News, Visionaries | April 1st, 2008

If you’re someone who stands for a better world, and contributes your time and energy in service, we at VisionForce want to stand behind you. To honor you and support you in bringing about the world you envision, we’ve created Visionary Activist Awards, which make it much more affordable for you to attend our iStand Experiences. You can read more about these awards at our One Million Visionaries web site (live but under early development).

Often times we, as visionary activists, can become so enraged by what people are doing to the things, people or causes we care about that we start fighting against the powers that be, rather than standing for the world we envision and inviting others to stand with us. Our iStand Experience is an intensive training in how to think, speak and take action in ways that can inspire even your greatest adversaries to let down their walls and stand with you.

Our next iStand Experience is this June 10-15, 2008 in Austin, TX, where 50 visionaries from around the globe will unite to face everything, avoid nothing and stand for PROSPERITY FOR ALL IN OUR LIFETIME! If you feel called by this and you are a visionary activist, look for applications here next week.

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