News, Visionaries | August 13th, 2007

If you're an author, coach, educator, consultant or entrepreneur with a message of any kind… check out this cool new way to share your message with the world. We discuss powerful strategies for packaging your information in a way that others spread it for you automatically.

MP3 File

Listen to the teleseminar recording above about this terrific innovation that will catapult your message into the global market.

The Multi-Media Ebooks founder, Ruby Yeh, is generously extending the $500 DISCOUNT mentioned on the call *until Friday August 17th ONLY* to those of you that missed the tele-seminar. In addition, there is now a Pre-launch Payment Plan that enables you to save $602 from the post-launch Payment Plan.

To see the sample Multi-Media Ebooks, go here.

Imagine having your own Multi-Media Ebook that will bring YOU and YOUR MESSAGE ALIVE, and build you an email list so FINALLY, you can reach thousands and perhaps even millions of people.

So grab this LAST CHANCE special now with the $500 discount ($602 savings for Payment Plan), only valid through Friday August 17.

For the special Vision Force discount, click here.


  1. Mr Brownswell

    Aug 16th, 2007

    Note: The Above is Under Contruction
    Mr Sky and The Visionary Team Ive seen how well your program has been working.

    It has assisted me in some of my guidence and yes im a visionary messenger.

    Some of this is bringing me closer to my presonal succes
    Thank You And Keep up the good work.

  2. L Dawson

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Thank you for the opportunity to visualize and begin to incorporate these internet video books as a part of my work. Recently, I was a guest on a conference consultation that was used to support health care product distribution in Europe. Now it is time to bring it home and earn some money.
    I am seeking business investors at this time and expect to see confidence in the nutrition and health care education aspect of building a stronger, healthier public and managing the debilitating effects of chronic diseases.

  3. Max Glenn

    Oct 12th, 2007


    Thank you for providing tools for us VISIONFORCE members to the world!

    I loved your MP3 message/interview about Boot Camp………

    it is right on target


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