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Honoring Jacob George: Soldier of Conscience, Visionary Peace Maker

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014

The Human Cost of War: IVAW Testimony ~ Jacob David George from First Unitarian Church on Vimeo. Last week this inspiring young man took his life after Obama announced that we are going back to Iraq for more war. He was a 3-tour Afghanistan veteran turned activist, who was committed to riding his bike cross country until the wars end. He was a soldier for conscience and a visionary peace maker,...

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Veteran Confronts Violence of NYPD

Posted by on Oct 23, 2011

Where is the honor in the violence of the NYPD on peaceful protestors? One marine stands up and calls police officers to stand with him and honor American citizens, rather than allow themselves to commit acts of violence simply because they are part of the police force, an institution infused with honor. He sees the violence of the officers, which robs them of their moral authority.

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