I just returned from the theatre, after having watched Lions For Lambs… forget what the film critics say, as this was not meant to entertain the masses. It’s a clarion call to all those, and especially the young, who feel inside that they can be more, do more at this time of mounting global crises. It’s a call to all those who’ve learned, or are being conditioned, to compromise. It’s a call to all who would have their voice be heard. It’s a call to those who would live the fullest expression of human life with mind, body and spirit. It’s a call to all those, and especially Americans, who would dare to own the title “visionary,” in a day and age when the most “enlightened” of us are so afraid of looking egotistic or narcissistic. Do we dare to be the change now?

The film left me questioning my choice to be so “practical” for the last five years, building VisionForce as a business. Funny, my business advisers would say I’ve been anything but practical, and that I’ve been far too idealistic. It seems that either path might have been much more effective than the middle road. Had I gone for profit, and built the business to be much more financially successful, we might have the muscle to reach many more people now. Had I been in revolutionary action mode at the expense of the finances, we might have already reached so many more people.

So, what, I wonder, does it look like for me to STAND FORWARD and be the change at the next level? And what does it look like for you?


  1. Indra/Belgium

    Nov 16th, 2007

    Youre organisation comes at the right time in my life.
    My stand will be to go after the job ( and i am 53,still pretty ha!ha!)
    that really is aligned with my values.
    No more quick,quick looking for the next , easy to find commercial job.
    Easy pay,easy to find but not what I stand for.
    I will be helping people/adults/children to live a happier life instead
    of selling them things they don’t need and selling awy my values
    It will take more time tho find this but I will find it.
    And I hope to find more patience and more courage to wait for the wright one, while reading your site and the issues on it.

  2. Be A Super Dad

    Mar 10th, 2008

    Hi your post is amazing.
    I like your site..

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