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News, Visionaries | No Comments | February 12th, 2007

I’m writing this post as I’m on a 4 or 5-way conference call with visionaries in Austin and Kenya, who are collaborating to start technology training academies in Kenya. We met so many visionary Kenyans last summer, who are up to great things, but who are difficult to reach due to technological barriers. Tools such as Skype are empowering visionaries around the world to connect and collaborate in ways never before possible.

My Kenyan friend on the call right now, Morris Thuku, upon returning to Kenya after receiving an education here in the U.S., decided to build an academy to teach street kids in the village where he grew up. Morris is a visionary with an indominatable spirit. He’s teaching his young people about information technology and giving them the skills that will allow them to make a better life for themselves and even create wealth in their community. His vision is to bring such training to youth throughout Africa. I hope to hold an audio interview with him in the near future and make it available here.

Our young Vision Force friends in Uganda have been able to attract and gain the support of a global community on Zaadz, and have raised thousands of dollars over the past few months for their projects. Morris, however, has very little exposure, as he must travel an hour just to access the Internet. Our emerging One Million Visionaries campaign will give us a way to unite and empower all of these visionaries from around the world. That campaign, of course, is being kick-started at our upcoming boot camp in March, where a constellation of visionaries from around the world will gather to evolve themselves in ways that will facilitate evolution in the communities they serve.

News, Visionaries | 9 Comments | January 27th, 2007

In the summer of 2006, Clovis Ategeka, downloaded our Vision Force 101 program. His story begins here. Fast forward 6 months and Clovis has rented space for his Vision Cafe. Now the workshops and classes he leads can be held indoors, and his students who are learning to be visionaries and entrepreneurs can connect to a global community through the internet… But first, they need to secure internet access. Currently internet service is monopolized by two companies and is quite difficult to come by. It takes a substantial investment to secure internet access for his cafe. $3,400 will do it, and we’ll provide his cost breakdown and business plan upon request. Start helping Clovis get his cafe wired by making a contribution through this secure funding opion: ChipIn:

On behalf of Clovis and all his students, we thank you!

News, Visionaries, Visionary Mind | No Comments | December 8th, 2006

Behind the scenes over here in the world of VisionForce, we’ve been quietly planning a movement called, One Million Visionaries. The idea was born and began to grow as we watched Clovis Ategeka, a blooming young Ugandan visionary promptly set out to change the world after simply downloading our Vision Force 101 program.

Imagine, one million Clovises, or one million gandhis, stepping forward with vision and in unison as they take a stand for all of humanity! Through this campaign we envision training one million visionaries in high-level visionary leadership skills over the internet–and for free. It’s much bigger than that and we are going to share the bigger vision and plan on a private conference call next Wednesday evening at 8pm Eastern. You’re invited to listen in live! If you want to be on the call, listening in, go mark that date and time on your calendar right away. Then we’ll send you an invite with the specific call in number (if you’re on our Visionary Mind Shifts list)! Stay tuned…

News, Visionaries | 1 Comment | October 23rd, 2006

You imagine that your neighbor might be a fearless terrorist, secretly planning to destroy the world as you know it. He might be operating inside an independent terrorist cell that is virtually undetectable. He might have a plan to cause great destruction in the community you inhabit. He might have access to all the tools, ideas and resources that he needs to achieve his mission.

Now imagine this. Your neigbor might be a fearless visionary, secretly planning to create a world that really works for all of us–a world of peace and prosperity. He might be operating inside an independent visionary cell that is virtually undetectable. He might have a plan to create incredible values for your community. He might have access to all the tools, ideas and resources that he needs to achieve his mission.

Such a visionary cell has just emerged in war-torn Uganda. One fearless, young visionary has been not-so-secretly planning to create a future that really works for his countrymen and for humanity. He’s been operating autonomously, rapidly growing the number of people who are working with him, both locally in Uganda and globally through the internet. He has a plan, and he’s carrying it out. Now, VisionForce has chosen to give him access to all the tools, ideas and resources he needs to achieve his mission.

Check out our VisionForce Uganda project here.

Together, we’re busy figuring out a model that will be easily replicatable and sustainable. We intend to cultivate the spontaneous emergence of visionary cells around the globe–in China, India, Lebanon, Israel, Iran, Cuba, Africa, Brazil, Japan–everywhere there are youth who are willing to stand for humanity. Never before has the future been so solidly within the grasp of the youth!

What can you see is possible? Leave your comments, please!

Visionaries | No Comments | October 19th, 2006

The Vision Uganda project begins...

When this young man in Uganda downloaded our 200Mb Vision Force 101 program a few months ago (that’s a photo of him doing the program), I didn’t think much of it. He’d been asking me to invest in a business idea he had, and I sent him this program instead. What has happened since has shifted my entire vision for how the VisionForce work can impact the world.

Over here at, we’ve been working on how we can support Clovis in continuing to impact his country locally, by training and supporting other young visionaries. Here’s a sneak peek at the project page. It’s in development. Much more to comeā€¦ soon! Soon!

News, Visionaries, Visionary Mind | 1 Comment | August 7th, 2006

You gotta check this young man out.Clovis - Young Ugandan Visionary

I gave him the Vision Force 101 200 Mb download about 2 weeks ago (the precursor to Visionary Mind), and he’s already changing the world. Check out his blog today, and all the comments he’s getting.