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It’s February 5th and many Americans will be heading to the polls today to vote in the primary elections.

If you hadn’t noticed, there’s something very different about this election year. A new era is upon us. How the world chooses its leaders is changing as the power is now shifting back to the hands of the people.

I talk about this power shift in my new book, which I’m very excited about. As I’m sure you’d agree, books can change the world. However, I’m not writing to tell you about my book today.

I’m writing to tell you about another book that every rising visionary and 21st century leader should have.

But first, I’ve got to confess… I rarely read many books these days. It’s true.

Have you ever noticed yourself getting caught in the trap of thinking you need more knowledge, more expertise, more preparation before you take the bold actions that make all the difference? A few years back, I realized that reading was getting in the way of taking the actions I needed to take.

So now, when someone tells me of a “must-read” book, I usually ask them to summarize it for me. Well, not this book. It explains some of the dynamics behind one of the fastest political movements in modern times.

Whether or not you’re up on politics, this is one political movement you’ve probably heard of:

The Ron Paul Revolution.

Now, the book I’m about to share with you says *nothing* about the Ron Paul Revolution, but if you understand the concepts in the book, I believe you can gain insight into building a movement of your own–in society, at work or even at home. So, if you want to inspire people to step forward and take a stand with you, then understanding how Ron Paul is doing it is of critical importance.

The book is called,

The SPEED of TRUST: The One Thing That Changes Everything
by Stephen M.R. Covey

Speaking of the book, Seth Godin said, “Trust drives everything in our non-branded, too fast world. So, trust this: This is an important book. The younger Covey has written a book that matters.” –

Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail and Editor-and-Chief of WIRED magazine, had this to say in an interview with Covey for Speed of Trust Radio: “Money was the currency of the old economy; Trust is the currency of the new, global economy.”

Covey breaks down the key factors that build trust, and when trust is present, results happen fast. In fact, in high trust environments, unimaginable results are often created in record time.

Covey highlights 13 behaviors you should adopt, including: talk straight, create transparency, confront reality, keep commitments and extend trust.

CASE STUDY: The Ron Paul Revolution

It appears Ron Paul has mobilized multitudes of young people as well as people who’ve never been politically active.

However, much of the grassroots campaign, record-breaking fundraising and other bold initiatives have little or nothing to do with the Ron Paul Campaign. Instead, it’s more about what Paul is not doing that is empowering and inspiring people to step forward and take responsibility for the movement.

When asked why they’re now vigorously politically active they talk about the striking difference between Ron Paul and other politicians, and how he has earned their trust:

1) TALK STRAIGHT – Young voters mention his honesty, authenticity and straight talk. YOUtube Paul and watch clips from Republican debates, if you haven’t already.

2) CONFRONT REALITY – Many young voters say Paul is the only one confronting the economic situation we’re facing head on, as well as other key issues.

3) TRANSPARENCY – The Ron Paul campaign is very transparent with real-time statistics, etc., at This has people feel trusted and empowered to take actions that can increase the numbers.

4) KEEP COMMITMENTS – Paul has been consistent and principled in his voting record – even when he’s in the minority, which as a US congressman is quite remarkable.

5) EXTEND TRUST – Another thing that you hear many young people saying about Paul is that he trusts people. His policies, they say, inherently trust human beings to do the right thing, whereas it seems many politicians want to control our lives, which implies a lack of trust in humanity.

I see people becoming more and more conscious, and as we head into the future, I believe it will be more humble, authentic people like Paul stepping into leadership.

All of the speed at which Paul’s support is growing is even more remarkable, given the way the press largely ignores Paul, and the way other presidential hopefuls, who look and sound much more “presidential,” smirk and laugh at him openly (not a very trust-engendering way to behave).


I recommend that as a fellow leader, visionary, activist, entrepreneur–world-changer-in the 21st century that you:

A – become a student of the Ron Paul Revolution and the dynamics behind it.

B – become a student of trust, and how to generate relationships and cultures of high trust,

C – grab a copy of Stephen M.R. Covey’s best-selling book, The SPEED of TRUST: The One Thing That Changes Everything.

You can get it in soft-cover today, here:

At Barnes & Nobles | At Amazon

Standing with you and for you in bringing about a better world,

Michael Skye

(Please note: Michael Skye and VisionForce make no commission on this book recommendation.)


  1. Reviv

    Feb 5th, 2008

    We don’t need another leader!

    Leadership is an idea whose time has passed. Partnership is an idea whose time has come.

    If you want to change the world, you don’t need leaders, nor to lead anybody; you need partners. Of course, the essence of partnership is trust.


  2. Lorenzo Rothery

    Feb 5th, 2008

    Hello Michael,

    As always you are bringing forth something that can help change people who then change the world.

    Trust is a very valuable trait to have in this new era that we are in. The interenet has brought people closer together & made them more aware & knowledgable about more things then every before.

    If you can not acquire the trust of others it will be very hard to do anything you set out to do now. People are looking for those that are real & stand behind what they say or sell.

    Leadership is not dead & needed more now than every. There is such a lack of True leadership out there that is why America is not the force that we should be.

    However, I see change taking place & we as a people are stepping up & taking our righful places to lead to do good here & around the world.

    Yes, we do need more partnerships but even in them there must be some leadership in order for them to be productive.

    Everyone must realize that in order to be an effective leader you must lead yourself first. Aned that is a topic for another time.

  3. Milcah

    Feb 6th, 2008

    TRUST is the Key to every progress that man has to make in every thing. Lack of trust creates many bottle necks which retard progress. Bureaucratic systems RETARD PROGRESS and encourage lack of responsibility and actually strangulate itself. TRUST is the FERTILIZE OF PRODUCTIVITY. However TRUST SEEMS TO WEAR AWAY WITH INDIVIDUAL’S advancing years, such that one finds it very difficult to “LET GO” till health or death gives the ruling. What apity!!!!!!. WE MUST TEACH TRUST ,TO SAVE MAN FROM SELF DESTRUCTION.

  4. Matt Higley

    Feb 8th, 2008

    Well, I see the book,”The Speed Of Trust”,Written by Stephen Covey, Is givin’ a high rating here. If anyone is not aware, Stephen Covey, is also owner of the the company,Franklyn-Covey, known for their daily planners and other useful items for the business man and for anyone to help keep their life more organized. Also Stephen Covey has written many other books, useful for anyone to help improve their life, Spiritually, Morally and Intellectually. I have not met Stephen Covey personally, but I do know his older brother John M.R. Covey personally for a long time. He is a real good man like his brother Stephen. I have not attended the or experienced the Istand experience yet, but it seems to be doing people much good in and throughout there lives. Yes we need visionary people more these days, to help beeter our lives and the wonderful country (THE USA) that we live in. Our Country does need a good leader, but one first with good Values, honesty, when it comes to running our country and also someone very wise and practical, for good decision making. I’m sorry if I step on any toes here, but Hillary or Bill Clinton, do not have all the above, for a good leader. Although Richard Nixon was involved in the Watergate scandal, He was a much better leader and influential for good and was much more effective than what Hillary or Bill could ever do as president. Yes, Istand apparently looks like it has ways to improve people more in their life, Physically, Mentally and Morally, These three are essential and all need to be improved upon daily, for us to be completely healthy in our lives. The man that started the program, “Istand”,Michael Skye, is my nephew. my older sister’s oldest son. Yes my nephew has made a name for himself. I once remember him saying, one day he would become someone and try to make a better change for people. It is apparent that he has reached his goal and is going beyond what his priorities were. I would dare say, that if everyone went through his course and as a people, we instilled back the values our country had when it first become a nation, how great our country would be and we would be able to set the pace and show other countries what a great and blessed nation we are, by improving with good values, honesty, and wise decision making.

  5. John

    Feb 25th, 2008

    Trust is often taken advantage of; it is fragile, easily broken and difficult to mend. USE WITH CAUTION!

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