parts of the world may be the best target group to benefit from the product. what do you have to say?

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