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News, Visionaries | No Comments | May 20th, 2010

Here’s a video I filmed of a courageous young man, who took a stand last year, publicly refusing orders to deploy in the face of his First Sergeant. Just released publicly on the VisionForce initiative, Watch his story!

Consider this…

Visionary entrepreneurs and enterprising visionary individuals (like YOU) are the change we’ve been looking for. Government can no more force us to have high moral character than they can force us to be creative. What powers our future, a world that works, is YOU.

Texas Billionaire, T. Boone Pickens, has a vision and a plan to have Americans lose their dependence on foreign oil. It’s simple. And none of it involves forcing anyone to do anything. Here he is showing his plan.

News, Visionaries | No Comments | March 27th, 2009

Do Americans have trouble facing reality? Are we really as arrogant as the rest of the world seems to think? Are we drunk on credit and consumerism? Here’s Peter Schiff…

I choose not to own a television, but I was turned on to comedian Jon Stewart’s conflict with CNBC Mad Money’s Jim Cramer. Jon Stewart has been criticizing CNBC for being largely complicit with the companies involved in the economic meltdown, and took special issue with Cramer’s advising people to continue to invest in Bear Stearn, the first big, over-leveraged investment brokerage to go down last year.

They’ve both been doing a lot of trash talk about each other recently (admittedly, they both get paid to entertain). Jon’s used his comedian skills to shame Cramer and CNBC, and when news came out the Cramer was to appear on Stewart’s The Daily Show, Cramer was obviously nervous.

It was obvious that Stewart could have used his position and charisma to humiliate or attack Cramer in front of millions, which is typically how such conflicts go (such is the positionary style of a Bill O’Reilly, an Ann Coulter, a Michael Moore, a Sean Hannity, a Rush Limbaugh, etc.). Instead, Stewart called Jim Cramer to rise to a higher level of responsibility, and no doubt, Cramer felt honored, even if embarrassed.

Here’s the exchange:

My point is not who is right or wrong. My point is the manner in which Jon Stewart used his power, and the result, which is the kind of result that few of his peers tend to create. Many talking heads take a position in a way that results in their “adversary” only becoming more adversarial, more positionary, more reactive, more entrenched. A skillful demonstration by Stewart of honor, courage and compassion.

News networks tend to dramaticize (my word) conflict in a positionary way: this person one, and this person lost (Example from CNN), which doesn’t help us to move forward to create a world that really works. Instead, it leads viewers to take positions and get caught up in the positionary drama of fighting against, rather than the visionary drama of standing for. In my view, Stewart was an example for pundits around the world. And Cramer, for his part had the courage to look at himself honestly and step up. That’s not “losing” in my book. Kudos to Cramer. Let’s see how he evolves his show as a result.

News, Visionaries | 1 Comment | March 9th, 2009

Listen as she speaks up for women, and calls Muslims to stand.

Just listen to this, from Shawn Madden, visionary musician:

Shawn Madden attended the VisionForce Boot Camp, aka, iStand Experience in March 2007. He came with his guitar and serenaded us with his uplifting music. Later that year he moved to Austin, joined the VisionForce team, and has been preparing the launch of his grand vision for transforming the world through song and dance.

Check out my audio interview of him and his One Prosperous World Music Tour.

As the VisionForce team prepares for a summit in Hawaii with corporate visioning expert and futurist visionary, Jim Channon (YOUtube) in February 2008, we find ourselves naturally dancing with Jim’s vision.

Imagine this…

Opportunities on the event horizon

* 1. Oil companies realize they are liquid transportation companies and start to move fresh water to needy places on the planet.
* 2. Major engineering companies respond to rising seas and create canals that take the excess water into barren lowlands inside the continents where it is needed.
* 3. The national military forces of the planet merge to form natural security teams and restore their respective parts of the earth�s forests, plant life, watersheds, wildlife and the biosphere above all that.
* 4. That schools recognize that content is already available on line and change their courses to life skills, learning based pursuits, and a new partnership with nature.
* 5. That Universities build upon the science of conscious evolution, a visionary mindset, and life force living intelligence and then structure their experience based curricula to that end.
* 6. That government decentralizes into bioregions and organizes military units, school kids, fire departments and others to generate food foraging forests in all available sites for complete global food security.
* 7. That neighborhoods take on a wide variety of energy producing solutions to become fully independent but not totally separate from the power grid.
* 8. That web-based democracies attend to their regionally based constituents and use the global web intelligence system to optimize local living. 9. That railheads, airports, and warehouses converge to be able to launch global air rescue missions that deliver major emergency living villages to all peoples globally within hours of a disaster.
* 10. That the global public achieves a clear unifying identity and the pre-emptive political power to defang the nuclear arsenal and its fear based factions while offering alternative product lines for the military industrial complex.
* 11. That we accept the notion that life is more likely to exist in the galaxy than not and prepare for the real benefits of new connections.
* 12. That we embrace a new level of profound simplicity and reintroduce creativity as a replacement for things and mindless entertainment.