News | June 16th, 2006

Ok, here are the photos from the first few days of our adventure:

I haven’t blogged in a few days, and in that time SO much has happened!

Several of the youth here are hip hop artists with a vision for rising the consciousness of Kenyans and rallying the youth via music. They’ve performed for us and we captured it on video. We’ll share those soon!

Also, at the cyber cafe the other evening, I met a man who is filming a documentary of Kenyan street kids and the programs that are being implemented to help these kids. Then, the following day I met a man who takes youth whose parents cannot afford secondary school (high school) and has set up a small school to teach them everything about computers for free if they can’t afford tuition. Then, last night in the workshop we created a vision and a project with our youth for building an internet-connected computer center on the campus of this school where they still cut the grass by hand with a sickle and don’t have electricity or painted walls in the classrooms.

The new catch phrase on campus among the cool guys is, “What if!” Wow, so much to share, so little time. I am used to having internet and cell phone access 24 hours a day, but here it’s only a few minutes at a time.

More later! -Michael

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  1. Abiodun Olaniyi

    Jun 16th, 2006

    what a wonderful pics….a good service to the under priviledge..

  2. Solomon Naismith Seagal

    Jun 16th, 2006

    Shame I couldn’t make it, but I’m almost done with school. If you could do another Kenya trip in a month I could easily make it!
    Keep up the good job.

  3. Tracey S. Teague

    Jun 16th, 2006

    I can’t even fathom your experience there. You will be forever changed as will the Kenyans. Great pictures and great work!!

  4. Clovis

    Jun 17th, 2006

    This is un believeable.
    The photos look so great!
    I wanna say thanks to you and your team especially Robyn for the great work you are doing not only for the Kenyans but the for the world as a whole. For am very sure, the seeds you have planted in Kenya, are going to multiply and benefit all mankind

  5. Colleon Hill

    Jul 1st, 2006

    All I can say is fantastic. You are an asset to mankind. Keep up the good work.

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