February 2nd, 2007


Healing Divisiveness:  The Birth of a New Culture based on Honor and Vision, from the Heart of Texas

March 2007 Vision Force Boot Camp Graduate, Oliver Tryba
AUSTIN, TX MAR 27, 2007 — Could a Born-Again Christian and a non-Christian embrace each other as brothers and sisters?  Could a U.S. Soldier and a Peace Activist recognize one another as their most powerful and committed allies in life?  Is it possible for a Liberal Environmentalist and a Conservative, Capitalist Republican to not only come to honor each other, but …Download Full Document

30 VISIONARIES TO ATTEND PIONEERING 4-DAY LEADERSHIP INTENSIVE IN AUSTIN, TX – Application process now open for local and international leaders

Austin’s own Vision Force Academy to immerse participants in leading-edge human development curriculum for ‘creating a future that works for everyone’

AUSTIN, TX FEB 1, 2007 — On January 8 at a meeting organized by FLOW, an Austin-based non-profit dedicated to “liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good,” a small group of local leaders gathered to discuss Austin’s emerging role as a leader in entrepreneurship and social innovation. Leaders of several next-generation entrepreneurship initiatives proposed ways they could individually or collectively foster awareness of entrepreneurship in Austin… Download Full Document

NEW AUSTIN WORKSHOP: REMOVING THE BARRIERS TO A VISIONARY LIFE – Exploring Our Potential As Human Beings In The 21st Century

AUSTIN, TX, DEC 1 - In a time when many are frustrated, overwhelmed and resigned about the problems we face in the world, new methods for thinking and communicating “at the level of vision” promise hope… Download Full Document

Have Michael Speak to your group.

Are you involved with a team of people who are up to “making the impossible happen?”Everyone involved can be a change agent–a visionary change agent. Michael can make the difference. How to book Michael

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