Manifesto, News, Visionaries | August 11th, 2006

1 – You are one of the few who can’t turn your back on the opportunity you have to do something great in this lifetime. You’re committed to doing something great–something born of your own vision (your vision for your life, your family, your company, your community or humanity).

2 – You’re frustrated in a world that rewards conformity and tolerates mediocrity. You’re compassionate to the situations of others, yet you’re unsettled by the way conformity and mediocrity has human beings staying small.

3 – You know that what stands between you and the better world you envision is really but one thing: your own limits. And you know those limits are but an illusion. Thus, you are committed to transcending your limits to be the change you seek in the world. Deeply committed.

4 – Thus, human development is not something new to you. You eat it up. You don’t just have an intellectual fancy for human development ideas, you do the work, you take the action.

5 – Having been someone who takes action to transcend your limitations, you see how much more is possible–not just for yourself, but for the world at large. The more you see your own evolution, the more you see for all of humanity.

6 – This vision, you know, is more than a dream. People in your life may see you as an idealist, a dreamer, a rebel or maybe even a nut. But their opinions of you are based on their own fears to live from their own vision–and you know that. So you don’t give much credence to their doubts and fears.

7 – Yet it bothers you. You give so much in life, you sacrifice, you work, you commit at such a high level that you may often find yourself alone, disheartened or even in despair. For you have no comfort zone to retreat to. You can’t pretend you don’t see a greater vision. You won’t pretend. You won’t turn around and live a “normal” life.

8 – Until your dying day, you will keep standing for the vision you see–for what you know to be possible. You are a visionary–a revolutionary. The world is born by those with your courage, your will, your love. There you stand, you can do no other.

9 – You know that if more people could but see even a little more of your vision, it would change their life. It would change the world. You sense something is deeply missing from traditional self-improvement methods. You don’t want to just succeed inside the prevailing system–you want to change the system or give birth to a new one. And you know that takes an entirely different set of tools for thinking, being and communicating.

10 – Words like “change,” “revolution,” and “transformation” don’t scare you. “Bring it on,” you say. You welcome the new, the different, the complex.

11 – You likely have little company. You have few you can talk to who really relate.

12 – The idea of arriving at a final truth or solution annoys you or humours you. You know it’s a fallacy that the fearful cling to. To be human, you’re sure, is to be alive with the quest and the question, learning and evolving continually. The thought of pretending you have the answer repulses you.

13. So you don’t try to sell people on your worldview. You don’t have a need to change their beliefs. You are comfortable in the question, in the unknown. That is your home. It’s where you live every day.

14. You know fear. You seldom ignore your feelings. Rather, you face them. You feel them. And yet you don’t define yourself as them. You define yourself by your actions.

15. You are someone I wish to get to know. Together, we can change the world. We can create a future where every human being naturally develops a healthy, free, independent mind. Where children are honored as the visionaries they have the innate potential to be. A world where human beings live at the edge of their potential as conscious creators in peace and prosperity.

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  1. Erika Harris

    Aug 11th, 2006

    Yes, Michael, you know (at least) 15 things about me.
    And for that, I love you. How dare you peer so closely into my burning heart, and so clearly articulate its flames!

    Someone said, “the bird doesn’t defend its song… it just sings it.” I used to be okay with that sentiment. But, now, it’s not enough. I’m no longer content with others just grooving to my liberated tune. Zealously, desperately, I want others to know of the song that’s inside of them, too. I want to groove to *their* tune. Because, ideally and ultimately, it’s supposed to be a reciprocated orchestra where EVERYONE is an active participant, and no one is a passive observer. So, please accept my deepest thanks for the work you’re doing… to arouse the dormant visions that reside in the core of everyone who has breath.

    Because you know me, I stand with you.

    All Love,

  2. Michael Taylor

    Aug 11th, 2006

    I wholeheartedly agree with your latest blog. Yes my friend you do know a lot about me and who I am and what I stand for. I felt every word you wrote and every feeling that was provoked by those words.

    I choose to be a visionary and I refuse to settle for anything less than mastery. I accept my divinity and I know that no one or no thing can stop me from fulfilling my dream except me.

    I do not accept societies version of reality because I know that I am the creator of my own reality and I choose to create a reality that says anything is possible.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and newsletter. As I am reading, sometimes it feels as if I’m talking to myself. Because our philosophies are so similiar your words sound as if I am speaking them. We are definitely kindred spirits. I definitely agree with the fact that it can get lonely sometimes because the overwhelming majority of people are not willing to have these types of conversations. But that is why we are called to be visionaries and idealists. Because we trust the language of our soul, we trust our own inner wisdom. We march to the beat of our own inner drummer that very few people can hear.

    But it is always inspiring and refreshing to connect with like minded people. It simply makes the journey more fun.

    I also wanted to thank you for a post you put out the other day in regards to not having all the answers. I have been in the exact same situation and have come to accept that everything is in divine order. I do not have to know everything, I simply need to be conscious enough to know that I can handle whatever shows up. As the saying goes “You do not have to see the whole staircase to take the first step”

    Keep stepping my friend because eventually you will reach the top.

    Thank you for your openness and vulnerability. Even visionaries need support now and then.

    Keep up the great work! I’m sure our paths will eventually cross. You have my complete support in being the change in the world. Keep the fire burning inside.

    Your friend and partner in transformation.

    Michael Taylor

  3. Leia

    Aug 11th, 2006

    Thanks for the lovely supportive letters. You are right, I am alone, but more than that, I can hardly stand the things I see at work everyday. People by the masses seem to have given up and go through their days conditioned into nothingness. The things I see and hear everyday are incredible. I do not think that there is alot that I can do, accept try to keep my positive force around me so that a better influence is always present when I am amoung the masses. Keep sending the great reading material, I am a busy girl and do not get to set down and read as much as I would like. Thank-You, Leia.

  4. Cheryl Jones Latimer

    Aug 11th, 2006

    I have deeply appreciated being in the conversation of
    “What I know about you”….and I mean I have really been in thiws conversation at a deepend level….that is to say one in which I was viewing this place from within me that no-one knows and yet has been awakened to the world in a glismpe and suddenly in this light I stand. I stand awake. It is because another has the
    sight of Vision it causes this natural arising or natural awakening for me to stand. It is like I am awake and I am standing only now it has become an awakend state, not obscured by something secret or hidden within me..
    The glismpe of the Vision arises me to be, that is to be whatI am….
    Now behind the veil of eternity I stand amist in a transcened
    transcluscent Vision that calls me forth from within my higher intelligence, my higher conciousness, called Honor and so this
    Honor becomes me.
    Can Honor be displayed within the realm of Humanity in which I truely embark upon the path, the destiny in which my created Vision, the sight of Vision draws me forth into reality?

    You are someone I wish to get to know…..for in humanity
    Visions become parallel realties in which the sight and vison becomes the glismpe into the way of life and a bridge into reality…

    In Vision, in light of thisI beleive we can create a manifestation
    of ones Vision into reality by the visionary Honor that is within
    the Spirit of Honor itself. Honor has or shows up as a manifestation of our highest Vision within the soul.
    I am literaly speaking of the Vision of Manifestation. And…also the manifestation of Vision that rises within the
    Spirit of the sight of Vision that which we can see within that draws us closer to our true selves….
    It is this part of me, of you of us all that reaches out to communicate what that is and to be in fellowship within
    The Spirit of being real to the Honor that is within us…
    And being real to staying true to Life as a Spirit of Loyality to the nature of bennevolance to all.

    It is the intelligence that simply acknowledges the presence of one another as something that is connected to A great Intelligence that desires humanity at large to live in Peace and come to grip within reality to survive and that Live lives on in a light for all.

    We are allgetting to know that we are the future and we have arrived to be the walk and path of our Visions as reality unfolds into concious awakening…as individual as the stars in Heaven and as alive as water flowing in a great waterfall in
    which Spirit is the essence of all Life.
    It is getting to know the spirit within that we meet and converse and welcome the hearts into the soul of Honor.
    I acknowedge each as a presence viable to our awakenings within.


  5. Linda Peterson

    Aug 12th, 2006

    I have been following your ….I don’t know the word for it. Transformation, organization, realization, etc. I can tell you this…even though I have not come to a boot camp, I believe the energy from your web site inspired my vision. My partner, Nicole Wild, Executive Director of The Women’s Alliance, and I are executing a project, The Butterflies of Hope Luncheon on November 21st. Janet Atwood, Co-author, The Passion Test, is going to teach the Passion Test Program to 200 women who are in transition from hardship to the workplace and beyond.

    With Hope, faith, and peace

    Linda Peterson

    Linda Peterson, Miami, Florida,
    Co-Founder, Power Behind The Passion,
    “Tilt The Planet Just a Little Bit”

  6. Jayant Karandikar

    Aug 12th, 2006

    There is a little or nothing to disagree with you. In fact since first time I read your idea about “wealth warriors” I am with it. Being far away from your place, I have no access to find out about your “Boot camp”. So it seems to me that reading through all your mails I have to reinvent the wheel, find out how training can be imparted on Vision / Mission. May be in near future I may call you. But put simply, you have universalized the fire within hundreds of people like me.. thank you Michael, thank you very much..
    Jayant Karandikar
    Enterprise Leader, OMKAR Consultech, Pune India.

  7. Michael Skye

    Aug 13th, 2006

    Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments. I really value hearing from each of you. Keep posting! (until the day when the VisionForce social networking site exists!)

  8. Leia

    Aug 13th, 2006

    Hello out there, :> Michael, in October I will have the opportunity to choose my spring vacation. I would like to plan ahead and maybe attend a siminar or event with Vision Force. What’s coming up this spring? Thanks for all you do… Leia.

  9. Steve Smith

    Aug 14th, 2006

    I want to thank you Michael for being the one in having the vision in developing a language that supports the individual’s soul. I can really see how these techniques that you are teaching can transform how we interact with ourselves and others. I can really understand how my behavior and others comes from a reactive mode from an invisible matrix that is playing inside our minds. You awakened me to the background context that was running my life. Now I can live in consciousness. I have identified consciousness as I and the reactive part is not. The conscious part is actually me the self thinking part coming alive and breaking through the automatic reacting mode. Now I can choose to turn my consciousness into action to develop things from within my soul. I recommend if you have not attended the VF Boot Camp to do so, you get Michael’s message at a much deeper level.

    Steve Smith

  10. Val

    Aug 15th, 2006

    Michael, thank you for these words… seemingly aimed at me and everyone else who has been lucky enough to come across this amazing place. Your message is getting stronger in my mind and heart. I am strong, I have vision, I can make things happen, but I still am plagued by fear and doubt and sometimes, like this current year, feel immobilised. I know I can be more and give more… I am a new visitor, but I like where I have landed and hope to be around for a while, growing, learning, sharing and feeling that which moves so many to attempt what seems always a little beyond reach. Blessings and courage to all…

  11. Rainer von Leoprechting

    Aug 18th, 2006

    Thank you for expressing this from the depth of a feeling soul. Nothing to be taken away… and all shared. i might add that this standing for one’s own vision is not the end in a journey of development.
    There is a more communal way of being that includes our own values, and I see you going there. Such a more communal way is what I have been exploring for some years, I have created “Pro Action” in Europe, a group of people that subscribe to the 15 points you just make.
    Now what we learn and exchange is from each others visions. What is the vision of my neighbour that tells me what i never knew (or dared to know) about my own?
    What is it that we have to do as our generation? what is the call in us that is the call for mankind?
    Sorry to mention this here, but our own vision alone tends to be limited. What I value from this insight is my capacity to create and recreate my vision from being open with my partners. What is indeed crucial in this is to choose them right.
    If you of the reaading kind, you might like to explore the books of Robert Kegan and Otto Laske on this :-)
    Very best, Rainer

  12. F K H Bevins

    Sep 16th, 2006

    Amen.Vision logic consciousness awakens the desire to express itself so strongly that this manifesto becomes axiomatic and obvious. Thanks for creating this opportunity.

  13. Gabriela Morusanu

    Oct 18th, 2006

    Hello all,
    I feel greatful that I ‘m living the time, the day I can say I have been living for, since my childhood: that moment I had the awareness I have been differently born and I was blessed to live interesting times. My vision was to know myself, the inner me, to develop, to grow being what I was born with and more each moment and that ME to be allowed and able to make the difference I felt it was needed for LIFE, not only mine, but for all.
    I felt many timesI was alone on this path; I lived historical events in my native country ( Romania-horrible dictatorship), deaths and crimes from this system in my own family and this way the only method to resist was the one I was born with: to be myself, not a Yes Sir, not a Must do person, so, I developed my creativity, I discovered more talents and skills, being aware that my times are closer and closer to come.
    Prepared for sacrifices, superficial ones, to protect the inner self, prepared to loose material issues but to gain inner power and to create, prepared to be taugh to stand alone in my consciousness value system and not to follow the inferior ego’s heard for compromises.
    The gifts I received naturally by birth I honor and I’m offering them to people through my thoughts, actions, words; to empower and enable and to bring a change. I always was and will be the one standing like a sore thumb, not with Nobel Prize, but with faith in God, with the holistic view, being, working, thinking, acting as a healthy integrated and integral LIFE system, with my soul and Holy spirit as guides.
    I realized that what matter are not diplomas, but the soul, the awareness we live life and create added value to LIFE and the consciousness level that makes the difference in whatever one does, because that one is REAL NATURAL BORN and not made and it’s the time for LIVING MESSANGERS of CONCIOUSNESS TO ACT, TO SHOW THEMSELVES AND MOOVE THE WORD FURTHER, THROUGH THE REAL LEADER; THE CONSCIOUS, RESPONSABLE, CREATIVE ONE FROM INSIDE.
    In 1998, I wrote about a self-development method which I called: L-I-SS-A( Look Inside Save, Solve,All) and it’s included in my book: Morning Star( a holistic view about the world and my visions: cosmology, medicine, antropology, quantum physics, linguistics, economy, politics, psychology, religions, spiritualities, philosophy).
    It was like I was writting a NEW NEW Testament, kept secret because few would have accepted it. It’s Noetic Science now, but in 1998, in Romania, this wasn’t known. I’m still the only one “climbing my destiny’s mounting”, speaking ” in desert”, but not giving up. The DAY has come !
    Now, I’m happy we are more WHO live the change, who live the visions we have and had, as ONE.It doesn’t matter where I live, where I was born, what matters is HOW I was born, HOW I can LIVE the change I’m born for and HOW many of us can benefit as LIFE VALUE.

  14. Burton Danet, Ph.D.

    Oct 28th, 2006

    On our road to Global Humanitarian Relief

    Does it not make sense to incorporate a concept like VISION FORCE to complement all that we will be unfolding?

    Thanks for looking.

    Co-Founder, ABC4All

    What are flying spirits? Answer:

  15. Jan Wessels

    Oct 30th, 2006

    I agree reading those 15 points are like having a conversation with yourself. I am so very too far gone to ever be able to just “go on” with life! There are a certain points of non-ignorance that if you pass there, you can never go back. And after that, after I told myself I will have no ignorance ever, like never before in my life, the information just came streaming in like a wild wild river. I almost can’t keep up with all the stuff I still need to read, and all the just-the-right people I meet at just-the-right time. Not to mention websites like this one. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon this site,, and so many others, but it all seem to happen in perfect synchronicity..

    It shouldn’t be too long before I get sacked at this job for being so far from their reality I can almost not see it anymore, but I don’t care and I can’t turn back. So be it!

    Forward the evolution!

  16. Mikaila

    Feb 2nd, 2007

    What an extronaridary site, filled with eye-opening ideas and a wealth of information. The change I want to make feels like a world away, but as everything else coincides, it’s temporary. Being that I’m a survivor of the Sept. 11 tragedy gives me an enormous amount of yearning – yearning to create, learn, love, laugh, whatever. Life is to be lived, not judged. This is who I am.

  17. anup Vishnu

    Feb 4th, 2007

    You already knoe everything about me … All that you have said is about me :)

    This is the confirmation from me

  18. Tim

    Feb 6th, 2007

    You touched my center. You know the path I have been on.
    You used my words to describe me. I keep getting up and going on.
    I know my vision and don’t always know how to get there. I make mistakes. I am heading towards omega.
    thank you for this mail.

  19. Jude Downey

    Feb 14th, 2007

    Spend any small amount of time each and every day imagining the visionary bug spreading like a super healthy virus with monumental contagion. See it in your mind’s eye in any way that makes it exciting and momentous and includes the whole planet and you will be making a daily contribution.
    Expect to get a daily opportunity to open one other person’s mind to the reality that they are unique and only as powerful as they can allow themselves to be. Be your own good virus!
    Imagine people asking why you are so happy and explain that you spend a lot of time thinking about the people of the world linking together to really make a better world and it fills you up with joy.

  20. Nikola

    Apr 11th, 2007

    Many things on that list are true for me; some I still wish they were true and I’m working on it to make them true. But there are two very important things which are wrong in essence, and which I can never agree with.

    First, I don’t always have an answer, but I want to and I fight to get it. When I do, it is, at that point, only the best answer I have, and this answer is like a place to stand on that mountain you describe – a point from which I can continue my journey.

    The second thing is about passing judgment. My motto is “Judge and be prepared to be judged.” Justice is a virtue, and it is unjust to withold judgment where one should be passed; it is a sanction to immorality, to not trying, and betrayal of morality, of trying.

  21. cora

    Aug 16th, 2007

    You have said it all, I have had this vision for so long and I know that it will not be long before it becomes a reality

  22. onie

    Aug 19th, 2007

    i accept ur 27 points as right.

  23. Ijeoma Uwalaka

    Sep 20th, 2007

    It will be good if there is less suffering in this world.


    Sep 26th, 2007

    I feel amazed at the VISION you say is possible and the support
    available.I have always seeked the TRUTH,even in my religous
    teachings/belifes. I agree LOVE is the most POWERFUL gift
    that one can attain-BUT how to attain it and live by it, raises my

  25. Nesbeth Wilson

    Sep 26th, 2007

    I agree with all your 27 points. I have always believed that whatever you believe they will come true. It is within yourself.

    Also I always belief that they is always an opening somewhee if the door is closed before you if you believe. With God everything is possible although with humanity it is very impossible.

    I have alway vissioned things although I still do not get answers fully but I believe that God has plan for me. Whatever I think God always has better things for me in my journey in this world. If I believe that with God I can do any thing then it will happen.

    Thank you Michael for the thoughts you have send through you letter.

    Suffering is bad but it is also good because it makes you strong.

    Thank you

  26. Anonymous

    Sep 26th, 2007

    Hi Michael,

    This deep inner feeling of yes ! yes ! and yes ! right down to point 27! So that is it! I AM A VISIONARY!

    As stated in your 27 points it is definitely no coincidence that i have stumbled over your mom’s website. Right through the last 5 years i knew i was learning for a purpose. I knew i was placed here to “climb”. Right throughout my search to here at your website i have experienced this feeling of truth in me that every step i take is for a reason. Know with my mind been working out a way to start something like this here in South Africa you made my vision so much clearrer and i know i can do it!

  27. Johnny D Eatwell

    Sep 27th, 2007

    Wow Michael I dont know what to say except that is me the only thing that keeps me alive is knowing the highest truth the power of LOVE . Just like your mom the power of love yes my life is in tatters ive lost all I worked so hard for my wife my family but im greatful for my computer my little dog Bonnie and that i am alive
    something has been telling me to contact Michael I thought my friend who got killed or Archangel Michael but now I know
    I so wish i could be there
    Keep up the Magick And take great care
    P S
    ihave written a Poem called The Angel if you wish i will send it tells a simple story of life for so so many
    Sincerly Johnny

  28. Swapan Purkayastha

    Oct 2nd, 2007

    Do you have a subject to control Desire?

  29. jaisim

    Oct 13th, 2007

    You have in your comments identified precisely what I think.

    Today s Humanity (except for a few) seems to be thrilled with the ordinary and the usual. to get into short thrills rather than a meaningful Romance.

  30. Anonymous

    Nov 5th, 2007

    Ik am a dutch person. I understand what I read. I don’t can say in English what I think. But I feel that I belong to “WE”. Thank you

  31. Brenda Neely

    Dec 11th, 2009

    It truely is refreshing to connect with others that believe and stand
    as “WE” meaning unity of one who have not given in/up on the power of Love of humanity. People such as myself who have a vision so strong they continue to follow and share.
    Love and Light-Brenda

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