What's YOUR Heart's Vision?

VisionForce Summit 2012 – Sedona, Arizona

Michael Skye presenting at Jim Channon’s Bioport, Big Island, Hawaii – VisionForce Summit 2008


You’re likely here, because you received a personal invitation to join us. Some general details follow. If you’d like more information, please contact Michael Skye or Keith Kavisic.

After 3 years of traveling, exploring and discovering, Michael Skye is landing in Sedona, AZ, and inviting VisionForce alumni to gather, share discoveries, celebrate and receive VisionForce training as a gift.

Timed to begin on Michael Skye’s 42nd birthday and near the 10th anniversary of the first iStand and the 5th anniversary of the last VisionForce Summit, this event marks the beginning of VisionForce open-sourcing it’s technology; gifting the bulk of the workshops, tools and trainings, and the introduction of Michael Skye’s first book and facilitator guide for the Honor Window.

Hosting us in the stunning red rock mountains of Sedona will be Visionary Musician and Entrepreneur, Keith Kavisic.

We’ll interweave the formal itinerary below with beautiful new group activities to generate deep heart connection, celebration and intimacy:

Fri – 7th – Arrivals & Evening Welcome Conversation

Sat & Sun – 8th & 9th – To Honor A Loved One (Honor Window 2-Day Workshop)
Open to the public, this special event is an invitation to join us in honoring a loved one in your life and breaking down the walls of judgment and separation to let your love flow. We’ll go deeper into the HW work and the latest developments of this work in the format Michael Skye has been facilitating it around the world the last few years.

Mon & Tues – 10th & 11th – Honor Window Mastery (Jedi Training)
In addition to providing experiential training in honoring facilitation (of not only the Honor Window and Honor Window Mastery, but of anything), we’ll be introducing the Honor Window Book Draft & the Honor Window Workshop Facilitators Guide. Facilitators, leaders, coaches, teachers or healers of any human processes will likely discover profound insights, skills and possibilities.

Wed – 12th – Time in Nature, Gift Circle, Sharing of Community’s Projects/Visions
What happens on this day will be a function of the shared desire of those present. Also, Visionary Social Entrepreneur, Michael Richards, will present how he’s creating self-sustaining community in the heart of his hometown in Cedar Rapids after the 2008 flood.

Thu & Fri – 13th & 14th – Project SuperHero + A Way of Miracles
We’ll share our collective wisdom about moving in our world in ways that inspire profound connection, trust, honoring and “miracles”, inspired in part by Michael’s journey over the past few years. And we’ll also go to work on Project SuperHero:

All of these events will be surrounded by various fireside conversations, live music (bring your talents!), vision/nature walks, yoga, honor circles, vision circles, and other community-nourishing games and practices which you can take back to your own circles of friends, family and allies.

You’re invited to participate in this summit in the spirit of attending a sacred ceremony, where everyone is honored and welcome to be exactly as they are. Bring your gifts, your curiosity, your openness to receive and to share.

You’re welcome to join us for any part of this Summit. Monday and Tuesday are only open to those who’ve previously attended an iStand, or an Honor Window weekend (such as the one on the Friday and Saturday preceding).

UPDATE: Check out the photo gallery for this event!