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News, Visionaries | 2 Comments | May 2nd, 2007

At one of our Boot Camps for world changers in 2004, a young Turkish man realized he stood for social justice. He would go on to describe it as far more than an intellectual insight–it was a deeply emotional, physical and spiritual realization for him. Through his being, he felt called to stand for social justice, and a vision was born.

Within months after that event, he founded 20/20 MultiMedia and began sharing his vision for giving a voice to conscious hip hop artists, who could use their medium for positive change. A few years later, a feature-length documentary starring some of the biggest names in hip hop is about to be released internationally–it’s a visionary film with a powerful message and a call for hip hop artists to stand and own their power to bring about positive change.

This man’s name is Emjed Hammas, his company is 20/20 MultiMedia, and his film is Business As Usual: The Exploitation of Hip Hop. Check out his web site here: The trailer for the documentary can be found under ‘Projects.’

Positive revolutionaries, authors, musicians, change agents, educators, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, parents, students, CEOs–those who attend Boot Camp tend to become so deeply connected to their values, that they take a stand for what matters most. And a vision is born–a vision, which calls them into heroic action, a vision which demands their personal evolution. They become shaped by their stand and their vision, and their relationships, companies and communities are transformed.

The world needs visionaries now. VisionForce, through our One Million Visionaries campaign, is searching for the most impassioned, conscious agents of change we can find to attend our upcoming “boot camp for world changers” in Austin, TX, July 18-22. Those who are ready to face everything and avoid nothing to stand for humanity for 5 days should apply.

Scholarships are available through our portal on Zaadz.

News, Visionaries | No Comments | April 9th, 2007

Vision Force Boot Camp March 2007 Day 4

Many visionary Zaadzsters showed up to our March 2007 Vision Force Boot Camp for visionary change agents to kick start our One Million Visionaries campaign!  Pictured above are some of the crew.  (notice the Zaadz Tees being sported by Keith, Mary and Ronin

Other Zaadzsters pictured are Deborah, Joseph, Jordan, Shawn, Audrey, Carl, Brandi, Michael, John, Jim, Tom, Koray, Margalo, OT, myself, and… who am I missing?

Zaadzsters in attendance not pictured include Michael, …

For more photos from this Boot Camp, go here.

This video on TEDtalks got me thinking…

As people who care so deeply and are committed to so much, it’s easy to try to force change in ourselves and others. The high standards we place upon ourselves are often at the expense of compassion for ourselves and others. And without compassion, we and others tend not to evolve consciously. We can force behavior from ourselves and others in the short-run, but consider that the fastest way to achieve lasting positive change or conscious evolution in ourselves as individuals and groups is actually by slowing down–at least slowing down enough to honor the whole being, the whole system.

Many of today’s methods for parenting, educating and governing are based on models which seem to equate human consciousness with animal consciousness–as if we as humans are little more than smart animals. With such an assumption, authoritarian guidance seems quite appropriate. Punish the behavior you don’t want, reward the behavior you do want, educate the person to know which ideas are “the right” ones, and which ideas are “the wrong” ones. Such training happens at the expense of the trainee’s ability to think independently, honestly and creatively. Those trainees who conform may behave in a way that the authority deems right or responsible, but it’s usually at the expense of the trainees’ ability to make conscious, responsible choices on one’s own.

In these uncertain times of accelerating change, the notion that we can create truly happy individuals or a just society by training children to be our version of what is “good” is a very dangerous one. Such positionary goodness limits our children’s degree of moral courage, compassion and vision as adults. What their survival and happiness requires going forward and what the world needs now is visionary children who are responsible for the future of the world–not visionless followers who are responsible for obeying whoever the leader happens to be.

I invite you to slow down today and invest some of your time in an inquiry worthy of your life and your children’s lives:

Trained Goodness vs. Natural Greatness pt 1
Trained Goodness vs. Natural Greatness pt 2
Goodness vs. Greatness

So many of us are so eager to learn the next tip or trick for happiness, success or leadership skill, that we fail to create lasting change, develop real mastery or much conscious evolution.

A model for world-changing is emerging…

1- We’ve witnessed the success of our project in Uganda with young visionary, Clovis Ategeka, who has been changing the world, largely due to his ability to access the internet, and thus Vision Force, Zaadz, etc.

2 – The school we visited in Ngong Kenya has no internet access, and it has been difficult to follow up with the students there, who were so inspired by the Vision Force work, and wanted to continue to develop themselves as visionaries and entrepreneurs. The plan they created when we were there was to start an internet cafe there on campus, and since then they’ve received several new computers… but still have no internet access.

3 – Morris Thuku, a Kenyan visionary, who started an institute of technology for street kids in a small village outside of Nairobe has a vision to raise youth and communities throughout Africa from poverty by training them in computer repair, maintenance, etc. Most all African homes do not have computers yet, so his students are positioning themselves for wealth… but Morris lacks the kind of funding that has come so easily to Clovis through his access to a global community.

Clovis has a vision of spreading Vision Cafes throughout Africa, as a way of connecting people to the global community and all of the resources and opportunities that come with it. The internet creates opportunities to raise funding, make money, save money, get educated, find business partners, collaborate with a global community, etc. But the beauty of this vision doesn’t stop with the advantages of internet access. Clovis sees these cafes as a way to educate and train people to be visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs. Both the tribal and colonial culture contexts are very authoritarian and lacking in entrepreneurial and visionary concepts and conversations.

Clovis sees his Vision Cafes bringing everything the internet has to offer, as well as everything the west has to offer regarding entrepreneurship and advanced ways of thinking as a conscious being and visionary.

The bottleneck is internet access. In East Africa it’s outrageously expensive, and so at first glance it does not seem feasible to spread these Vision Cafes throughout Africa. But there is a bigger vision here, that once seen could easily inspire many organizations and individuals to invest their time and resources in the cause. Clovis, through his Vision Cafe in Kampala, is not merely providing jobs and adding value to the community. He is in essence, “creating creators.” It is one thing to fish, it’s another to teach someone how to fish–and quite another thing to teach someone how to be a visionary entrepreneur and create a business… or better yet, teach someone how to be a visionary entrepreneur who teaches others how to do the same. That’s what Clovis is up to. He wants to train others to train others, and thus open up all of Africa to unimaginable opportunity.

Democracy and capitalism are very new in many parts of Africa, and still only a dream in others. In Kenya, when I visited last year, I could feel an energy in the air… people were actively engaged in politics, not resigned and cynical as so many of us seem to be in the West. Kenya only gained freedom from Britain about 40 years ago through a violent revolution. Everything is still new, everything is possible. And the youth… so many told me they were going to be president one day. Yet, the colonial and tribal cultures there silence the youth in many respects. There seemed to be a consensus among Kenyans 40 and under that they’d never be listened to until they were at least 45 years old. This, even though so many Kenyans are known for their oratory skills (so many we met spoke like Senator Obama, whose father was Kenyan–or even more eloquently). The youth we met were incredibly bright, incredibly spirited, well-spoken and authentic. The only things that seemed to be missing for these young leaders to have the power to bring their visions into reality was 1) lack of access to technology, and 2) lack of entrepreneurial/visionary contexts.

Enter Clovis and his Vision Cafes, where he not only connects the youth to the world wibe web, but he liberates them from the conditioning which keeps them silent. The Vision Force concepts and work are incredibly powerful in this regard. Vision Force technology was not created from within the context of existing structures, and thus does not teach people how to be successful within the system. No, it encourages and empowers independent, creative thought, entrepreneurial thought. It’s most powerful for those willing to step outside the existing structures and create something new. It’s very liberating and refreshing for many who’ve grown up inside the heavily authoritarian cultural contexts in Africa. Perhaps this is why some come from 6 hours away to attend Clovis’ Vision Force workshops. Clovis is not just bringing hope, he’s bringing vision and everything that comes with it.

Kampala is ready. Kenya is ready. Could these Vision Cafes be an idea whose time has come?

How will we find the funds and resources to bring these internet learning centers into existence? Well, just ask Clovis, who through investing himself in the Vision Force 101 program, has been able to articulate his stand and his vision in such a way that he’s inspiring people from around the world to collaborate with him. One man, Michael Blomsterberg, and fellow Zaadzster (member of the Zaadz community), was so inspired that he has organized a trip for 12 to Kampala this summer, and plans to bring 10-20 computers for Clovis’ Vision Cafe. Other Zaadzsters and friends of Michael’s have joined in, and are doing what they can to support Clovis and his vision.

We at Vision Force along with generous Zaadz members have just recently raised $3,400 to get Clovis’ Vision Cafe wired with high-speed internet access. Some 80+ people from around the world were inspired to contribute. Others have purchased and sent Visionary Mind packages to Clovis. And the story goes on…

Vision Cafes throughout the 3rd world… supporting One Million Visionaries just like Clovis… can we really change the world? Do we even have a glimpse of how quickly we could create a world that really works for everyone? Organizations and individuals alike are already stepping forward to join forces in manifesting this vision. It’s not a Vision Force thing. It’s much bigger than that. It’s simply time.

We wish to acknowledge and thank every single person and organization that has chosen to stand with and for Clovis and all our African visionary friends. This is just the beginning! Together we really can create a future where all people are honored as creative, conscious beings… a world where we’re free inside and outside to live powerfully, and where it’s just natural to do so… a world where our best efforts go to collaborate creating a world that works for all, rather than fighting to enforce our individual views on others…

News, Visionaries | No Comments | February 21st, 2007

30 impassioned individuals have been selected to attend the March 2007 Vision Force Boot Camp, an event designed for those who are so committed to creating a world that works for everyone that they are ready and willing to facing whatever there is to face along the way–and evolving whatever they must about themselves in order to create such a world.

The search for the next 30 will begin soon. Stay tuned…

News, Visionaries, Visionary Mind | No Comments | February 6th, 2007

When people think of visionaries, they think of people who seem to be able to see farther into the future than others, such as futurists, inventors, theoretical physicists, social revolutionaries, pioneering entrepreneurs, filmmakers, etc., many of whom seem to have the power to “make the impossible happen.”

Yet there is a fundamental faculty of human consciousness that we could call vision, which all of us posses and can develop. It is possible for each of us to function at the level of vision, creating what seems to others to be impossible. Thus, I say that we as human beings are visionaries, even though in the early 21st century we as individuals tend not to operate as such. I see the day in the not too distant future when all children are raised to develop their visionary capacities.

Such a future at first thought might seem frightening to some, for there are many examples of charismatic leaders and visionaries throughout history who have caused great harm and destruction. Giving all children the power to operate powerfully and independently from their own vision might seem like a dangerous and even grossly irresponsible proposition, but not once one understands more about vision.

Adolf Hitler is an extreme example of the kind of “visionary” we’d fear. A Hitler is quite dangerous among masses of less than visionary people, yet quite impotent among the visionaries of the future. A person with a visionary mind is not inclined to substitute another’s vision for their own and does not hold blind faith as a value. Further, the visionaries of tomorrow are much more evolved than most of the visionaries of yesterday (as enlighten as many of them were), for example, tomorrow’s visionaries are not positionaries, as Hitler was. Tomorrow’s visionaries are much more powerful than the even the Hitlers of yesterday, and their power arises from their expanded consciousness, which brings with it far more compassion and love than even many of the most saintly persons of yesterday. The powerful visionaries of tomorrow are Gandhis and Yunuses, not Hitlers.

So consider that what defined a visionary in past centuries will be far different from what defines a visionary in the years to come. In simple terms, tomorrow’s visionaries will have greater power to look within, to consciously face themselves and evolve across the full spectrum of human potentials, in ways even many of the best thinkers throughout history seldom had the opportunity to do.

Also consider, that while some people are born with great talent for creative thinking or logic, being a powerful visionary is attainable for virtually anyone (excluding those with serious intellectual or psychological challenges). Most individuals can multiply their conscious power by simply removing the conditioned barriers to their vision (or consciousness) and learning visionary thinking methods.

So what is vision? When I refer to vision, I mean something distinctly different from dreams, fantasies, visualization, imagination or paradigms. There has been a lot of buzz about paradigms in business and leadership circles, and how powerful it can be to shift one’s paradigm; and while a paradigm is one’s worldview, viewpoint or metaphorical perspective of reality–it is not vision. Think of vision as what you see in your mind’s eye as you navigate your paradigm from moment to moment. That simplistic description may be useful, but there’s a lot more to be said about vision than that description allows for.

Vision is an ever-present, dynamic and evolving function of human consciousness. When many people today think of improving themselves, they speak of changing or removing their limiting beliefs, self-talk or mental images. The techniques which one finds in the field of “self-help” today say a lot about how little we know of human consciousness. Further, that human beings still act so irrationally on personal, interpersonal, societal and intersocietal levels says much more about our assumptions of how human consciousness functions than it does about human consciousness itself. So many of us today assume that we as human beings are far more limited, irrational and even self-destructive by nature than we actually are, and such assumptions make it possible for us to tolerate and even expect less than visionary thinking, speaking and behavior from ourselves and each other.

The work we do at the Vision Force Boot Camp is, many participants feel, nothing short of revolutionary. In the words of one recent graduate, “My fundamental assumptions and beliefs about what is possible for myself, humanity, and the future of the planet were completely shattered–in the best and most inspiring way possible.” It’s almost unavoidable. While I have not yet written a treatise on the work we do at Vision Force, it is simply not enough to grasp something like this intellectually, if what one seeks is an expansion of one’s consciousness, an experience of greater vision and hands-on training in methods to think, speak and live at the level of vision. Further, while many of us have genius intellects, when it comes to facing our selves, or looking within, we fall far short. Thus, it has been much easier thus far to create an event, where people look within for four days straight while exploring our concepts and methods, than to write a formal, systematic analysis of the model of consciousness, which underlies the methods taught at the boot camp–at least in a way that most people could grasp given our collective conditioned propensity to not fully face our selves.

Are human beings really visionary by nature? Can we each live as visionaries? Is it really possible for us to create a radically different and positive future for our children than the one we’re headed towards now? Is there much more you can really do as one person to bring about such change in the world?

Right now, you have your own answers to such questions, and while I can tell you what I see, I’d rather have you see what you can see after putting the vision force methods to work for yourself. Our “boot camp” is the best way to do this. As intimidating as the name may sound to some, it’s intended to have people understand that it is not going to be a seminar or conference, where you just walk away with more information without ever venturing courageously inward to question your assumptions. The boot camp is a rigorous inner journey, where you face your self, perhaps like never before–and in a way that naturally calls you to stand for what matters most. As you do, you begin to experience an inner alignment, much like the spine straightening that happens through yoga practice, and you find your vision and consciousness is profoundly expanded–giving you access to levels of courage and compassion that you never had before.

Unlike the name might imply, the boot camp is a fun and some would say “spiritual” journey, where each individual is honored, regardless of background or belief. In fact you could say the work we do is belief-neutral, or to use a software analogy, our “software” will run on virtually any “belief platform.” For some, an event like this seems like dangerous territory, as there are many questionable events teaching people things about life. To be clear, with the Vision Force methods, there is nothing you need to believe or join, and absolutely no one to follow. We think you’ll agree that this is cutting-edge human development work that holds great promise for humanity and our collective future. So come and play!

And if you think you’re not ready, sink your teeth into our delicious Visionary Mind home study program.

News, Visionary Mind | No Comments | January 31st, 2007

I just watched a video clip of two formerly racist, convicted felons, one black and one white, describe a turning point in their lives.

Both men in this video refer several times to a feeling they are feeling, yet they have no name for it. You might be tempted to call it pride, happiness, love or some combination of these, but those are only approximations to describe this distinct human emotion. In the video, you can see how it has recently become a guiding force in both of these men’s lives. They feel it as a reward for their recent choices, and are then pulled emotionally to continue those choices.

There is a distinct human emotion that we as yet have no name for in the English language, and often relate to as a spiritual feeling. It’s essentially a force of consciousness, which can have us feel pulled to naturally rise above fear and pain to honor our highest values more deeply and more often, and to expand what we currently identify as our values to include everything that forwards and benefits life. The Visionary Mind program explains this emotion in detail and how to have your consciousness be pulled forward and expanded by it, rather than experience the typical shrinking of consciousness in reaction to fear, guilt, shame, overwhelm, frustration, etc. Unlike many of our emotions, this emotion opens or expands consciousness, because it requires consciousness in order to be experienced. The more we open our selves and commit ourselves more authentically and deeply to being responsible for creating a world that really works for all, the more this feeling is available and naturally present.

At Vision Force we refer to this feeling as honor (distinct from current definitions of honor, and distinct from happiness, love, joy, pride, etc.). The more one recognizes this feeling, the more one can naturally be guided by it.

Growing up, most of us have been conditioned by the structures, systems, authorities and peer groups in our lives to be guided by other emotions. What this means is that our consciousness has been conditioned to relate to ourselves and our choices in a way that circumvents the natural experience of honor as a guiding emotion. It has us relating to life from a position, rather than a stand. We’ve begun to distinguish stand from position in many of these blog posts and in the free Visionary Mind Shifts course we offer here, yet it’s not enough to grasp it consceptually. Until it is integrated emotionally into our consciousness and self-guidance processes, we will continue to operate from within the walls of positions, which keep us arrogantly blind to our own blindness.

What does it mean to expand your consciousness? How can you come to see what you cannot see now? How can you open up to a whole new realm of compassion, courage and vision? Those willing to undertake the quest to discover such things and relentlessly engage in the process of consciously evolving their consciousness… are the ones who will lift humanity beyond it’s current limitations and create a world that really works for everyone. If you believe you’re up for the challenge, learn more.