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News | 5 Comments | May 25th, 2007

Deborah York

Deborah York, the original yoga instructor at our VisionForce Boot Camps and in many ways a “mother” and co-creator of the VisionForce work, will be introducing a new addition to our Boot Camps: Breath and Body Foundation – a 3-hour yoga workshop on the first day, prior to the evening Reception and Orientation sessions.

For years now, Deborah has been standing for deeper integration of mind, body and spirit inside our trainings. She sees how much more present and open participants are able to be, once they first establish a powerful relationship with their body, posture, emotions and breathing.

The entire Breath and Body Foundation workshop is available (yet optional) for everyone, without an additional charge, and is highly recommended.

Participants will learn and practice:

1. The Ujjai Breath – Learn how to control your life force by bringing more oxygen into your body on the inhalations and increasing your circulation in a way that purifies your body by breathing out toxins and stress. Learn to use this form of breathing to experience a profound sense of peace, clarity of thinking and alertness. You’ll feel more alive, energized and youthful–perhaps even blissful.

2. The Breath of Fire – How to use this form of breathing to move beyond the mental and physical resistance and tension brought on by pain or discomfort. This is also a tool to increase your energy and clear your mind.

3. Powerful Posture – How we stand and sit has a direct effect on our energy and the way we feel about ourselves. Practice ways of standing and sitting that generate new levels of confidence and power. Posture also effects your body’s ability to have all the organs work at their maximum efficiency, and prevents you from becoming tired during hours of sitting at the Boot Camp. With good posture habits, you stay younger and healthier.

4. Proper Alignment – Learning proper alignment for each of the yoga poses has your practice be more effective and transformative. Most importantly, proper alignment ensures safety. You will experience the power of each pose as your bones and muscles are in their natural alignment, freeing up any blocks that could be preventing your life force from circulating throughout your body.

5. Personal Modifications – We will be able to address any specific needs or limitations that you may have and show you modifications that has your practice be more fun and effective and safe.

6. What Is Yoga? Look at what yoga is and what yoga is not. Discover yoga as a way of honoring the body as a temple. Learn how to nurture, trust and listen to your body’s wisdom.

7. Yoga As Metaphor Who we are being on the mat can be a way of reflecting how we show up in our lives and in our relationships with self and others.

8. How To Witness Yoga enhances your ability to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time. You will learn how to be more present in the moment, and how to witness your thoughts, feelings and emotions without judging them. Learn what it means to physically and metaphorically open your heart to compassion, acceptance and willingness to respond to the call to honor your highest values in the moment.

9. Yoga As Meditation – Yoga awakens you to higher guidance and/or intuition. Your emotions calm as the chatter of the mind slows, permitting greater insight and discernment.

10. The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection You will experience yoga as a means to feel connected with your body, mind and spirit. You you feel more whole, complete, peaceful and contented.

Yoga and conscious breathing is also practiced for the next three mornings, and to a lesser extent in the next three afternoons. Yoga is an integral part of the VisionForce Boot Camp experience for conscious leaders who are up to creating positive change in the world.