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News, Visionary Mind | No Comments | March 10th, 2009

Visionary Woman, let me stand with you!

Let’s amplify the volume, clarity and power of your big dream or idea. Let’s turn it into a POWERFUL VISION that speaks to your heart, and the hearts of all who hear your voice, with this powerful Vision Exercise:

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News | No Comments | November 24th, 2008

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately, as we’ve been working on several projects we’re excited about.

One is an initiative to specifically apply our honor work to men and women in relationships. First, we’re applying them to men in relationship with women, as I happen to be a man who dates women, and thus this the area where I have the most intuition, if not expertise.

Here’s the audio recording of a special tele-seminar for men:

Michael Skye presents the Flying Pig Phenomenon: The invisible dynamic that strips men of their power to save the relationship with the woman they love, and causes them to lose her without knowing why. They end the relationship thinking that she's not who they thought she was, when really, they simply no longer see her for who she truly is. Michael's presentation is an invitation to all men to take the hero's path in their relationship and exercise their innate masculine power to allow the woman they love to fully express her love… and to come to know her for perhaps the first time.

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If you enjoyed this, please forward it to men you know and care about. To learn more, and to be invited to LIVE VIDEO WEBCASTS, please join our list here:

News, Visionaries | No Comments | June 9th, 2008

Shawn David Madden is a rising musician (and a dear brother and friend), who sings to the soul … If you dig music that inspires you into the depth of your heart, and inspires you to reach for the stars, you’ve gotta listen to this music!

Shawn has given so much to VisionForce and our efforts to contribute to you, your vision, your loved ones and your journey. If he inspires you as he does me, I encourage you to download this man’s music into your heart.

Just listen to this, from Shawn Madden, visionary musician:

Shawn Madden attended the VisionForce Boot Camp, aka, iStand Experience in March 2007. He came with his guitar and serenaded us with his uplifting music. Later that year he moved to Austin, joined the VisionForce team, and has been preparing the launch of his grand vision for transforming the world through song and dance.

Check out my audio interview of him and his One Prosperous World Music Tour.

Michael's Journal, News | 5 Comments | April 21st, 2008

Michael Skye: This is a special interview by my mother, Sasha Xarrian, who was a powerful guiding force in my life. She is author of Outrageous Mastery, An Experiment with Power, which has sold very well on-line for the last few years and is about to be published in print.

She conducted this interview for her membership site, where she invites people to experiment with their creative power and create the life they envision. My mother's story is an incredible one, and she has been a continual source of inspiration to me since the time I was born (yes, I am biased, but just ask the hundreds of people have written to her, after her story and ideas changed their lives)!

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News, Visionary Culture | 1 Comment | October 24th, 2007

Today, we held a live tele-seminar about reconnecting powerfully with the Force of Honor in your life. Click the play button below,or download the MP3 to listen.

Honor is a distinct human emotion, although it’s not yet been named as one. It’s part of our inner compass that is squashed
in a world of hierarchical institutions. Our leaders play upon our starvation for this emotion when they tell us that the other side is “evil.”

Having direct, ongoing and lasting access and control of this emotion can empower you to stay steadfast in your commitments to create
a better life, a better world.

When you FEEL this inner force, you

- have nothing to prove,
- react to nothing and no one,
- have no doubt about your path or purpose,
- are completely fulfilled, nothing missing,
- feel one with god/universe/life/nature,
- have unlimited access to love as your source
of courage
- naturally become more conscious and awake,
- inspire others to open their hearts,
- and much more.

Today, we talked about how social conditioning has left us without Honor as a powerful emotion, and how we now compromise ourselves and suffer
silently as result. (and what we can do to regain this source of courage, power and love)

Listen to the complete audio to get a good grasp of this natural force within you.

You’ll also hear how we tap into this force at our VisionForce Boot Camps. At this posting, there are still some seats available for
the November BOOT CAMP for world-changing parents, teachers, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists… and YOU!

Register here:

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Michael's Journal, News | 1 Comment | October 11th, 2007

Michael was recently interviewed about the VisionForce Boot Camp by internet radio host, Bryan Carlton Flournoy, on his show Making It All Click. Please click the play button to listen or use the link to download the MP3.

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