John's Visionary Journey:

"My experience at the Boot Camp was nothing short of amazing. Although I was impressed with what I had experienced in doing the 90-Day [program], I was extremely skeptical going into the [Vision Force Boot Camp]. In fact, when I arrived on Thursday afternoon, I was already planning to leave early and asked my assistant to check on the availability of return flights.

"Like many people who visit the [Vision Force]... web sites, I am very busy and my time is valuable (I am a lawyer with a billable hour rate of $250 to $350 per hour for business, asset protection and tax consulting). I am happily married with two teenage daughters. So any program that requires me to travel and be away from my family for 3 to 5 days has a high hurdle to make with me.

"Even after the evening introduction and first half day, I was still skeptical. I had heard some of the information before in the other courses. But by the evening of the first full day I experienced what the boot camp is really all about: Discovering what I had allowed to hold me back in the past and learning how to break through those so-called "limitations" using a powerful technology that was unlike anything I had ever seen before. And believe me, I had seen a lot!

"I saw person after person confront lifelong patterns of limitation and break through them. The experience was very emotional and very inspiring. It was not New Age, mystical or touchy feely.

"Finally, I understood why I had compromised in the past. I was operating under a default self-guidance system that was designed to automatically put me into compromise and then make that compromise okay. And I was shown how to and practically forced to break through my limitations on my own. We didn't do anything goofy, like walk on hot coals or break boards. Rather, we overcame psychological limitations and fears.

"The boot camp was simple, it provided me with awareness, understanding and a powerful method of communicating with myself and others that not only causes self-improvement but also life-changing breakthroughs, bold actions and RESULTS.

John R. Bedosky, estate planning attorney
Minneapolis, MN, USA

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