News, Visionaries | August 21st, 2007

23-year-old Ugandan, Clovis Ategeka, and his Vision Cafe are thriving, and he is making plans to come to Austin for an upcoming VisionForce Boot Camp, possibly this November!

Clovis downloaded our VisionForce 101 program about a year ago from Uganda. Since then, he has been teaching VisionForce workshops, building business, speaking publicly on the radio about a new vision for his country and lots more. Recently he inspired a team led by Michael Blomsterberg from LA to make the voyage to Uganda, where they donated new computers and helped Clovis redesign his Vision Cafe. See Clovis’ new web site, Vision Force Uganda.

Congratulations Clovis! One day, hopefully in 2008, VisionForce will make the voyage to Uganda and Kenya to hold a Boot Camp.


  1. David

    Sep 27th, 2007

    I admire what Clovis is doing. I would very much like to meet him and have a chat with him and learn more about what he is doing. In that way I can know how I could possibly be of support by him.

  2. stedawa

    Nov 9th, 2007

    Just came across these posters, and thought they might be of relevance in helping all of us “improve our vision” (from “20-20″ to “plenty-20″ or “plenty-plenty”!?)
    (no affiliation)

    Also, has anyone calculated the return on the investment in this project, which must of course include somehow the “elevated vision factor”, “the added networking capabilities”, “the connection to the global INandOUTsidelopedia (the internet)”, plus other tangible and intangible benefits?

    Perhaps it could serve as a model for future rural development (deployment?) that could combine with “drive-by wi-fi” (see my blog entry for more on that.

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