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Derek’s Story (Audio)

Posted by on Dec 24, 2013 in Blog, Michael's Journal, Visionary Heart

As one of the perks for the crowd funding campaigns to raise money to finish and publish the book I’m writing, I’m offering audio commentary to supplement the stories in the book.  Tonight I felt a desire to share Derek’s Story, a sample of the kind of audio commentary I’m creating.

Derek was a troubled young man I took under my wing, gave him a job in my landscaping business and helped him become an entrepreneur… before losing him to crack cocaine and then police brutality.  The 13-minute story is pretty emotional for me.  I’m telling these stories in my book to share where my passion to help men (especially men raised with no father, no tribe, no trust in external authority) reclaim their honor and find authentic inner guidance, freedom and power as a man.

My life and my work is an effort to defend, protect and give to men (especially those who’ve been cast out, shamed or left behind), so they can live with the honor of being a man who has people they desire to defend, protect and give to.

Please consider a contribution to my new campaign.  You can preorder a signed copy of the book: Visionary Heart: Bringing Down My Walls, Standing For My People.  You can also get the audio commentary, a backstage pass and more.

Thank you for your consideration.

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