News, Visionaries, Visionary Mind | March 6th, 2007

‘Hurricane Katrina’ -Peace Takes Courage

A 15-year-young visionary woman is moving people to action with the powerful videos she creates such as this one. Visit

It is no surprise that she is home-schooled. Most of the public school system and authorities here in Austin rebuked public school children here last year, when they defied orders to stay in school and instead took a stand and walked for something they believed in. What were they trying to teach our youth? That it is more important to subvert your mind and conscience to the will of authority and majority? There exists today a grand illusion that training our youth to be “good” and fit within the system is the best we can do to create a world that really works. We train them to be good, rather than allow them to develop their natural greatness.

Visionary educators are now and shall soon be creating education systems that develop our youth to be conscious visionaries who stand for and create a world that works for all of us. Some such visionaries will be at our March Boot Camp, and I can hardly wait…


  1. liz staub

    Mar 10th, 2007

    I along with many of my friends and family are survivors of Hurricane Katrina–your video brought tears to my eyes thinking of all my brothers and sisters in the community of New Orleans and along the gulf coast and throughout the world who are struggling to rebuild and persevere while lives are being destroyed in Iraq and resources squandered. Thank you for reminding me that we can make a difference by taking a stand!!


  2. Koray Ozturk

    Mar 13th, 2007

    I have watched the video with a big ache in my heart.

    It takes a lot of courage to deeply love in this world.

    There is such thing called universal justice and the day will come
    for those who are responsible to bring the life on earth to a very miserable level. There is a perfect accounting system in the Universe, no debt ever remains unpaid.

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