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Cross Training For Visionaries

Posted by on May 25, 2014 in Michael's Journal

Cross Training For Visionaries

I’ve seen visions that my heart and mind will not allow me to let go of.  I can never pretend I’ve not seen so clearly what I’ve seen.  I must keep walking…

I’m into year five of a sabbatical from facilitating the dojos for visionaries we at VisionForce call iStands.  In 2010 I realized I had so much more to learn, and it was time to let go.  I’ve traveled around the globe a few times and my own inner world countless times.  I’ve searched, I’ve questioned, I’ve experienced, I’ve let go.

I’m cross-training and developing my own ability to continue walking my path, so I can better support others on their paths.

There are unique challenges one faces on a visionary path.  The practical tools, methods, concepts and trainings offered through VisionForce have been developed by visionaries for visionaries.

One set of challenges includes holding true to the vision you’ve seen–such as remembering your vision and remembering yourself as holder of the vision–when you may be the only one who has seen it, or the only one willing to hold fast to it in the face of all that comes.

Another set of challenges includes holding true to your own values and the well-being of the world around you, when there can be a tendency to force yourself or the world to change so that your vision can be realized.

In a world that currently tends to prioritize “results,” “productivity,” “making things happen” and “changing the world” to match one’s vision–or one’s idea of what “should” be–the holder of a vision can compromise himself, his values and also his vision in order to force external results.

The primary focus of the VisionForce work is not the realization of the individual’s vision in the world, but supporting and developing the individual who is following the vision of his/her heart.  The development of the individual is first, and the visionary path is viewed primarily as a path of development and transformation, much like a spiritual path.

Our iStands are facilitated as part sacred honor ceremony and part inner-martial arts dojo, and meant to be both a rite of passage for a rising visionary entering the visionary path and a cross-training.

Whatever you currently do to maintain and build your skill, strength, capacity, wisdom and vision to walk your path, our iStands are a cross-training arena where you can go for experience and practice which augments whatever else you do to develop yourself.

I’m looking forward to the day I stand before the next group of visionaries at an iStand, but I’m taking my time and trusting all is in perfect order…

Consider joining me in Africa this summer, where I’m going to continue writing my books for a few months, as I fulfill my promise to myself and my visionary African friends of returning at least every four years.

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