News, Visionary Mind | January 31st, 2007

I just watched a video clip of two formerly racist, convicted felons, one black and one white, describe a turning point in their lives.

Both men in this video refer several times to a feeling they are feeling, yet they have no name for it. You might be tempted to call it pride, happiness, love or some combination of these, but those are only approximations to describe this distinct human emotion. In the video, you can see how it has recently become a guiding force in both of these men’s lives. They feel it as a reward for their recent choices, and are then pulled emotionally to continue those choices.

There is a distinct human emotion that we as yet have no name for in the English language, and often relate to as a spiritual feeling. It’s essentially a force of consciousness, which can have us feel pulled to naturally rise above fear and pain to honor our highest values more deeply and more often, and to expand what we currently identify as our values to include everything that forwards and benefits life. The Visionary Mind program explains this emotion in detail and how to have your consciousness be pulled forward and expanded by it, rather than experience the typical shrinking of consciousness in reaction to fear, guilt, shame, overwhelm, frustration, etc. Unlike many of our emotions, this emotion opens or expands consciousness, because it requires consciousness in order to be experienced. The more we open our selves and commit ourselves more authentically and deeply to being responsible for creating a world that really works for all, the more this feeling is available and naturally present.

At Vision Force we refer to this feeling as honor (distinct from current definitions of honor, and distinct from happiness, love, joy, pride, etc.). The more one recognizes this feeling, the more one can naturally be guided by it.

Growing up, most of us have been conditioned by the structures, systems, authorities and peer groups in our lives to be guided by other emotions. What this means is that our consciousness has been conditioned to relate to ourselves and our choices in a way that circumvents the natural experience of honor as a guiding emotion. It has us relating to life from a position, rather than a stand. We’ve begun to distinguish stand from position in many of these blog posts and in the free Visionary Mind Shifts course we offer here, yet it’s not enough to grasp it consceptually. Until it is integrated emotionally into our consciousness and self-guidance processes, we will continue to operate from within the walls of positions, which keep us arrogantly blind to our own blindness.

What does it mean to expand your consciousness? How can you come to see what you cannot see now? How can you open up to a whole new realm of compassion, courage and vision? Those willing to undertake the quest to discover such things and relentlessly engage in the process of consciously evolving their consciousness… are the ones who will lift humanity beyond it’s current limitations and create a world that really works for everyone. If you believe you’re up for the challenge, learn more.

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