I’m working on a rather unique learning environment that I’m very excited about, and will be sharing more soon (This is the “think tank” or “exploratory force” I’ve discussed lately).

I remember a time about 10-12 years ago discovering a visionary dude with a great talent at cranking out visionary tools to support people who were becoming coaches. He died a few years later before he got to see the huge impact he’s made. Today it seems everyone wants to be a paid life or business coach. He’s now regarded as “the father of personal and business coaching.”

I’m speaking of course of Thomas Leonard.

Well, influenced by him and others, I’m desiring to create a environment for mutual learning and co-creating in an effort to crank out tools/concepts/skills/etc. to support the Rising Visionaries.

In a sense I wish to do for the Rising Visionaries what he did for Coaches. By “Rising Visionaries” I mean those of us who are waking up to the ways in which our thinking, our culture, our systems are far less than what would be optimal for human life on earth, unsustainable and even headed for crisis. (I have material coming out to define and describe the “Rising Visionary”)

It’s in this spirit that big questions come up regarding the coaching industry, the human development industry, the “American Guru” industry. Part of what I’d like to do is point out big traps that many of us Rising Visionaries, rEvolutionaries, evolutionaries, evolvers, inspired change agents, crazy adventurers (or whatever we choose to call ourselves!) face on our paths to create the change we seek.

And I’m not too interested in what’s already being widely talked about regarding conscious evolution, and “changing the world.” I’m more interested in what people are *not* talking about. I’m interested in facing what few people are facing. I’m interested in exploring the more “dangerous” and “kinky” conversations!

And I’m very very interested in supporting those who are standing up to the powers that be, but realizing that real change is going to come from taking the initiative to recreate their world–literally–and are engaging in Creating Working Alternatives–rather than fighting inside against the opposition trying to change the system.

In this regard I’ve been inspired my ancestors who left religious persecution in Switzerland to come to America. I’m inspired by my Mormon pioneer ancestors who crossed the plains in covered wagons and settled in Utah to create a new life. I’m inspired by the character, John Galt of Atlas Shrugged, who created a new civilization in Galt’s Gulch. I’m inspired by the humans in the movie The Matrix. Etc., etc.

For example, I’m talking about…

- supporting the mother of seven children who’s afraid to leave the cult compound with her children and start a new life in a small mountain community where are children are home schooled and unschooled, so they can develop their natural brilliance and be self-reliant and community-reliant.

- supporting the business executive in the big city who just lost his job and his retirement savings, is questioning the game he’s been playing all his life, and thinking about turning his backyard into a permacultured heaven.

- supporting the potential whistleblower who has information that can break the monopoly power of the Federal Reserve, but who will need emotional support, a safe place to live and a way to start over.

- supporting the recent college graduate who’s just become disillusioned with Obama and the whole political game, and is seeking to get an alternative education in creating sustainable communities, even though he owes his parents and the government thousands and thousands for his university education.

- supporting the financier who has just moved to Brasil, who’s had visions of ways that human beings can live with deep trust, honoring relationships, peace and honoring care for our environment, and has chosen to stop fighting the system and go to an ex-pat community in the mountains for Ecuador to experiment with new economic models.

- supporting the former soldier who realized the shenanigans and crimes of the US military, and the injustice being foisted on young soldiers when they realize that their conscience conflicts with their military orders, and is helping to build an oasis for these Soldiers of Conscience.

- the musician who’s music is written to uplift and inspire those who dare to be the change in our world, and who’s music is not being played on the radio, because he’s not going to make the compromises the music industry requires, and is instead inventing ways of traveling the world supporting other inspired change agents!

I have already been supporting such people (in fact many of the above are based on real people I’ve been supporting), but I desire to support them and YOU(?) at the NEXT LEVEL! And I and my people have been experimenting with some really FUN and POWERFUL ways of supporting each other in Creating Our World!


How can I support My People at the Next Level? How can I support My People in even kinkier, more fun, more sustainable more connective ways??? These are the kinds of questions I’m asking myself!

And I have some ways in mind (and you probably do to!)… and I’m inviting you to come play with me and My People! I desire to connect with people who desire to go deep into freedom and connection.

More soon!

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  1. Michael Skye

    May 12th, 2011


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