What's YOUR Heart's Vision?

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Since we’ve shifted to a gifting model, all the tools, resources, trainings, conversations and adventures offered by VisionForce are made possible by our Visionary Patrons.

We all have gifts to give in life, each of ours unique in its nature and scope.

I view a “Visionary” simply as one who’s heart has shown him/her a vision of a more beautiful world that will exist if they choose to fully give their gift.  The vision may feel daunting, as it will require facing innumerable unknown challenges and great personal transformation. Their heart says GIVE! and they do.


The Visionary Artist is one who’s gift is a creation of some kind, and they are committed to bring their gift to live whether or not there is financial support.  The Visionary Activist is one who’s gift is their time, energy or love in support of a cause, and they are committed to be in service whether or not there is financial support.  Consider that all of us who choose to follow the vision or our hearts and fully give our gifts are visionaries:  Visionary Parents, Visionary Entrepreneurs, Visionary Educators, etc.

Often the Visionary may be alone in seeing the vision at first, but its power is such that they cannot deny it, cannot turn away from it, and have accepted it as their path to walk, their work to do. Such individuals often find themselves shamed by the culture they come from and at odds with the cultural authorities of their day.  VisionForce has been providing skills, education, inspiration and allies to Visionaries, and we’re not experimenting with funding through the concept of Visionary Patrons.

Visionary Patrons

One of the greatest challenges that Visionaries face is giving themselves fully to their path or their craft, while having to provide for their livelihood. They can work a job and then give their gift like a hobby in their off-hours, or after they retire. Or they can get a job doing something aligned with their gift, but perhaps not doing what they’re really here to do. Or they can start a business or non-profit around their gift, and then find themselves spending most of their time trying to make money from their gift, and are limited to giving their gift in a way that makes money.

Throughout history many artists, activists, inventors, scientists, etc. have had patrons. People who wanted to free them to follow their path 100%, and we owe some humankind’s greatest achievements and beautiful creations and to such patrons. Thanks to emerging technology, it’s now possible for us to financially support and liberate all kinds of people with an inspiring gift to give. It’s happening through micro-loans, crowd funding and more.

The Visionary Patron is one who sees what the Visionary is standing for, and feels called to support them to bring all of their gift and their vision into the world through gifts of money, time, energy and/or resources. The Visionary Patron is not an investor, investing to get a financial return, and is not a customer buying something of value to him/herself. The Visionary Patron is simply a YES to the Visionary walking their path. The Visionary Patrons heart says GIVE! and they do. It’s that simple.

VisionForce exists as a gift to Visionary Artists and Activists, because of those who are and have been my (Michael Skye) Visionary Patrons. And I, through VisionForce, am a Visionary Patron of a number of rising Visionaries, gifting financial support, resources and trainings to people like Thad Crouch and Clovis Ategeka.

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