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VisionForce: For The Single Father

Posted by on May 11, 2014 in Manifesto

VisionForce is an initiative that grows from a desire to serve and support those who feel a calling in their heart to stand for their people, their world, their values, their vision–in the face of anything: fear, doubt, judgment, grief, endless challenges and seeming impossibility.

It’s for the single father, for example, who has been cut off from his children and is being judged by the mother of his children and his children as well… and who still feels his heart begging him to know his children, to father his children, to be present in their lives, to show his unwavering and courageous love.

How does he cope with the mornings he wakes up in complete hopelessness, shame and despair. What does he do with his rage and thoughts of violence? How does he reconnect to the deep compassion, courage and vision of his heart in times of fear? How does he keep going? Keep standing? Keep facing? Keep staying?

How does he face and deal with whatever gets in the way of him standing for being the man and the father his heart calls him to be in this one brief life? How does he see through the walls of his own fear and judgment to see the mother of his children with his heart–and stand for her also? How does he walk with ALL of his people in his heart?

VisionForce is FOR this father. And ALL his people. He can come here to experience a kind of martial art for skillfully mastering the inner battles and peacefully navigating the wars raging within the minds and hearts of his people.

VisionForce is NOT about trying to help him chase or manage some image of him being ‘happy,’ ‘successful,’ ‘well-adjusted,’ ‘enlightened’ or ‘good.’ No. We’re about asking him what and who his heart asks him to STAND FOR, and we’re here to give him tools, skills and training to answer that call.

We’re not about helping him to achieve some imagined goal of a better world by forcing those he disagrees with to change their ways. No. We’re about listening to what his heart asks him to stand for, seeing the vision of his heart wants the world to see, and standing with him as he walks his path with heart.

Jesse Bloom is a single father who has been standing for all his people, and supporting other single fathers to do the same. His work is not therapy, not religious counseling, not success coaching and it’s not about manufacturing some outcome. No, it’s more like the work of a martial arts mentor in a dojo. He connects fathers to the natural guiding force of honor in their hearts. And it makes all the difference.

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