Michael's Journal, News, Visionary Culture | September 20th, 2007

Returning from a beautiful yoga class today, I was searching for words to express the evolving nature of the work we do inside the VisionForce Boot Camps. And I found myself calling it “spiritual exercise.” Instantly, upon hearing those words, it just felt right.

Indeed, more and more, people are reporting having profound spiritual awakenings inside our Boot Camp, and yet, we have never presented it as spiritual work. We don’t present any religious or spiritual beliefs inside this work, preferring to keep it cleanly open “technology” that any individual from any paradigm or persuasion can use to live more powerfully.

I’ve been reluctant over the years to even use terms common to conversations about spirituality, because for so many people, such terms have predefined meanings. Thus, using those common terms can have people misconstrue what we are offering.

However, it is now feeling right to own this term, “spiritual,” in relation to this work. Having been profoundly influenced by a broad range of thinkers, some of the greatest of whom were skeptic, agnostic, atheistic, etc., such as Ayn Rand, I am sensitive to how people might interpret spiritual references. Everyone can relate, however, to the realm of human experience identified as “the human spirit,” or the realm of our experience that relates to our highest values, our highest sense of self, our deepest connection to others, our heroic endeavors in the face of incredible adversity, etc.

The challenge of introducing work (products, processes, programs, etc.) that is profoundly spiritual in this sense, without calling it such, has been a challenge from a business and marketing experience. I’ve also been reluctant to enter this realm of languaging, because of what that might mean for my life and for the business… everyone, it seems, has an idea of who a “spiritual teacher” should be, and many people will not learn from a “spiritual teacher” who does not match their preexisting values and beliefs. Many spiritual teachers are very authoritarian and positionary, and call for blind faith and obedience from “followers.” Many teach (and preach) from fear with threat of guilt and punishment–externally imposed guilt and fear being two of the most limiting and destructive forces for anyone who aims to be the least bit “visionary” or highly “conscious.” Then, there’s the fear and guilt that sometimes arises for me when I imagine taking on such a serious context for my life. I am called much more to the life of being the laughing Buddha… I’m just a guy who has something to offer, and after seeing the kind of vision I have seen, cannot go about living life without sharing what I have to offer.

You could say that I’ve seen and been called forth onto my path in life by “spiritual vision.” I hesitate to use this term here, because I don’t mean to imply that God gave me a vision… what I can say is that I saw a vision– a vision that spoke to my heart (or spirit) so powerfully that I could not turn away. And so here I am, offering my gifts to anyone willing to receive, FAR before having “arrived.” I’m learning very very fast, but it’s the painful learning experienced by the person who heads out into the unknown without much preparation. So, I’m learning by screwing up, and being criticized from all angles. The “preparation” I could do prior to heading down my path in life is a trap–a trap that in today’s authoritarian paradigm keeps most people from walking their path.

We’ve been so conditioned to compromise the calling of our heart or spirit in order to be accepted and respected in the eyes of authority and majority that we often can’t even FEEL the calling of our heart. So conditioned do we become that we often don’t even notice our deepest suffering, that sense of quiet desperation becomes accepted as a natural part of life. We medicate it, escape it, suppress it–but all of this, too, compromises our spirit and brings more suffering. Escaping or avoiding our suffering and the calling of our heart compromises the “spiritual vision” that we would EACH otherwise SEE and FEEL as human beings–or spiritual beings. Each of us COULD BE experiencing our life’s purpose in the same emotional way that we might experience being on a “Mission From God!” I don’t mean to imply that we should take on an ultra-serious, burdensome, self-sacrificial approach to life, but that we can have the powerful sense of mission that comes from “Spiritual Vision” that would have us naturally actualizing our highest potential and making our visions manifest. What I am referring to as “Spiritual Vision” here is accessible by anyone–the VisionForce work opens up direct and immediate access to that at a deep level.

…just took a moment to chat with a friend and told her that I am inclined to start calling this work spiritual exercise, and how referring to this work as spiritual has at times scared the crap out of me. Her reply was, “All the work we do is spiritual… but only the brave ones call it that.” Interesting. (Jessica, you should put that in your book of quotes!)

So, I’d like to begin to present the VisionForce work from a spiritual context here, starting with this blog post. In fact, I am going to speak with pretty universal language, so for those of you who usually speak from a more “advanced” lexicon for spirituality, I invite you to listen for how the VisionForce tools could help you take your own spiritual practices to a deeper level. Especially listen from the universal human dilemma of how we live true to our highest values in a world where everywhere we turn, we face the judgments and demands of people who have differing conclusions about what’s right and wrong. I invite you to listen for something NEW here, even though much of the language I am using to communicate this is not new.

More over the coming days… (stay tuned! and leave your Comments!)

P.S. Registration is open for the November 2007 Boot Camp. Learn more here.


  1. dennis

    Oct 24th, 2007

    Way to go. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Thank you for your bravery for naming the work you are embarking on.
    God Bless

  2. Milosh

    Nov 8th, 2007

    Inspiring post Michael,

    Highest values – feeling called to action – inspiration – honour – love – purpose & passion…

    I think that these feelings and dynamics arise from the realm of the spirit – the spirit is where it all begins. Spirit is who we are.

    Unfortunately in many cases the spirit is also the first thing to get supressed during our childhood.
    We grow up completely disconected from our spirit (highest values, purpose etc) and take actions that are not in line what whats really important to us – this generates negative reflections of self, leaving us feeling small and weak – the cycle just continues – and it won’t stop until we connect back to spirit. Until we connect to our authentic selves.

    I see the VF tools as spiritual practice; I’ve been able to reconnect to spirit ( through vision) – reconnect to feelings (through honour), and now increasingly more so I am left with powerful self reflections.

    I think your right to reflect on your choice of words. I had a dialogue with my partner last week about the word ‘try’ – we agreed to substitute it from our language with the word ‘will’. Result = far more responsbility and action.

    Word choice is so important and one of the biggest challenges involved with moving this material to the world. Alot of friends have asked me to explain what VF is and I try not to go down the ‘spiritual path’ as they automatically begin with ‘If he is making money from it he is not a true spiritual teacher’ and ‘does he base his teaching on buddhist principles?’

    I describe it as technology that reconnects us to our human potential. You can see the look on peoples faces when you say the word ‘technology’ – its as if they get an image of their brains being cut open and microchips inserted inside or something.

    I’ve found that talking about what it is doesnt come even close to practical experience. I walk people through the ICD instead.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Michael Morris

    Jan 21st, 2008


    You make me smile brother…

    The question I would most like to ask you is, why at times has referring to this work as “spiritual” scared the crap out of you? What is it from your personal context that begets the fear when referring to it as spiritual?

    Innate to the technology is a diving movement into the realm of the “inner” world on a part of the individual. It just so happens that the “inner” world is where “spirit” exists for each individual. In removing the constraints that has blocked an individual from embracing a deeper sense of “self”, that removal of constraints undoubtedly aligns the individual more closely to that innate “spirit”, thus begetting the inherent “spirituality” of the technology.

    There is no need to fear that which “is,” for that which “is” will remain to be so regardless of our fear of it. The fear only arises because we have agreed to the context that allows the fear to arise.

    Kudos to you on opening up.



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