News, Visionaries | August 25th, 2006

Watch this… Oprah’s doing what something incredible… something VisionForce will be doing at some point, no matter how long it takes.  To all my Africa friends… we’re coming back!  And we’re going to BUILD!  Who wants in?  Leave your comments and ideas below.


  1. leeda

    Aug 25th, 2006

    I could not get the file to open, but I did see the school that Oprah built in Africa, on TV. I do applaud the wonderful, generous acts of celebrities like Oprah, and Bill Gates and other high profile philanthropist. But I am reminded of Jesus’ illustration on the widow’s mite. There are many who do not have a lot of excess to share with those in need. There are many, who, like the widow of Jesus’ illustration, have to take from their “want” to give. In other words, they have to sacrifice the very necessities of life in order to care for the needs of another. These are the un-named people who make room at their table for a displaced family.. the child that shares his lunch at school with a class mate in need, The eighty yr old woman who volunteers to read to terminal cancer patients. Mother Teresa said that not everyone can do great things, but everyone can do small things, with great love. It is all a part of the same vision.. and no aspect is greater than another
    And yes… I do want in!!

  2. Andrew Carlisle

    Aug 26th, 2006

    The anticipation and joy on the Childrens faces, brought tears of joy to my eyes. I can’t stop smiling.

  3. Michael Skye

    Aug 26th, 2006

    If the file doesn’t open, just try clicking it again or reloading it

  4. shumita

    Oct 14th, 2006

    My being reverberates with joy …..its happening all around the world…..we are waking up, thank you for sharing this wonderful site and awakenings.
    Yes as leeda says no aspect is greater than another. : )

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