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A Miracle In Uganda! WHAT IF?!

Posted by on Aug 4, 2014 in Blog, Michael's Journal, Visionaries, Visionary Culture

Thanks to the generosity of a few VisionForce friends, I have just arrived safely in Uganda, where I was welcomed by long-time VisionForce ally, Clovis Ategeka! After a 12-hour bus ride from Kenya followed by a 3-hour drive into the countryside, I arrived at Ave Maria, the secondary school of 600 students, where Clovis is now Dean of Students.

As you can see in the video below, I did not believe that the students had gathered on the road to welcome me!


Only about 50% of university graduates find jobs here. To have a chance in the job market these days, these students need computer skills, but 600 students must share only 3 computers!

You may remember some of the miracles Clovis created through the years with the help of VisionForce.

I have come at Clovis’ invitation to show the students and faculty how much is possible with vision, entrepreneurial thinking and internet technology, and I need your help!

Let’s help him create another miracles, and show these 600 students what is possible. We want to raise $460 in less than 48 hours! This will buy his school:

– 1 new computer ($340)
– 1 modem ($30)
– 1 month of internet access ($30)
– A 500 GB external hard drive ($60)

More importantly, it will infuse an entrepreneurial spirit here at the school and launch their budding computer center and entrepreneurship programs!

ANY amount helps – $2, $5, $25 or more!  Just send your contribution via to

ALL donors will receive some special videos and photos from the 600 students!

UPDATE: We’ve now received enough for THREE computers, thus DOUBLING the size of the budding computer center here! It’s not too late to send your contribution… THANK YOU in advance!



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