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Visionary Leaders:

Are you ready to amplify your power
to make your vision REAL?

Attend these LIVE, FREE DEMOS by phone:
Plus download the worksheets & recordings, also Free!
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DEMO #1: Vision Exercise
This simple, powerful exercise comes from the iStand Experience application process and is used to originate vision from your heart.

DEMO #2: Judgment Window 

This powerful tool is being used by leaders and change agents around the world to transcend conflict and establish high-level trust.

In the 21st century, your power to change the world with your vision is multiplied by the digital world and technologies that give you virtually unlimited access to information and communication.  You've chosen to own your power fully, and so you're out there changing the world, but the challenges you face are many.

Just about everywhere you look, at home, at work, in politics, we can find people operating from fear, struggling for position and fighting for power as the crises we face on all fronts only grow worse. 

You decided, perhaps long ago or perhaps today, to face the challenges of the 21st century head on, refusing to wait for some "great leader" to save the day.  You chose to BE the one you'd been waiting for, and so you're changing the world around you with your vision, your courage, your compassion and creativity.

That's where VisionForce comes in.  We're here with tools you can use to amplify your power as a visionary leader, so that nothing stops you from evolving into a new breed of visionary leader who brings about a better world.  Are you ready?

AMPLIFY your POWER to live beyond fear.  Society  conditions us to follow and obey, and the result is that we no longer feel the calling of our heart.  When we do, it's usually not enough to get us to move beyond fear and take bold action.  Instead, we'll hesitate, convincing ourselves that we'll be ready when we're more prepared.  But by then, it's often too late. 

DEMO #1 - THE VISION EXERCISE: A tool to convert your Big Dream into Powerful Vision.  A dream is usually not enough to move us beyond fear, doubt and other painful barriers.  What Martin Luther King saw was more than a dream; it was a powerful vision that spoke to his heart so deeply that he'd face anything to stand for the world he envisioned.  This simple exercise connects your big dream or idea straight to your heart, and then a vision emerges--from your heart.  As that happens, expect to find yourself naturally taking bold action with ease.  Includes two tele-seminars, worksheet, audio recordings.  Price: FREE.  Click here to participate. 

AMPLIFY your POWER to inspire others to live beyond fear.  Have you ever shared your vision and gotten "the blank stare?"  Have you ever shared your vision and had people shoot it down?  Have you ever shared your vision and gotten people to make a commitment to take action, and nothing happens?

Consider that no matter how inspiring you think your vision is or how passionately you share it, many people won't feel inspired enough to face their own fears and stand with you--UNTIL THEY FEEL THAT YOU 'SEE' THEM.  Consider that being a powerful visionary includes the ability to see and speak to the heart of another, such that they FEEL seen and honored in your presence.

Growing up in today's world often leaves us without much skill to see and speak to the heart of another.  Instead, we've been left with walls that keep us separate, alone and unseen.

DEMO #2: THE JUDGMENT WINDOW:  A tool to see through the walls that keep us separate.  Most powerful leaders in today's world stand behind the walls of their judgments and use fear to manipulate people to do their will.  They tend to create both followers and enemies.  Consider that a new breed of leadership is arising--visionary leadership.  Consider that a 21st century visionary sees and speaks to the heart of another, and has people authentically inspired to take self-generative action.  The Judgment Window tool allows you to see through your own hidden judgments in a way that allows the other person to see through theirs.  As this happens, expect to find yourself able to communicate your vision with ease, and expect the person to feel inspired to stand with you in the face of fear.  Includes two tele-seminars, worksheet, audio recordings.  Price: FREE.  Click here to participate.


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