Uncategorized | August 25th, 2006

A Poem…

You take a stand, you make waves
that can’t be ignored.
Some fear they’ll be crushed
and swim for shore.
But some say “surfs up!”
and grab their boards.
Take a stand or not
the choice is yours.
But if you don’t stand
the world will be bored.
And, if you ask me
Life is too short
So, to stand or not?
To stand, of course!

-King Matu


  1. Leonid

    Sep 21st, 2006

    Icarus Fall

    He ascends toward
    Scorching blinding light
    And the wax is hot
    But he doesn’t mind

    So what if Icarus fell

    He’s breathing sun wind
    Drinking melted gold
    And the beat of wings
    Makes him feel like God

    So what if Icarus fell

    Feathers loosed apart
    He’s on crazy run
    Cutting through the light
    To embracing sun

    So what if Icarus fell

    People far behind
    Far from joy and love
    Walking dirty land
    Dare not look above

    And they say “So what if Icarus flies”

    And he fell from skies
    Burning, blazing wreck
    Never asking “Why?”
    Never looking back

    So what if Icarus fell
    He’s still flying

  2. lightenup

    Oct 4th, 2006

    Oh what a beautiful image in my mind, of people grabbing their boards and yelling surfs up. It’s joy, pure and simple that the visionaries are creating for the entire world.


  3. Ocean

    Oct 25th, 2006

    a poem i certainly can relate to!
    i’m a surfer, and i am determined to save the world and all beings by compassion!
    and it’s joyous!

  4. John

    Feb 20th, 2008

    For Nancy, and simple love…
    It’s been a day

    Long, and the sky was gray
    Over the ocean and far away
    Very beautiful you warmly bathe
    Exotic and naked, at waves do you gaze

    Yellow poppies are yours, glistening from the rain
    On warm beds, soaking-in fragrant peddles that lay
    Under bright lime green terraces that simply seem to say

    I Love You

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