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Ice Bucket Challenge Here In Uganda?

Posted by on Sep 18, 2014 in Michael's Journal, Video

A few weeks ago, Clovis and I received the “Ice Bucket Challenge” from Thad Crouch.

But where we are in rural Uganda, there is no ice water, let alone ice or clean water. In fact the water we drink and bathe with comes from rain water harvesting and/or is pumped from the ground by hand daily. And even uploading video can be quite a challenge. So…

We got creative (see the video, especially at 1:03 of the video). To see PART TWO of our video, please donate $1 or more to our ‘What If’ Computer Center campaign on September 18th, and help us get good internet here at the school for our 600 students.

Everyone who donates will see Part Two: Michael & Clovis take the plunge! And if we reach our goal, we’ll make the video available to the public as well. THANK YOU!


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