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Just listen to this, from Shawn Madden, visionary musician:

Shawn Madden attended the VisionForce Boot Camp, aka, iStand Experience in March 2007. He came with his guitar and serenaded us with his uplifting music. Later that year he moved to Austin, joined the VisionForce team, and has been preparing the launch of his grand vision for transforming the world through song and dance.

Check out my audio interview of him and his One Prosperous World Music Tour.

News, Visionaries | No Comments | March 18th, 2008

Jeff Hutner’s new site, New Paradigm Digest, features Michael Skye, Clovis and VisionForce here.

Jeff is a connector, and someone who keeps his eye on emerging trends and new developments in the realm of creating a world that works for all of us.

By the way, as you’ll read in the article, Clovis is coming from Uganda to Austin for the upcoming June iStand Experience!

Michael's Journal, News, Visionaries | No Comments | November 22nd, 2007

Next Wednesday a few dozen individuals from around the world are gathering here in Austin, Texas to take a stand for their lives, for our lives and for life itself. They are those who are willing to claim the title of visionary, simply be being a conscious being with a choice to see and create a better world in the face of great adversity. They are those who are willing to look within, face what there is to face, find something worth standing for and come together to create a world that works for everyone.

We are at the dawn of a new era, in which human beings own our full power to create. It begins by stepping into a sacred relationship with self, others and all that is.

The work we do at the VisionForce Boot Camp is quite simple, yet very profound, and it has great implications for the world we live in.

The next domain of technology that will transform the world we live in is the inner domain of human relationship–relationship to self, others, the planet, the universe, the divine, etc. For nearly five decades we’ve been flying into outer space and landing upon the moon, but we seem to find it more challenging to traverse the inner space required in landing within the sacred realm of another’s heart, let alone our own. This is the next frontier. It’s an invitation to all those who dare to explore and pioneer new paths for connecting with others, even and especially those seemingly opposed to us, and creating together.

Already, there is a growing movement around the world, as noted by Paul Hawken in his book, Blessed Unrest, of organizations that are rising up to cross divides, stand together and create a better world.

One such organization is the Pachamama Alliance, which we are honoring at our March Boot Camp, in calling out specifically for 44 inspired leaders who are willing to stand with us to “bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet.”

Today, I honor those who are journeying here next week to “face everything, avoid nothing and stand for humanity.”

News, Visionaries | No Comments | November 14th, 2007

Visionary musicians, who aim to inspire the world through their music seem to be attracted to our Boot Camps. The latest is a young musician, who goes by the name, Esse. She’s been awarded a Visionary Musician Scholarship in the amount of $650 by one of our alumni, Emced Hammas, CEO of 20/20 MultiMedia, and producer of a documentary inspired in part by his VisionForce experience, Business As Usual: The Exploitation of Hip Hop.

I’m including a special note from her here, because she has so inspired me with her heart, her courage and commitment.

I’m inviting you today to stand beside me, as my ally, as I stand for being a powerful symbol of love, inspiration, wisdom and self-empowerment for our children, our country and our world, through the mighty vehicle of pop culture.

The hardest part of pursuing the glamorous career of a performer is balancing self consciousness with selflessness, or better put, balancing give and take. It may sound strange at first but if you think about it, a performer has to consider things that can feel like pure vanity. How do I look? Am I “cool” enough? Are my songs powerful while also being entertaining? I’ve received criticisms for the most personal details such as my weight, my clothes, my friends, my education, my childhood, my life. On the one hand I just want to sing, perform, spread light and love. On the other hand, I have to have enough self love to remain confident, open and flexible even in the face of rejection and sometimes harsh criticism. No matter how I feel, the show must go on!

A few years ago I was a top 100 finalist on American Idol. It was Season 3. I was right there with Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and the rest of the bunch. My readiness faced the test right then and there. I’ve been doing this my whole life, I thought, I was born to do this, it should be a cinch! As much as I’d love to say that it was Paula, Simon and Randy that made it so hard to be open when I got in front of those cameras, I know better.

Even when my intentions were checked and double checked, in my heart I harbored fears. I wasn’t ready. How could it be? I’d always known this was my purpose, my destiny, so why wasn’t I ready?

I wasn’t taking a stand.

I was taking positions on lots of things, pouring my feelings into the work but something was missing. What was it?!

It was vision.

In my heart I feared all sorts of things. I feared that I would absorb all of the attention, that my sincerity might diminish, that I could lose my way, divert my mission, and the whole thing would go straight to hell!! I feared that I would hurt or be hurt by people. Consequently, I suffered with an eating disorder for SIX years! To make things harder, in the artist community there is a THICK resistance to success. Working for money is considered insincere. Shaping your work to make it more acceptable to a wider audience is looked upon as “selling out.” For years I’ve asked myself, am I a sell out? Why do I want to be a mainstream artist instead of being content as a grassroots, street level indie artist?

Then, against the will of my entire family, I went to Tokyo, Japan. For over a year my only responsibility was to teach English and perform in clubs and bars. I lived in a bubble and worked hard to get clear on who I was, who I was becoming, and the woman I wanted to be. Suddenly, something which was once vague became crystal clear.

This is not about me. This is about a life purpose, a calling, a vision.

Now I am ready, not to fight, but to take a stand. I am ready to declare my own greatness, free of fear. I know I’m ready because doors are already opening, and opening wide! I’ve begun a whole new phase with my family, my friends and my work. This is why I want to attend the VisionForce bootcamp. This new phase has begun and I want it to kick off right!

This is my declaration, my commitment to you and to a whole new world:

I dare to spearhead a new conscious pop culture that stands for self-awareness, self-empowerment, peace and embracing a rich and full life.

I dare to stand for being a guiding light for all women and young girls in America.

I dare to stand for being a fully actualized woman.

I dare to stand for being a conscious and successful artist committed to you, our children, our world.

I dare to stand for being a symbol for women in America to embrace their full capacity, release their oppression mind-set, and be graceful leaders in that way that only women can do.

I will do this first by living it.

Artists have the capacity to reach an extraordinarily wide and diverse audience. I can help you inspire the world.

In the past ten years of pursuing this mission there have been incredible challenges. Yes, sexual harassment. Yes, rejection for my beliefs. Yes, it was all enough to make me doubt myself.

Now, I know to expect these challenges every step of the way. In VisionForce I believe I have found the right support group and the skills to know how to keep going! If you believe in the VisionForce training then you know it will do for me what it has done for you.

Will you stand beside me as my partner and ally? Will you let me stand beside you, as yours?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my letter. Whatever you decide, I will trust that it is best. If you do choose to make a contribution, whatever amount you choose will be perfect. As a token of my thanks, when that first album is done, I will publicly honor you as a contributor to my life and to my work. Now and in the future I’m sure that we will find exciting ways to work together to make this world healthier and happier!

We’re in it together till we reach the summit, and thereafter to dance on the sky!

I wish you great success in everything that you do.

Standing with you and for you!

Singer, Songwriter & Author

To help make Esse’s journey to Boot Camp possible, please use the ChipIn tool below (any amount at all is very appreciated!):

Anytime I am in a situation, where I am present that my voice could make a difference… and yet I think my voice is not welcome… my heart starts beating faster. I feel this way right now. I am not sure what form this call to action will take over the ensuing months, but I feel that VisionForce is arriving at a crossroads.

I just wrote the following to the new class of visionaries who will be attending the VisionForce Boot Camp in 2 weeks:

Watching the new film, Lions For Lambs, tonight in the theatre, it hit me. VisionForce is about being in action. This is not a new “revelation,” but a further clarification along the arduous path of learning to articulate what VisionForce offers people.

VisionForce is for those who are willing to BE in action, to LIVE as an uncompromised expression of their vision… especially at this critical time in history, at a time when we get to decide if we perish as a species due to our own choices, or if we acknowledge perhaps the greatest overlooked force for causing change… NOT political force, military force, financial power… put the force of our own individual vision… the power to walk the path less traveled, guided from within. Perhaps one of the greatest illusions of our time is the idea that the power to change the world is in the hands of Big Business, Big Government and Big Religion… and so we waste so much our time thinking, debating, complaining, watching debates, or taking well-intentioned actions that only feed the systems ruled by the big three. We donate our time, donate some money, pay our taxes, vote on election day, sign petitions, join some protests, post signs in our yard, etc. AS IF THESE ARE THE MOST POWERFUL ACTIONS WE CAN TAKE!

We are creators! Entrepreneurship, art, music, poetry, science, technology, … we can CREATE a world that really works! We can create! In the early 21st century, there is no longer much value in the idea of “doing our part,” hoping that it will all work out OK if we do. No, to summarize Werner Erhard, it’s time we each find the visionary leader in ourselves and come together to create a world that works. Those of us, like Erhard, who dare say human beings are capable of so much more, are laughed at and criticized. In Werner, and others in the “human potential movement,” we have people who dare to fail big, because they see there is something worth standing for.

Who are we not to own our power to BE the change now? Who are we to pretend we don’t have the power to create a world that works?

VisionForce – it’s the power in YOU.

When you come to boot camp in 2 weeks… something tells me you’re going to get the next evolution of boot camp! This is a process, an evolution… I am in the SAME game you are. I do not have answers for you, and I will not even think about telling you what to do. I simply invite you further into the game you are ALREADY in as a leader, a creator–by nature. Are you ready to play?

News, Visionary Culture | 1 Comment | October 24th, 2007

Today, we held a live tele-seminar about reconnecting powerfully with the Force of Honor in your life. Click the play button below,or download the MP3 to listen.

Honor is a distinct human emotion, although it’s not yet been named as one. It’s part of our inner compass that is squashed
in a world of hierarchical institutions. Our leaders play upon our starvation for this emotion when they tell us that the other side is “evil.”

Having direct, ongoing and lasting access and control of this emotion can empower you to stay steadfast in your commitments to create
a better life, a better world.

When you FEEL this inner force, you

- have nothing to prove,
- react to nothing and no one,
- have no doubt about your path or purpose,
- are completely fulfilled, nothing missing,
- feel one with god/universe/life/nature,
- have unlimited access to love as your source
of courage
- naturally become more conscious and awake,
- inspire others to open their hearts,
- and much more.

Today, we talked about how social conditioning has left us without Honor as a powerful emotion, and how we now compromise ourselves and suffer
silently as result. (and what we can do to regain this source of courage, power and love)

Listen to the complete audio to get a good grasp of this natural force within you.

You’ll also hear how we tap into this force at our VisionForce Boot Camps. At this posting, there are still some seats available for
the November BOOT CAMP for world-changing parents, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists… and YOU!

Register here:

MP3 File

Michael's Journal, News | 1 Comment | October 11th, 2007

Michael was recently interviewed about the VisionForce Boot Camp by internet radio host, Bryan Carlton Flournoy, on his show Making It All Click. Please click the play button to listen or use the link to download the MP3.

MP3 File