News, Visionary Mind | November 15th, 2006

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at a news conference today, announcing further developments with his country’s nuclear program.

Referring the U.S., he said, “If they fix their behavior toward us, we will have a dialogue with them because that’s a principle of our foreign policy. But you know, they have their own way of thinking. They really think they own the world, they always sort of look down upon you.”

Notice his last two sentences. The crises we face as human beings in this era is given by our level of thinking. While most of us intellectually understand Einstein’s observation that we cannot solve our problems on the same level of consciousness that created them, we collectively have yet to 1) emotionally/behaviorally understand these words, or 2) understand how to evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

What will it take to evolve our thinking to the “next level?” Consider that the level we’re at has prevented us from even glimpsing the level beyond it. And we’ve been at this “level” for thousands of years–or as long as there has been consciousness as it exists today, with a high capicity for self-awareness.Can we really be so blind as to not see how the context from which we see and relate to the rest of the world is feeding the problem? Can we really be so foolish as to think that in today’s world we can continue to force our solutions on the rest of the world with military might? Do we not see how our own thinking is at the root of the problem?

It is time for a distinction between two levels of consciousness. Let’s call them the “position level” and the “vision level.” Consider that most of the world operates most of the time at the position level. This level of consciousness has the qualities of being dualistic, defensive, reactive and primarily motivated by psychological fear (whether one is conscious of it or not).

[The ideas that follow will be grasped more completely by those in the Visionary Mind Shifts course by e-mail.]

Considering these qualities, it should be no surprise that one who is thinking on the level of position does not recognize his own thinking as the source of the problem. For one thinking on the level of position, the problems are “out there,” not within–in fact, that’s the mind’s fundamental use for a position, is to avoid the pain of looking within. Honest introspection and vision are obstructed by the position, for these qualities exist at the level of vision.

For many thousands of years, thinking on the level of position has “worked,” or at least been tolerable. The more one looks around and sees everyone else behaving at the same level, the less one questions one’s own behavior.

At the level of position, one finds a view of the world (or position) to stand in, and proceeds to defend from and attack others’ whose views threaten one’s own. Thinking at the level of position, one naturally tries to achieve goals or change the world by 1) converting, 2) compelling (forcing to submit; overpowering), 3) compromising with, or 4) killing one’s adversaries.

At the level of position, there is only one right way to view the world; and one’s job is to find it, believe it, obey it and convert or compell others to believe it–or at least obey it. Short of converting everyone to your worldview, as a positionary thinker, your next best option is forcing others to obey. If you have trouble with this and you have a moral problem killing them, you might try to compromise with them first. If you have more of a moral problem compromising with them, you try to kill them.

We can see the disastrous effects of positionary thinking around the world in politics, religion, education, parenting, romantic relationships, business and more.

In today’s divisive world of growing complexity and accelerating change, an “enlightened” positionary thinker sees compromise as a virtue. Such a thinker believes that it’s best if we all just give up a little bit of our position in order to have more peace and progress, and learn to tolerate each other.

There is a quantum leap from the position level of consciousness to the vision level of consciousness. And this generation will be known by our willingness to rise to this level of thinking, or not.

The vision level of consciousness is nondualistic, integrated, holistic, creative and primarily motivated by a force that we’re all familiar with, but to which we give different names.

This level of consciousness, as I see it, is not some esoteric state of enlightenment or greatness, given to or attained by a chosen few. It is available to all of us, regardless of our views.

Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, you can approach yourself, others and the world at the level of position or the level of vision. At the level of position, everything that you are trying to stand for is compromised and most often seems beyond your reach. People can’t hear what you’re saying, you are virtually powerless to inspire the other side. At the level of vision, everything you stand for is honored and seems to be within the realm of the possible. People can hear you, see who you are and you have power to come together to “make the impossible happen.”

Indeed, at the level of vision, the human mind’s capacity for creative thinking, problem solving and invention is much more accessible. Whereas at the level of position, we can usually see few alternatives, but convert, compel, compromise or kill.

In the realm of the hard sciences, we are relatively unencumbered by a positionary consciousness. Things like physics, chemistry and biology are relatively impersonal, and thus we are open to use the full power of our minds to understand these domains and create technologies such as satellites, cell phones and aids medication. Operating on the level of vision in these domains is generally much easier, although still problematic (Scientists subscribing to different theories often form positions, and then become limited in their thinking. Those who move beyond them usually come from new paradigms unburdened by the psychological limitations of those clinging to a long-held and time-honored position).

In the realm of economics or business, where we market our technologies to create wealth, some of us operate at much higher levels of vision. These are the entrepreneurs, the social entrepreneurs, the wealth creators. (For many of us, this realm is more personal and thus our thinking is more on the level of position, thus limiting our access to our natural creative capacities).

It is the realm of the softer (and softest) of sciences that we find positionary thinking most evident and pervasive. Indeed, our conspicuous impotence in this more personal realm has bred atrocious results, which we’ve quite shamelessly come to accept as the norm.

Growing crises with addiction, depression, suicide, domestic violence, lawsuits, overpopulated prisons, ecological disruptions, pollution, terror, war, genocide, hate crimes, corruption, etc., are the disastrous results of thinking at the level of position.

Defining the problem as “some people are believing or following the wrong doctrine” is positionary thinking. This kind of thinking leads to even more of the problems we complain about, as we ostracize, humiliate and antagonize “the other side”–or the opposition–the opposing position. They fight back and retaliate to defend their position, and the world we all share grows increasingly worse. This level of grossly irrational thinking is the norm at the level of position.

Globalization is one of the modern dynamics threatening and shaking the instutions of position level thinking that have controlled individuals for centuries. Most threatened are fundamentalist religions and people in positions of unquestioned authority. No longer are so many of the masses willing to simply follow and obey.

Indeed, no longer are individuals so willing to blindly accept some authority or ruling majority’s pronouncement of good and evil, and then be “good” followers. More and more of us are coming to see the great feat of our generation is to go beyond what positionary leadership deems to be good follower behavior, and rise to greatness.

Our task is to be willing to risk the esteem of those we deem to be our moral authorities or peers, to stand for a world that really works for all of us. Robert Kennedy’s words seem more appropriate now than ever,

“Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital, quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”

The shift in thinking is one that awaits each of us as individuals. It lies before us as the moral imperative of our time. Who will we be now and tomorrow? Will we rise to a new level of thinking–a new level of consciousness?

The question is not just one for our leaders. No, each of us must choose to be the visionary leader we’ve been waiting for. Our personal failure to meet this challenge, is not just a matter of being able to live together in peace as a global community. No, it’s a very personal matter.

The challenges that we face within ourselves and the suffering that we experience can be shown to be but symptoms of position-level thinking as well. Greater inner peace, inner power, vision, natural passion, honor, courage and love are available to the person who thinks on the level of vision–or to one with a visionary mind.

This shift I speak of is a subtle one, yet one that changes (and I say WILL change) everything.

That’s why I’m so excited that our new home study program, Visionary Mind: Experience Your Call To Greatness is complete and available to the world. One day, perhaps, maybe one of these packages will find it’s way into the hands of the world’s leaders. In the mean time, though, let’s get it in the hands of our future leaders. That’s you, right?

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  1. Cheryl Jones-Latimer

    Nov 15th, 2006

    And again I say truely profound…….

    It is this kind of Vision that truely brings forth what Vision is in Action.

    Life is not a racket or a game and I truely believe
    The time for us all to rise on Vision, In Vision is now…

    Spiritualized Spirit is Living within Vision and walking in perfect balance where your Spirit & Vision become one…

    See you on the Warriors Path….See you on…the
    Visionary Guidance Path where the the cutting edge of the Differences we all do make become Reality in Vision…

    When our Vision becomes Reality we will be Honor in Action and The Pasion of the Spirit in Motion….We become and that
    is lettting go of our Postionary MInd and stepping into the greatest adventure we know that is within our grasp..the Vision within who we really are..

    Thank-you Michael Skye for daily helping me discover more of the me I reach out to intregrate the Vision of me into
    My Visionary path….

  2. clyde furlong

    Nov 15th, 2006

    This will be brief, but I just had to commend you on this.
    I understand, and agree with every word you have said here, & I get so frustrated so often with so many people that have what I call “little” minds.
    If everyone could understand this way of thinking there would be a larger percentage of the world in peace rather than conflict, and mistrust.

  3. isoke

    Nov 15th, 2006

    “Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital, quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”

    I agree that this may be an issue for some people. I, myself, have been in the position of not wanting to feel the wrath of society. I was “kicked out” of a socio-religious organization that I considered my “home” because I was too radical in my stand that the “trinity” that the Bible speaks about does not represent the woman. I thought “we” were made in the “image of God”. Well, for some, that shattered their whole belief system. Then, I felt the wrath once again when I claimed that true spiritual transformation (giving some credence to the Bible), would come once this book was considered “old”. I claimed that at some point the “Jesus is ‘coming’ back theory” would have to become false once he has ‘come back’! When would we know he has come back? Well, I could go on.

    I do believe, however, that a major issue beyond courage, in my experience, is being caught up in mundane life and not really feeling a sense of hope. Right here in America, there is a very divided class, race, financial, religious, social, thing going on. There are people who live like they are in the Wild West or something and there are others who live totally impoverished and yet others who live oblivious to it all. And it goes on…
    The overthrowing of the source of this masterminded plan is necessary to the flourishing of humanity. As a friend of mine always said, “It was a good idea in conception.” Whatever idea someone had for the poor to stay poor and the rich to get richer did not realize that at some point, depression could not be cured by money, nor could a host of other problems that plague the wealthy and the poor.
    I envision that people who say peace, mean Peace. I envision people who say “I love all people” don’t get nervous around those of other races or financial status. I envision that the government actually benefits the people. I envision that we can SEE that the same minds that created styrofoam and all of the stuff at the landfills could create a safe way of eliminating garbage and create a garbage free world. I envision that ALL and I do mean ALL people would be able to know what it feel like to see another country, sit in a healing mud bath with mud imported from Switzerland, have help with their children, wear new clothes, eat organic, build a house to their liking and design, sing without an industry contract, walk their own walk with out judging or being judged, and certainly be free of the mental crap that was programmed into our brains about begging “GOD” for forgiveness for being human.
    I envision a humanity that loves to wake up and feel the sun on their face regardless of the color of it. I envision all people laughing themselves into total healing of AIDS, Cancer, mental illness and all other diseases.
    I have expressed this and you know what was told to me by a very “religious” man who represented a “priestly order”? “I’m not going to bow to a woman government!”
    And like Maya Angelou says “…STILL I RISE”
    I read somewhere that the people closest to us kill the Martin Luther Kings and Ghandi’s before we get a chance to become Great just by saying “we don’t need another hero.” Well, I beg to differ. I think we could use a few.
    Some of us are willing to take a lickin and keep on tickin. Like ALL of the great ones who came before us, we need somebody to believe in us and in taking those first few steps, link arms and march.
    It is not easy. I have been down this road. I was Black Student Union PR my first year in college and President my second year. I helped to create the first Caribbean Student Association at the same college. I was the photographer of a wonderful display entitled “Visions From Accross the Tracks” a story of the poverty that existed accross the train tracks of a VERY prominent neighborhood. My third year in school, my financial aid papers “disappeared”. The college was a whopping 4% black!!! My experiences goes on and on.
    I am grateful for Michael Skye because it has been a long time since I have been able to talk about some of these things that have happened in my life. I write with tears in my eyes right now because I have so much to give. This society is a Vision CRUSHER. It is an assassin of truth and change. Yet, because I envision a world where MY VOICE is heard and it matters, STILL I RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you for listening

  4. Sean

    Nov 16th, 2006

    Well said Michael!

    I’ve been sensing this for a while…

    Recently I have LITERALLY experienced the whole of my reality/life experience as a mirror. Each person, object, situation that stirs an inner response sends me on a journey within to unify and integrate that aspect of myself…

    Some may or may not get this, many will, …there really is no ‘out there’ the whole deal is an inner game:)


  5. W

    Nov 16th, 2006

    Two things:

    One The Iranian takes no ownership in his experience of the US. Notice how he says “you know they have their way of thinking” – “they make you feel they look down upon you”.

    Ownership lives in ” I ” not “you”.

    Two: “Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital, quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”

    Our President has braved the ongoing disapproval of his fellows, censure of colleagues (not to mention the press and other agenda drivens pretending not to be). Moral courage … right or wrong, no. Honoring his intention and his value system, yes, moral courage.

    In closing I can only add, borrowing from Maslow. In an unhealthy world the healthy occur as unhealthy.

    The context of the world is fear. To be fearless in afearful world occurs as a disempowering context.

    If we are aware and evolved should we risk being fearless in the face of fear? Perhaps thats a big step in shift. How about being fearful in a fearful world and honoring your commitment anyway. Is that courage?

  6. Nancy

    Nov 17th, 2006

    I appreciate the clarity with which you convey these essential points – the points you raise resonate with me and it draws me closer to the material.

    I’ve been in situations where there is an injustice occurring right before my eyes, and the eyes of many others. I feel a physiological response to do “something” – it’s natural to want to want speak out but, often, this isn’t done. It feels right to respect the strong cue to respond in a way that reflects the core belief that all others are deserving of (respect in this case). When this is squelched, the energy affects our entire system in a negative way – shaving away our power to respond even when it is imperative to do so.

    Thank you for another great post.

  7. Guinevere

    Nov 24th, 2006

    The time to be visional instead of positional is long overdue. We have been known as “the ugly Americans” for many years. We are not all ugly Americans, but enough ‘good’ Americans have faliled to change that title. Your words ring true. My only question is, can one deal successfully at a visional level with one who can only deal on a positional level, Michael?
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Chris

    Nov 25th, 2006

    My response to this post will be very brief.

    The point that continues to be driven home is that change begins with me.

    From the level of the positionary, the “world” must conform to my image for me to be “filled” (happy, joyous, etc.)

    From the level of the visionary, “I” must conform to my image for me to be “filled”.

    The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Change inside, then the outside follows suit.


  9. John Walker

    Nov 25th, 2006

    The way of true leadership begins with simple acknowledgment. Acknowledgment of relationship with tradition through parents, and friends, brothers, and sisters. Questions of the heart, of where we as individules come from, to be “actually shared” ongoingly. It’s giving our aliveness away to others with no fear of loss. That to me brings visionary leadership that is inclusive of honoring those before us as ones with an honorable past.

  10. John Walker

    Nov 25th, 2006

    The way of true leadership begins with simple acknowledgment. Acknowledgement of relationship with tradition through parents, and friends, brothers and sisters. Questions of the heart, of where we as indivuales come from, being “actually shared” ongoingly. It’s giving our alivness away to others with no fear of loss. This brings visionary leadership that is “inclusive” and honors those before us as we lead to create; in the present, an authentic, and “on purpose future”.
    In other words, when one looks at the power to create a future, as our fore-fathers perceived, which opened a great field for those who are alive today, included those yet to be born. Those yet to be born were us. It was a successful endever, for we now have the exact same opportunity for those not yet being born totally empowered, and authentically knowing the gift of being the creative self we may have just begun scratching the surface about. Thanks Michael Skye, I love you.

  11. Rick

    Nov 27th, 2006

    You know, I have been trying to overcome my hard right thinking on many issues. Until now I really had no name for my attitude. Now I can safely place the definition for positionary thinking into my new visionary wanna be self. Thank you for this chain breaking discussion. I will continue to strive to overcome my old paradigms and social brainwashing to become the true visionary I dream of being. Hopefully with enough practice and inner discovery, positionary will evaporate.

  12. Semakula Saidi

    Dec 1st, 2006

    Absolutely right.
    Most problems we create are through thinking and too much use of the mind, yet the mind is always on the defensive and looks allover the body to awaken all hidden negative tendencies. Consciousness does everything with a slight use of the mind (just where necessary). If we are always present in our behaviours and actions, no problem will be viewed as a problem surely, but just a challenge. Challenges are good leaders for someone in the direction of success.

    When a visionary is seen as thinking, he is actually not. I may say he is meditating. When he is ‘thinking’, he is just conscious and present. His inner body is alert.

    I think what the Iranian is talking about is true.
    A positionary leader thinks alone. What he says is ‘true’.

    So positionary heads of state- in this case (as are many current leaders) always have negative foreign policies (even policies at home!) thinking are doing best for the people when actually their own people perish. They are always on the defensive even when an attack is not intended for them.

    If you have a visionary and open mind, then someone provokes and then you neglect, what effect does it cause to you as long as you are PRESENT?

    THINK ABOUT IT, be positive then you be a visionary and the world will be at peace.

    Peace, joy and happiness.
    SAIDI right from Uganda.

  13. Marijke

    Dec 12th, 2006

    “can one deal successfully at a visional level with one who can only deal on a positional level” ?
    I have been trying to do this in my own close surroundings. And yes in can work, but only in small ‘day to day’ and ‘here and now’ actions. Don’t try to explain it, live it, show it. And, it takes an enormous amount of energy, because you almost always have a different approach than others. No simple interactions. And trying not to conform as much as possible, without alienating yourself from your surroundings. Courage, yes, but there is no purpose in getting ‘killed’ either. A difficult balance.

  14. Semakula Saidi

    Dec 14th, 2006

    In response to the dear one Marijke | December 12th, 2006

    Dear Marijke and the entire community, I love your question.
    When you are a visionary, you simply act and live as a visionary. Any positionary person will find it hard to live with a visionary.

    It is always hard for a negative mind to live with a positive mind; just as it is hard for a housefly (vector transmitting) to live in a clean environment. It’ll alwats try to look for a way out because it can’t fit in that environment.

    Please just do your part and let it not consume your energy. We are hoping that all people will start thinking at a visionary level just like you are.

    Thanks a lot.

    Love and peace


  15. Heather

    Dec 28th, 2006

    Thinking at a visionary level has been difficult for me. I have put myself in such a defensive mindframe for so long that it has been exhausting work in changing this point of view within. However, I will continue to face myself , acknowledge my actions, and allow my dreams and hopefully the truth within will somehow stop pissing me off and will simply set me free….

  16. Mike

    Feb 3rd, 2007

    While I agree with and appreciate your discussion of position vs. vision, I think it’s important to point out that in some cases a person’s position may be hidden, or at least obscured. Mr. Ahmadinejad’s comments represent neither position nor vision – he is more interested in the EFFECT of his words than in stating a particular position.

    All the more reason to take ownership of and responsibility for our own stand, our own vision, rather than let our actions be driven by the Ahmadinejads and Chavezes of the world.

  17. Rosanne Kitchener

    Feb 16th, 2007

    It is always difficult even sometimes for a visionary to stand and work alone to help mankind up in any way- it can because the majority of people do not take a stand be most hard, and most certainly where a society is crumbling like in my own landm people dont wish to be ostricised for doing so. I have near death as very ill person due to lack of many things in my land- thought long and hard about how to help people from all walks of life this was placed through my work in my newsletters and more to many in charge, to heal a nation but no one listens to my words to them I am nothing yet to myself I am ordinary person doing exxtraordinary work whilst with no human rights or health care or even civil liberties. Because I took this stand. And all this in the land which in my view time forgot. It sure is difficutl to be a visionary when all those around you take the positionary stance, but I wouldnt be any other way because if I didnt do things as I do them or didnt take my stand I would not be able to go on, so ill as I am it would be instant death to me. like slow death to me, it appears not to be instant death to my commrades in many spheres in my land.
    it appears not to be their problem the dissentigrating society all around, it appears as they slap asbos and build more prisons to be the way that its to run and go and all the time the visions of the brand new days await entry into their fields to heal mankind but trapped in oblivain is my land right now due to govermental disgrace and more proactive behavior is a long way off………….

    The curse of western civilisation is alive and well in scotland and the whole of the UK, but we must not ever get downhearted, together one day all over the world the visionaries will indeed build this brand new day………….with many helpers along the way of like mind…

    Until then we act like people of visions and indeed what you believe becomes your reality and if you know of these said visions -what are ye all waiting for ???wherever you all are go forth and multiply cos Im not so well right now again.

    God bless -Rosanne Kitchener aka the warrior RK.

  18. Joseph Culhane

    Feb 28th, 2007

    I just love this, the comments above say it all. Tomorrow’s leaders are the ones today that are willing to stand by this and all the simple and profoundly insightful words that you have shared with all of us fortunate people. I am ready to be a leader and visionary, we shall come together in this lifetime and be the difference we can foresee for all of humanity. My passion and excitement grow daily and I grow more confident in truly leading by example, I am ready and willing to stand for honesty, integrity, love, and light. Thank you for this all, I appreciate it greatly.

  19. Hannah

    Mar 22nd, 2007

    I am so deeply thankful to read your clear words. It is absolutely high time that each of us – knowing that we cannot change others – actively live his/her vision level of consciousness. That is the only way we can really make a difference. I do it to the best I can and evolve every day because that is what I am here for.

  20. Bridger

    Apr 16th, 2007

    You naver gave an answer. Should join the UN. Good Lord, people believe you?

  21. Vicki

    May 20th, 2007

    My deepest gratitude for this website, Michael. So happy to be in contact with other visionaries. I actually feel like I belong here, whereas I usually feel like I was born on the wrong planet. I agree very much with Isoke that this society is a visionary CRUSHER. But I try to stay positive, knowing that we can make a difference because visions become reality.

  22. Ginorte

    May 22nd, 2007

    Frankly said, I am a bit surprised: there are much theoretical words, so true and deep as they might be. But, what is the practical answer in that political situation which is still on the agenda? It is one step to state that politicans are thinking in a lower level of spiritual development (no matter in which words, and in a way it is an other aspect of may-be arrogance the Iranian was talking about!) . There are clashing not the US and Iran, but lets say, the Western world, dominated by christian thinking on a special level, with parts of the Islam World, thinking on the same level at best. The reality created by these politicans is: Israel has nuclear bombs in the midst of the arab world. Iran shouldn’t have any because the West thinks they cannot handle it rightly (I guess it is true). The Western World says not spoken but implied: okay, you arabs are human, but second class. So, what is the solution of a “visionary”? At least I think:
    1. There shouldn’t be any nuclear bombs at all in the orient!
    2. We had to take arguments as like the feelings of the arab world serious (Bin Laden isn’t the arab world like criminals don’t represent any western state).

  23. Susana Vazquez

    Jun 10th, 2007

    I really think this is what we all should be reading more of. To know that we are not doing things right because we continue to see things as they are and not they way we would want them to be but mos of all acting our negatives and not knowing as we should know now that we are one whole body: human kind, not many little men and women but a whole, when I hurt others I hurt myself. when I go against my fellowmen I am causing trouble. How can we still behave going to war as we have for thousands of years. I am mexican living in Mexcio, I hope I’m stating my opinion in a comprehensible way.. Thank you for the article.

  24. eusebia

    Aug 11th, 2007

    I have never been so moved by an article as I did with this one by Michael Skye and I got so touched & cried as I read Isoke’s comment because she was stating some issues that I have
    experienced especially when she said that this society
    is a visionary crusher and when she said the people closest to us kill the Martin Luther Kings and Ghandi’s in us before we get a chance to become Great just by saying “we don’t need another hero.”
    You have to be a true visionary who has walked the talk of a visionary to understand exactly how the society we live in tends to kick around visionaries and make sure that their voices
    are not heard. I think the problem with our society leaders is that if they hear a person speaking and acting like a visionary they start to think that he/she is a threat to their leadership and
    hence their power base and because of their love for power
    they will act defensively. Yet what we visionaries are after is
    not power but a chance to change the world for the better. We
    won’t be trying to be heros, will be just trying to be ourselves.
    What would satisfy us is not power or hero worship but to see
    a changed world that is full of peace, love and happiness.

    I long to see a world were we all love each other so there won’t
    be any need for nuclear weapons or any kind of weapon for that matter because there would never be any war in the whole wide world. Of course we might still fail to agree in some
    issues but wo’nt resort to war to solve our disagreements or
    differences because the truth of the matter is that it never solves anything, only makes the situation worse. In this world
    I long for, we would have learnt to accept and live with each other amicably despite our differences and disagreements.
    Such a world would result in peace and happiness in the whole
    world and can only come about if all the people of the world become visionaries with a vision to make the world the best
    place to live and prepared to stand by that vision against all odds.

    The way I see it, the men at the helm in USA and their obssesion
    of wanting USA to rule the world, and their resorting to uncalled
    for drastic acts like the invasion of Iraq as a way of having their power felt are hindering our vision of global peace, global love
    and global happiness. What I am against is the ways they use to make their power felt and to make countries who are against
    their position comply to it. Every parent will agree with me that
    the best way to rule, which always achieves excellent results is to rule with love. Love is the weapon that USA should use if ever if it is to become successful in ruling the world.

    To Iran I say don’t be affected by USA looking down upon you, what matters is how you see yourself, aim to stand by your vision no matter what USA thinks and that will give you the pride and honor that USA will never experience as they stick
    to the position of looking down upoun you.

  25. Lianne

    Nov 2nd, 2007

    I get that I have been killing off the ghandis and martin luther kings in people closest to me. I say I love people, and yet there are many that I have no compassion for.This is my past.

    I’m standing for a world where leaders are the voice of the people, and communication is direct and transformative; children are provided for, and fully self-expressed; the world calls forth the artists in all people, and our environment is one of harmony and inspiration.


    Nov 24th, 2007

    Nuclear Program is not the solution.We all are the same person.
    here,in the material world,we are indiviual persons,diferents.
    But we are in the same boat.We have to change our level of
    thinking.our level of counsciesness.That’s the transformation.
    so,we have to invest in spiritual education.

    My best regards.l

  27. yadid

    Jan 9th, 2008

    I don’t get it. if the new level of consciousness is nondualistic, how come all of your writing is steeped with dualistic distinctions? position/vision, defending/taking a stand, goodness/greatness, compromise/sacrifice, guilt/honor, fear/power, follower/leader, and so on and so off.

    Your thoughts, actions and life may be of a visionary, Michael. But your speech is full of this (we, visionaries) is good, that (them, you? positionaries) is bad. Is that good?

    I don’t mean to be putting down but to question.

  28. yadid

    Jan 9th, 2008

    isoke, your comment moved me to tears. Power to you.

  29. Bob

    Jan 15th, 2008

    The question I would ask is why does USA “look down” on other countries particularly in the Arab world.

    Also what has this to do with positionary thinking versus visionary thinking?

    USA like to take the moral high ground – as seen from the comments by them on Iran’s nuclear program. I wonder if it ever occurs to USA people that they are the only nation to have used a nuclear weapon against civilian targets. How can they take the moral high ground with such blood on their hands?

  30. Marco Polo

    Jan 17th, 2008

    I didn’t really understand what Michael wrote: what did that have to do with the Iran Prez’s words? But Isoke’s words I could understand.

  31. Yvonne Turner

    Mar 16th, 2008

    I find your writing the most interesting, I do so agree. Everyday I spend my time in the morning for 2 hours sending out messages to the greatness of all, I do feel there is something that is out there, everywhere and within all of us. I have felt over time to have reached a higher degree of attainment of realizing the consiosness of man. I feel my thoughts reflect upon what surrounds me, what I think will be sent out, what I do will be sent out. After all we all bounce off of each other, what one feels or has an experience in a foreign country, we all fee, we all have vibrational input. It is soo simple to know this, but if only we could live it in a way to transport beautiful, peaceful healing thoughts and vibrations to heal our planet, people and create a beautiful future for our children…they hold the future and only watch the outcome of it all each and every day….peace and lovelight, Yvonne/lakotawolf

  32. Joseph Nowacki

    Jun 16th, 2008

    When I signed up for this, some how I got the impression it was inspired by objectivism (the philosophy of Ayn Rand). The more I read the more it seems like just rambling. Sometimes it leans toward communism sometimes anarchy. You can’t have it all. Freedom and reason give us peace. Controls and tempering allow us to see reason and in the long run have freedom. Freedom isn’t just doing what a person wants. If another person is getting hurt, or oppressed, their freedoms are forfeit, but freedom is for everyone.

  33. Cliff Adams

    Sep 29th, 2008

    If we are interested in a context change, or state change, then we must continually examine our context, and our current state. For instance, we could examine this statement of Einstein’s, which from where I sit appears to have more the force of cliche than of logic. With all deference to Mr. Einstein, the solution of a problem MUST occur in the same context (“state of consciousness” in this case) that the problem is created in. By definition. The solution to the problem what is 2 + 2 does not occur in some “higher” mathematics, in fact in some higher mathematics the question would simply be irrelevant. Maybe that’s what Einstein meant.

    Perhaps we need to look at that again, and say that if problems are intractable (like, how do we get along on earth without killing each other) then we need to simply create new or bigger problems, to keep us busy, or make life more satisfying.

    We could also ask, are the issues we are dealing with today really problems. Looking at mathematics again, a solution to a problem is defined by the person who created the problem in the first place. The problem of adding 2+2 or the problem of squaring the circle are not problems in and of themselves, they are only problems to the person who defines them. Squares and circles themselves don’t have problems, they are doing just fine, and don’t give a fig if they are comensurate. A Non-Euclidean mathematical proposition is not a solution to any problem in Euclidean geometry.

    The “solution” to a problem can, by definition only be defined by the person who proposes the problem. And it is only a problem to that person, and anyone he or she can persuade to be interested in it.

    Perhaps the, eh, problem is that we are sloppy in the use of the word problem.

    People are born, and people die, and the world keeps rotating on it’s axis. What’s the problem? On the other hand, if we were to ask, how can we cause a shift in the quality and the average length of life on earth, then we are not really setting out to solve a problem, but rather looking for new possibilities that don’t yet exist.

    Or, if I would try take into account the spirit of the Einstein quote, we could simply start asking questions about what’s important to us in different language than the language of problem/solution. That is, we can stop trying to solve problems, and start looking for inspiration to create new possibilities.

  34. Kristen Westlake

    Nov 16th, 2008

    In a world where people take on “socially reinforced baggage” in order to exist, it is no wonder that mind sets come from position versus vision. Advertising tells people what they NEED and the news tells us what we THINK. Position views all news, all needs, all aspects of self as coming from an outside source – even God.
    It’s merely a perception, an illusion of mind set that creates our reality.
    However, if we wake up and turn off the news, stop listening to the subliminal messages of advertisements, and see ourselves reflected (mirrored) in each person that evokes a response in us, we may start to see as Sean said in comment #4 and I quote him, “there really is no ‘out there’ the whole deal is an inner game:)”.

    Again, our perception is our reality –
    Kristen Westlake
    Fine Art Nature Photography

  35. John Anderson

    Dec 4th, 2008

    Love the sentiments…re not being positional. That is how I live my life.

    I personally think that the Iranian government developing nuclear weapons is a RACKET big time thought as he has publically and on the record stated his intention to blow Israel of the face of the earth.

    Watch how your phrasing things my freind or you will turn a lot of allies into enemies.

  36. Anne Alferos

    Apr 3rd, 2009

    I like your thinking Michael, I consider myself a Visionary thinker and at times one may think that this would be some kind of absolute vision. I think we can also make the mistake of turning our vision into a dictate that we insist others need to follow. The real beauty in visionary thinking is with the understanding that our vision is partial. We must be receptive to the voice and vision of others. So compromise takes on a slightly different meaning, when we recognize the place where others are speaking, we recognize something that individual must say that no one else can.
    Thank you – for all that you do, all that you stand for!

  37. el_es_art

    Jul 11th, 2009

    vision-force is helping me incredibly to develop!
    The more I give up position, the more I see each approach is explaining the other. So I do not blame the partial vision…the partiallity of it makes me discover my own partiallity, so it is the cooperation that leads to insight!

  38. James Dudleson

    Dec 30th, 2009

    Dear Michael, I could not agree with you more. As we witness all around the change that is taking place on every level of what we have believed to be our lives, our world, our universe, it is very obvious that what is beginning to evolve is a much higher state of awareness, an awakening to our true selves. As you mentioned our need as a global family to shift from the positional to the visionary, we who strive to make this shift in consciousness must believe that our efforts will not be in vain though the media would beg to differ. We are all witnessing the dying of a very old paradigm. The death rattle can clearly be heard in the throat of the old man, and if we can quiet our minds enough, we can hear the cry of the new man birthing and coming to be. We must continue to strive to become who we truely are, the Light of the world if there is to be a New Heaven and a New Earth. We must break free from belief systems that no longer suffice. We, as the human race, must awaken to the connectedness and oneness of ALL LIFE , that we are all evolving at this time in history into higher more vibrational beings of energy and in the end will be Pure Consciousness of Love and Light!!! Peace and Blessings.

  39. Mike McCafferty

    Apr 18th, 2010

    Most leaders worry about there own political position. They are career politicials, worrying about keeping a position. We need leaders who see a vision of a new global society. Leaders who do not need a job.

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