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News, Visionaries | No Comments | May 20th, 2010

Here’s a video I filmed of a courageous young man, who took a stand last year, publicly refusing orders to deploy in the face of his First Sergeant. Just released publicly on the VisionForce initiative, Watch his story!

News, Visionaries | No Comments | March 27th, 2009

Do Americans have trouble facing reality? Are we really as arrogant as the rest of the world seems to think? Are we drunk on credit and consumerism? Here’s Peter Schiff…

News, Visionary Culture | No Comments | March 23rd, 2009

Friend of VisionForce and CEO of FLOW, Michael Strong, has a great new book out called, Be The Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems.

Arnold Kling, libertarian economist, comments:

“The book combines a passion for capitalism, a passion for solving social problems, and some New Age spirituality. Think Ayn Rand meets Stephen Covey.

“I see the book as a manifesto for what I once called civil societarianism. The implicit message to young idealists is to solve problems through entrepreneurial innovation, not through political coercion.

In these times of great change, when so many people have placed their hope in our governments to save us, I say it’s time we each take the initiative to “be the solution.”

I’m currently awaiting my signed copy’s arrival in the mail. I suggest you go grab your copy at Amazon today:

Your support will help Michael Strong to bring this bold message to the world. It’s an idea whose time has come!

News | 2 Comments | March 9th, 2009

Around the world, every day, women are treated as less than human – as if they are animals, who should not think for themselves or live from their own inner guidance.

Check out this remarkable story.

From the story,

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, feared by many Saudis, is made up of several thousand religious policemen charged with duties such as enforcing dress codes, prayer times and segregation of the sexes. Under Saudi law, women face many restrictions, including a strict dress code and a ban on driving. Women also need to have a man’s permission to travel.

It’s time the world makes a distinction between goodness and greatness. And it’s time we all rise to greatness.

Then let your voice be hear below.

News, Visionaries | 1 Comment | March 9th, 2009

Listen as she speaks up for women, and calls Muslims to stand.

News, Visionaries | No Comments | March 18th, 2008

Jeff Hutner’s new site, New Paradigm Digest, features Michael Skye, Clovis and VisionForce here.

Jeff is a connector, and someone who keeps his eye on emerging trends and new developments in the realm of creating a world that works for all of us.

By the way, as you’ll read in the article, Clovis is coming from Uganda to Austin for the upcoming June iStand Experience!

News, Visionaries | 1 Comment | January 23rd, 2008

As Gaza plunges into darkness, Israeli and Palestinian fighters-turned-visionary-peace-activists speak out.