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Here’s a great presentation about how entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals can be a powerful force for good. It’s Michael Strong, John Mackey and Jeff Klein of FLOW presenting for at Freedom Fest 2007.

I spoke with Michael the other evening, and he’s doing something very cool next week I’m going to invite you to participate in.

News, Visionary Culture | 1 Comment | October 24th, 2007

Today, we held a live tele-seminar about reconnecting powerfully with the Force of Honor in your life. Click the play button below,or download the MP3 to listen.

Honor is a distinct human emotion, although it’s not yet been named as one. It’s part of our inner compass that is squashed
in a world of hierarchical institutions. Our leaders play upon our starvation for this emotion when they tell us that the other side is “evil.”

Having direct, ongoing and lasting access and control of this emotion can empower you to stay steadfast in your commitments to create
a better life, a better world.

When you FEEL this inner force, you

- have nothing to prove,
- react to nothing and no one,
- have no doubt about your path or purpose,
- are completely fulfilled, nothing missing,
- feel one with god/universe/life/nature,
- have unlimited access to love as your source
of courage
- naturally become more conscious and awake,
- inspire others to open their hearts,
- and much more.

Today, we talked about how social conditioning has left us without Honor as a powerful emotion, and how we now compromise ourselves and suffer
silently as result. (and what we can do to regain this source of courage, power and love)

Listen to the complete audio to get a good grasp of this natural force within you.

You’ll also hear how we tap into this force at our VisionForce Boot Camps. At this posting, there are still some seats available for
the November BOOT CAMP for world-changing parents, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists… and YOU!

Register here:

MP3 File

Michael's Journal, News | 1 Comment | October 11th, 2007

Michael was recently interviewed about the VisionForce Boot Camp by internet radio host, Bryan Carlton Flournoy, on his show Making It All Click. Please click the play button to listen or use the link to download the MP3.

MP3 File

A visionary musician from our March Boot Camp has moved here to Austin from Boston. His story is here:

News, Visionaries | No Comments | May 15th, 2007

by Michael Morris

A young visionary in Hawaii has a vision of a green, sustainable, conscious community that can be a beacon for other communities around the world. Imagine–communities that work for everyone and with everyone. Is it possible? Many believe that our global community will only heal itself when we first ascribe to a local cohesiveness that bridges divisiveness at home in our families and local communities. From that foundation, many believe, we can build a world that really works… but will it work?

Recently, one such community has emerged as an example of such a vision, showing what is possible when people unite with a common vision to create sustainable and evolving communities that work for and with everyone.

KeithKeith Kavisic, a recent VisionForce Boot Camp graduate (pictured playing his guitar at the Boot Camp Dinner of Honor (and, yes, that’s sparkling cider!)) is spearheading a project in Hawaii known as The Green Source Community. “We are committed to creating this project into a blueprint for community cohesion, cultural appreciation, social responsibility and local economic development,” states Keith. “You are that change you see in the world! Evolution starts here.”

So what does Keith have to say about his experience with VisionForce, “VisionForce broke through the glass ceiling that I had been tapping at for years! Unlocking the tools necessary to walk with honor in every step of life…In addition, this connection provided a team of visionaries for life to move forward in our collective stand for humanity!…If we all live to these standards we begin to change the world instantly! Through the bold actions taken immediately after attending [Boot Camp] I see the light at the end of the change and know that I am and will stand in the face of everything for humanity! As a community leader in Hawaii, I will take these tools and utilize the resources to put sustainable models of economic development and incorporate the sacredness into the infrastructure of life.”

The more Keith and those in the Green Source Community stand for their vision, the more they find themselves living in the vision and the more the vision becomes reality. Rising up to “be the change” is often not an easy task to undertake. As Keith said, however, “I see the light at the end of the change.” Oftentimes when we step out to walk the journey of our vision we step out with nothing more than faith in ourselves and our vision, and trust that we shall see the day where our vision comes into fruition as Keith’s has.

“We are always looking to join forces with all of you visionaries and creators standing for humanity,” says Keith. “If you would like to come to Hawai’i and Stand with us as we create GreenSource and Globe Oasis this community model of sustainable change, contact us.”

If you are interested in Keith’s project or would like to support the Green Source Community, you can visit him on zaadz and learn more about the Community and Keith.

News, Visionaries | 2 Comments | May 2nd, 2007

At one of our Boot Camps for world changers in 2004, a young Turkish man realized he stood for social justice. He would go on to describe it as far more than an intellectual insight–it was a deeply emotional, physical and spiritual realization for him. Through his being, he felt called to stand for social justice, and a vision was born.

Within months after that event, he founded 20/20 MultiMedia and began sharing his vision for giving a voice to conscious hip hop artists, who could use their medium for positive change. A few years later, a feature-length documentary starring some of the biggest names in hip hop is about to be released internationally–it’s a visionary film with a powerful message and a call for hip hop artists to stand and own their power to bring about positive change.

This man’s name is Emjed Hammas, his company is 20/20 MultiMedia, and his film is Business As Usual: The Exploitation of Hip Hop. Check out his web site here: The trailer for the documentary can be found under ‘Projects.’

Positive revolutionaries, authors, musicians, change agents, educators, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, parents, students, CEOs–those who attend Boot Camp tend to become so deeply connected to their values, that they take a stand for what matters most. And a vision is born–a vision, which calls them into heroic action, a vision which demands their personal evolution. They become shaped by their stand and their vision, and their relationships, companies and communities are transformed.

The world needs visionaries now. VisionForce, through our One Million Visionaries campaign, is searching for the most impassioned, conscious agents of change we can find to attend our upcoming “boot camp for world changers” in Austin, TX, July 18-22. Those who are ready to face everything and avoid nothing to stand for humanity for 5 days should apply.

Scholarships are available through our portal on Zaadz.

News, Visionaries | No Comments | April 9th, 2007

Vision Force Boot Camp March 2007 Day 4

Many visionary Zaadzsters showed up to our March 2007 Vision Force Boot Camp for visionary change agents to kick start our One Million Visionaries campaign!  Pictured above are some of the crew.  (notice the Zaadz Tees being sported by Keith, Mary and Ronin

Other Zaadzsters pictured are Deborah, Joseph, Jordan, Shawn, Audrey, Carl, Brandi, Michael, John, Jim, Tom, Koray, Margalo, OT, myself, and… who am I missing?

Zaadzsters in attendance not pictured include Michael, …

For more photos from this Boot Camp, go here.