What's YOUR Heart's Vision?

Power Up!

What makes the VisionForce Tools different?

Honoring Reality.

When it comes to thinking and making decisions, it is not natural to look outside yourself and follow the conclusions and decisions of another. VisionForce Tools arise from the perspective that is natural for human consciousness to face reality directly, look within and be honest with oneself. Rather than weakening your Visionary Power by turning to another, honor your visionary nature, look within and learn to trust yourself.

Honoring Self.

Yesterday’s human development tools are based on the premise that something is wrong with you, and you need to be fixed, changed, motivated, disciplined, etc. VisionForce Tools start from the premise that you are already powerful beyond measure. Rather than changing yourself, simply honor and open to your true nature as a visionary being.

Honoring Others.

Yesterday’s relationship methods usually include some form of manipulating or protecting yourself from others. VisionForce Tools arise from the premise that manipulating or protecting yourself from others shuts off access to the greatest natural powers to the human mind and spirit. Rather than shut down, open and embrace the best within us all.

VisionForce Tools and Your Visionary Power

VisionForce tools give the Rising Visionary (YOU), access to a new domain of power, critical for next-level effectiveness when it comes to 1) individual growth/change, 2) relationship growth/healing/transformation, 3) institutional change, and 4) global/social change.

Consider that trying to somehow force or manipulate yourself to be good, different or better come with a great price. It compromises an individual’s likelihood and power to rise to natural greatness, and develop the greater capacities inherent in our humanity. Whereas most efforts at 1, 2, 3, 4 above are still Positionary (attempt to force “goodness” from a psychological position of judgment) and thus do honor the visionary nature and power of the individual, VisionForce approaches change and growth on all levels by honoring and empowering the human spirit and visionary nature of every individual.

The need for a new domain of power is evident when our image or identity is threatened in conflict within ourselves or with another. Even those of us who consider ourselves to be very highly evolved, spiritual or “enlightened,” tend to be largely without deep Visionary Power in moments of conflict, fear and judgment. A compromise solution for many such individuals is to “avoid the darkness;” avoid painful feelings, doubt, fear and the people and places in whose presence we lose our greater abilities for deep compassion, courage from love, inspired vision, etc. Consider, however, that what our world needs now is individuals who CAN and WILL face everything and avoid nothing to stand for our world.

VisionForce tools are for those who are ready and willing to face everything, avoid nothing to stand for their deepest values and the vision born of their heart. VF tools are for the Visionary Heart Warrior, the NEW breed of revolutionary who’s love and vision transcends all limiting walls of fear, doubt and judgment. VF tools are for The One, who is heading into the unknown with his/her heart wide open, standing for and calling forth what others can only explain as “miracles.”

The Positionary Protocol for Power

When heading into the unknown and into a world of judgment, conventional wisdom would have you do things such as, shut down your feelings, don’t be emotionally vulnerable, project strength with a firm position, decide on a clear plan, find people who agree with your position, cut off those who are opposing your position, show people how your adversaries are wrong, show people how you are right, etc.

But this Positionary Protocol for Power (a Fight Against approach) leaves you without deep access to the greatest human powers available: courage from love (instead of courage from fear), courageous compassion, courageous vision, uninhibited curiosity and creativity, courageous self-honesty, unbridled rationality, courageous humility, etc.

The Positionary Protocol for Power cuts off access to and diminishes the development of your Visionary Power. It leaves you without the visionary capacities to inspire your adversaries to stand with you and in fact emboldens them, and makes them more resolute in their stand AGAINST you—> slows, prevents or reverses your personal evolution to grow in greater Visionary Power – to learn, grow and evolve—> inspires more weak-minded true believer types to stand behind you, rather than inspiring bold, visionary types to stand with you—> increases your propensity to cause great undo harm to others, weakening your spirit, emboldening and creating enemies—> keeps you in a greater context of fear, from which you react more and create what you fear.

The Visionary Protocol for Power

The Visionary Protocol for Power calls for feeling your emotions, accessing the power of vulnerability (standing with your heart wide open), having/growing real strength as opposed to projecting strength, …(continue)

The Visionary Protocol —> gives you ever increasing abilities to speak to the hearts and minds of your “enemies/adversaries” —> (continue)