News, Visionary Mind | February 18th, 2008

Imagine if the world had been wired and Gandhi had a laptop 100 years ago.

Imagine if the world could have seen the abuses of the British LIVE on YOUtube…

And if he could have created his own YOUtube videos, so that all of India and all the world could have heard his speeches? And if he could have used MeetUp to unite and activated people all across his country? What if he could have raised donations for his cause from around the world, and received his money through PayPal?

Of course, we revere him all the more, because he didn’t have access to these modern technologies. Nor did Bill Gates have the internet when he started out. But guess who does…

That’s right, we do. YOU do.

You’re connected to the internet, and you’ve got a vision or at least a dream. But how powerful is your connection?
Not your internet connection, but your vision connection!

How connected is your vision to your heart?

When the tough times come and everything seems impossible, do your eyes well up with a deep, overflowing wave of love and passion that carries you through?

When your best friends and family lose faith and hope down the road, will you stand strong with your heart wide open and your vision clear, inspiring them to stand with you again until the end?

You want to change the world? Inspire the world or create a better world? Or create a better world?

If you’ve got vision, and an internet connection, you’ve got a good shot. Now there’s only one thing left to do. Let’s wire your vision to heart right now.

Go to this page and sign up for our Free vision demo this week, if you haven’t already.

Just hours from now, Michael Skye will personally be leading a LIVE, Free demonstration of a potent 3-step method to plug your vision straight into your heart. Join us LIVE on the phone and then watch in the coming weeks as you find yourself easily rising above old doubts and fears to stand powerfully for what matters most!

To join us, please follow this link and sign up:


You’ll be taken to a page where you can download the materials you need for the course, as well as the phone number and schedule. We look forward to hearing your voice on the call! Let’s change the world!


  1. Cheryl Jones Latimer

    Feb 18th, 2008

    It is a Honor to connect ones Vision to ones Heart….I think the process is an inner Honor….touching the Honor within ones person. It seems we each live within from this place yet in a wrold where our expression and stand becomes but at a distance within the realms of our Vision.
    I look forward to the Tele-Visionforce call..and I say “Tele-Visionforce”
    as we transmit Vision into reality from distances all over in a single call and Stand for Being. this is the Honor within that says to Face The Mountain is to be one connected ones vision in the Heart.
    Michael skye never seases to amaze me with his Visionforce technology that surpasses seminars & workshops I have attended and I have attended alot…This Visionforce brings one face to face in reality as Ghadi walks so shall the voice within each of us be heard as echoes in time that made it to reality…
    thanks Michael Skye,
    signing on to Vision Force here & now…

  2. John

    Feb 20th, 2008

    Many rejections occur as I express the vision of a world that works for everyone. No one wants to get that their life does work now. I don’t have certainty about communicating the fullness of my life. I want to love the people I come into contact with daily. And it has been that I look for a way out of expressing what I see that doesn’t ,in my view of their lives, work. I am trapped in my concepts of what I think works. So I empty my thoughts, or so I think, of judgement. Judgement about myself, and another or others. I usually draw a blank as for what to say to make empowerment show-up. I, at times will intentionally piss off, or bring-up what humanity in another person lives by doing so. To get away from my denial of my own anger about my judgement that I hate stuff; to put it mildly, about people. The mountain of anger.
    -stand for being-
    It would be worth standing for being in giving away the Melaleuca opportunity. To take a stand for people and their desire for living a worth while life in raising a family. And spending quality time with those close to them. It would be worth being an example to my children. That if I can do what it takes to live a good life, they can too. It would be worth while also, giving my free time to charity. To show others a way of giving of themselves for the benifit of others. Definitly. Also working out my body to enhance my own well being.
    The more I see myself standing for #2, in the face of #1, the more I see my own humanity being empowered, as like a long lost friend. The more I see that, the more I see growing self worth, and compassion toward others. A strong willingness for empowering others, and reaching deeper into my being where true power lives.

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