News, Visionaries | March 9th, 2009

Listen as she speaks up for women, and calls Muslims to stand.

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  1. Lisa

    Mar 10th, 2009

    WAY TO GO!!!! That was Great,this women had her facts straight and the men did not speak up much as they new she was speaking the truth!! I do the same,I do not attend any meeting without all my facts straight,so if I get questioned then I have the right answers and do not get backed into a corner,I Love to see Women speak up,so many don’t because of fear,I have seen it and went and spoke on behalf of an entire cheer squad and their parents of things that the coach was doing that everyone complained about including the parents,girls-which came home crying just about everyday after practice,well..I am a Leo,stubborn,strong headed,honest,and cannot stand a liar,and watch someone being mistreated for no reason,and I do say what I mean (not always the right thing to do,but it just comes out) I encouraged parents to join me and told them when the meeting was taking place with the head coach,the coach I was complaining about, and Principal,needless to say,I was the only one that showed!! The parents didn’t out of fear if they said anything that it might ruin their daughters chance of making cheerleader the next year!!And I did have all my facts straight,the coach in question was there,everything I pionted out and compained about what she was doing to these girls which was alot,her answer… I don’t remember that?? or I don’t recall that,(and she taught a literature class there??)after that year she has not coached since,which has been 3 years now,so I say to all women,do not be afraid to speak your mind,get your point across,have your facts together,but it looks better if you are calm and collected instead of mad when you do!! or you will come across as just a hot head,be very proffesional about it!!!

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