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Your Quiet Power

How to instantly access the clarity, confidence
and courage that your life requires right now...

Dearest Visionary Woman:

There's a quiet power that resides you. 

It resides within each one of us.

It's a well spring of immutable courage. 

Many call it the human spirit.  Others might call it the holy spirit.

But whatever you call it, it's the undeniable human instinct to rise up in the face of fear and injustice, to be a creative force for good.

And it's all the power you need right now, in these uncertain times.  With this quiet power comes a lasting inner calm, a sense of crystal clarity and a demeanor of quiet confidence.

The quiet power I speak of is nothing mystical or magical.  It can't be owned by any religion or teacher. 

It's yours already, and you can call upon it at any time to lift your spirit. 

Allow Yourself To FEEL This Quiet Power! 

It feels like singing the song you've been waiting to sing your whole life!  Remember this video?

Imagine for a moment...

Imagine FEELING this quiet power so strongly within you, that nothing can make you turn back from your chosen path.

It's the same FEELING of quiet power that made a humble, little old man named Gandhi "dangerous" to the British Empire.

It's the same FEELING of quiet power that gave a woman named Rosa Parks all the courage she needed to question years of bigotry, humiliation and hatred--and refuse to give up her seat on the bus.


Every single one of us is a "dangerous force for good," when we're guided from within by this quiet power.

Here's the challenge:

We've been ruthlessly and abusively TRAINED NOT TO FOLLOW this quiet power... by our parents, teachers and other well-meaning authorities from the time we were very young.

Every time our inner guidance conflicted with an authority's wishes, we were trained to obey them through the confidence-killing, spirit-wounding mechanisms of fear, guilt and shame.

It was obedience at all costs. At the cost of our confidence, our self-esteem, our creativity, our spirit, and our integrity.

Those of us who persisted to follow our inner guidance were labeled "selfish," "rude," "learning disabled," "ADD," and were publicly humiliated, ostracized and often given drugs to tame our instincts to lead our own lives, to express our own thoughts, to create what we envision, etc.

And now as adults, we often struggle to simply do what should come most naturally: to be true to ourselves. 

We shouldn't have to go to Hollywood movies just to be inspired by a character who simply finds the courage to stand up and speak her truth.

We shouldn't have to buy endless seminars, courses and programs in the hopes of finally living a bold life, unencumbered by this childhood conditioning.

Isn't something seriously backwards?

Dangerous Beauty, Are You Ready?

When we don't feel this quiet power within, we don't feel "ready" to take the actions we know are ours to take.

When we don't feel this quiet power within, we hesitate, we doubt ourselves and we miss great opportunities.

Yet, you have this instinct embedded in you.  Each of us do.

Try to suppress this instinct, and you suffer.  It's that simple.

And anyone who dares to follow this instinct is a threat to the powers that be - a threat to the status quo.  And that's a good thing! 

How will you be 'Dangerous?'

  • Raising my children by myself,

  • Keeping our family from losing our home,

  • Surviving the loss of a child,

  • Finding my own voice,

  • Starting my own business,

  • Keeping my family together,

  • Saving my marriage,

  • Raising funding for my project,

  • Caring for a disabled child,

  • Finding balance in my life,

  • Leaving an unhealthy relationship,

  • Dealing with my teenager(s),

  • Finding time for romance and intimacy,

  • Preserving my sanity,

  • Creating wealth and abundance,

  • Finding a job in this economy,

  • Surviving a bitter divorce,

  • Searching for my soul mate,

  • Finding the courage to pursue my vision,

  • Other ___________________

Here's how you can head boldly into the future with full trust in yourself:

What we've discovered is that there are some very simple ways you can trust yourself and your vision as you head into the unknown during these times of personal and cultural evolution--and you won't learn them anywhere else.

I personally recorded this powerful visionary training program with CDs, workbook and on-line classroom for those who didn't have the time to travel to attend our live trainings.  What you'll learn includes,

  • How you can call upon a very powerful inner force when faced with fear or uncertainty--and receive access to clarity, focus, peace and power.  (You may have heard me talk about this force called Honor on one of our tele-seminars, but get ready to experience it.  It's a feeling you can summon that washes away doubt, fear, guilt and shame.  No one else talks about how to feel this.);

  • How our childhood conditioning blocks us from having immediate, ongoing access to this feeling, and why it's hard to trust ourselves without it;

  • An exact process to discover what's keeping you from feeling this emotion at any point in time.  (This is our inner conflict diagram, which allows you to see through any internal struggle);

  • Experience a very simple way to evoke a deeply inspired vision every morning (or at any moment day or night);

  • Multiply your power to trust your heart from moment to moment,
  • Find ease and grace in directing your life towards your vision,
  • And a whole lot more...

This revolutionary program will have you questioning the fundamental assumptions about your mind and humanity--in a way that will leave you deeply moved and inspired. 

Visionary Mind

Your Visionary Mind package includes...

8 week audio program on CD, professionally recorded and edited,
10 hours of MP3 recordings of Michael Skye interacting live with students, doing the same and similar exercises (MP3), (this is the fully recorded LIVE VisionForce 101 program that cost $397)
Professional companion 3-ring binder, complete with checklists, worksheets, assignments and diagrams,
Exclusive on-line classroom area to interact with other students, share insights, post assignments and get feedback,
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Included are three FREE Bonus audios:
Entrepreneurial Vision: Entrepreneurs have became today's new breed of heroes. How can they see what others do not? What is the thinking process they use to "make the impossible" happen?
Art of Verbal Integration: Coach yourself to breakthroughs whenever you want, using a special method for verbalizing your thoughts. Take this class soon, so you can keep reaching new insights as you take our other courses.
Secrets of Staying Awake: A very special tele-seminar with Michael sharing advanced secrets of self-mastery (based on his ebook by the same name).

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Julie Cochrane (commenting on the bonus program)

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I truly want you to be fully empowered as a visionary woman, a leader, an entrepreneur, a teacher , a mother and a change agent in these times.  I believe this program will be an important tool in your journey into the future, and I hope this offer makes it much more accessible to you now.

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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to contribute to you and those you care about.

Michael Skye
Founder, VisionForce

P.S.  It's time for you to sing your song.  Don't just dare to dream!  Turn that dream into a powerful, heart-opening vision!